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  • Scenario A puts the current TPA facility at maximum capacity. Every room on campus would be utilized during every period of the day. One class would even have to use the student center as a classroom. An additional 6th grade section means one less TPA 7th grade section the following year – 2 TPJA and 1 TPA section. This could lead to a waitlist for siblings, given the current rate of sibling entrance. Because of the different charters for the two schools, siblings of TPA students would not be guaranteed placement in TPJA sections. This makes demand for the TPA section much higher – perhaps to the point of a sibling waitlist. Adding an additional sixth grade section also increases wear and tear and administrative costs on our current facility.
  • One possible solution is to create a second TPA 7th grade section the following year, thus having 2 TPJA and 2 TPA 7th grade sections. This bubble of students would carry on through the school.
  • Administrative issues include oversight of additional space and coordination of activity across the two campuses. Logistical issus include coordination of activity from ‘annex’ space to the main campus, parent drop off, coordination with other occupants.
  • Tpja expansion presentation

    1. 1. EXPANSION OF THE SIXTH GRADE AT TPJAFeasibility and Possibilities
    2. 2. Introduction The purpose of this study is to investigate the feasibility and possibilities for the creation of additional sixth grade sections at TPJA.
    3. 3. Rationale Adding one or more sixth grade sections exposes more students to the Tempe Prep model. Accepting additional sixth graders allows for reduction of the current waitlist of ___ students. Additional students increase revenue for the school, helping to offset possible reductions in revenue.
    4. 4. ScenariosOption A Option B Add a second sixth  Add a second or third grade section at TPJA. sixth grade section at Find space for this TPJA. Find space for section at the current all sixth grade sections Tempe Prep facility. at a new site, to be determined.
    5. 5. Scenario A: Benefits Allows expansion without acquisition of new space. Minimizes additional administrative and overhead costs of adding new sections. Allows for an increase of enrollment by 22 students, with resultant increases in state funding.
    6. 6. Scenario A: Challenges Puts current TPA facility at maximum capacity. One less 7th grade TPA section the next year. Possible waitlist for TPA 7th grade siblings. Greater impact on facilities and administration
    7. 7. Scenario A: Possible Solutions Create second TPA 7th grade section the following year. Utilize resources (grants, other funding) to offset impact on facilities.
    8. 8. Scenario B: Benefits Reduces space crunch on main campus that would be caused by Scenario A. May allow expansion at other grade levels. Allows 6th grade program to develop its own identity within the TPA model. Allows increase in enrollment of as many as 40 students, with resultant increase in state funding.
    9. 9. Scenario B: Challenges Requires location of suitable convenient location to lease. Creates some administrative and logistical issues. The same TPJA / TPA waitlist issues apply as in Scenario A.
    10. 10. Hybrid Scenario Keep one section on campus, hold two at alternate site. Sections might alternate being on the main campus and at alternate site. This scenario would allow all sections to participate in the main campus environment for at least part of the year.
    11. 11. Overall Benefits Adding sections allows for increased funding for the school. Adding sections allows more students to benefit from the Tempe Prep model of education, further developing the school’s mission.
    12. 12. Conclusion Expansion of the TPA / TPJA program benefits the school model while increasing funding. By contrast, cutting teacher salaries or altering teaching loads are detrimental to the school model.
    13. 13. Next Steps Explore options for external space. Develop cost-benefit analysis for both scenarios and the hybrid scenario. Explore administrative and logistical ramifications of both scenarios.