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5. Making a plan to eliminate risks - AIOH2013


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The fifth presentation for my CES at AIOH2013

Published in: Health & Medicine
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5. Making a plan to eliminate risks - AIOH2013

  1. 1. Making a plan to eliminate risks John Cherrie INSTITUTE OF OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE . Edinburgh . UK
  2. 2. The syndicate exercise… • What do we need to do to “eliminate” occupational cancer in Australia? • • • • • • Identify your top-ten Gathering intelligence on levels of exposure in industry and temporal changes The number of people exposed at work Identify the key industry sectors How should we control exposures? Other necessary data to support the plans
  3. 3. The syndicate groups and the timetable… • Groups of 4 or 5 people – try to ensure a mix of experience in the group • Elect a Chair and Rapporteur • We have 2 hours to work on this problem • With the last 20 minutes for presentations and discussion • You can use a flipchart or PowerPoint slides • Not all groups may present their plans