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Content is NOT king WordCamp Miami 2014


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My 9:45 Presentation at WordCamp Miami #wcmia 2014. Discussing the concept that Content is CORE not King as content alone does not suffice. You need to add layers of support in the forms of Optimization, Socialization and Promotion to have content succeed online.

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Content is NOT king WordCamp Miami 2014

  1. 1. Content Is Not King IT’S CORE ! Presented by @JohnCarcutt
  2. 2. Who is this guy? Why should I take the time to listen to him? John Carcutt Director of SEO & Social Media Advance Digital Follow on Twitter @johncarcutt • 12+ Years in SEO and Online Marketing • SEO Educator & Speaker, National & Local Level • Published on most major online search publications and news sites. • Co-Host of SEO101 on Webmaster Radio (weekly radio show) • Worked with thousands of local and national companies on SEO • Has worked both as an in-house SEO and built SEO divisions for national advertising agencies.
  3. 3. Our Newspapers
  4. 4. Our Websites
  5. 5. Advance Publications The parent company of Advance Digital and CondeNast
  6. 6. Advance Publications
  7. 7. The idea that Content Is King has been around for a while now.
  8. 8. “Content is King” Essay by Bill Gates Jan 3 1996 “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet…”
  9. 9. “Content is King” Essay by Bill Gates Jan 3 1996 “But the broad opportunities for most companies involve supplying information or entertainment. No company is too small to participate.”
  10. 10. “Content is King” Essay by Bill Gates Jan 3 1996 “But the broad opportunities for most companies involve supplying information or entertainment. No company is too small to participate. No individual will be precluded from participating”
  11. 11. Let’s be clear … What Is Content ?
  12. 12. The 7 Layers of Content Interactive Based Document Based Software Based Audio Based Video Based Image Based Text Based
  13. 13. The 7 Layers of Content InteractiveDocumentsSoftwareAudioVideo Text Based • Blogs • Sponsored • Articles • Email • eBooks • Brochures • Manuals • Case Studies • Social Posts • Guides • Press Releases • Data Sheets • White Papers • Workbooks • Etc.
  14. 14. 684,478 Pieces of content shared on Facebook 2 million Search queries are made on Google 100,000 Tweets are sent 48 Hours of video are uploaded to YouTube 3,600 Photos are shared on Instagram 571 New websites are launched Content in a Minute
  15. 15. 2+ Billion People Online 325 Billion Websites Online 162.5 Websites per Person
  16. 16. What Does This Look Like Online?
  17. 17. I am going to say it … Content Is Not King
  18. 18. I am going to say it … Content Is Core !
  19. 19. ContentSocialization Optimization Promotion You Must Help Content Stand Out
  20. 20. Content Optimization Optimization Layer 1. Search Engine Optimization 2. Video Optimization 3. iTunes Optimization 4. App Store Optimization 5. etc. etc. Content Discovery when searching is an Active Process
  21. 21. Content Optimization Optimization is Ongoing …
  22. 22. Content Optimization Authorship …
  23. 23. Content Optimization Authorship …
  24. 24. Content Optimization Author Rank …
  25. 25. Content Socialization The Google+ Factor
  26. 26. Content Socialization Socialization Layer 1. Seeding Content 2. Influence on Search 3. Sharing is the New Linking 4. Targeted Social Networks Content Discovery in Social Media is a Passive Process
  27. 27. Content Socialization Socialization Layer
  28. 28. Content Socialization Sharing is Critical
  29. 29. Content Socialization Sharing is Critical
  30. 30. Content Socialization Controlled Sharing • FaceBook Open Graph Protocol • Twitter Cards • A Variety of Plugins
  31. 31. Content Promotion Promotion Layer 1. Online & Offline 2. Sponsored Content 3. Audience Targeting 4. Audience Re-Targeting 5. Paid Social Media Content Discovery via Advertising is a Targeted Process
  32. 32. Content Promotion Sponsored Content
  33. 33. Content Promotion Audience Targeting
  34. 34. Content Promotion Re-Targeting
  35. 35. Content Promotion Paid Social Media
  36. 36. Content Promotion FaceBook Ads
  37. 37. Content Promotion FaceBook Ads
  38. 38. The Layers Recap Optimization Layer Allowing your content to be found when users are searching for something specific. Socialization Layer Making your content available for display to users who are browsing their social grid. Promotion Layer You reaching out to find specific users to interact with your content.
  39. 39. Great Content Is Critical
  40. 40. Not All Content Is Great
  41. 41. Not All Content Is Great (or can be)
  42. 42. Your Content Is Core Even Great Content Needs Help.
  43. 43. Thank You Follow me on Twitter @johncarcutt