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Navigating the Scientific Literature


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Have you ever tried to find a scientific paper only to be confronted by endless strings of nonsensical search results and screens informing you that accessing a single article will cost you upwards of fifty dollars?
Navigating the scientific literature--which includes journal articles, books, patents, and all other manner of scholarly material--is no easy undertaking, even if you have access to an academic library or have paid for expensive subscriptions.

This presentation covers both how to efficiently search freely available reference databases such as PubMed and how to take advantage of the growing trend towards open access in science to obtain full-text papers without breaking the bank. Even if you don't work at a university or research institution, hundreds of thousands of scientific works are freely available, you just need to know how and where to look.

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Navigating the Scientific Literature

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  3. 3. Searching the Scientific Literature • Allow Time • Isolate Objective • Document Carefully • Be Selective • Verify • Know When to Quit
  4. 4. • What search are you doing? – Exploratory – Specific research question – Searching for a particular article Searching the Scientific Literature
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