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2013 ARVC Presentation


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Here is a pdf of my presentation for the Florida Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds 2013 Conference.

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2013 ARVC Presentation

  1. 1. How Do I Spend MyTime Marketing OnlineSEO, PPC, Email and Social Mediaby John Barron, GravityFree
  2. 2. What Do People DoOnline?• Talk, Consume, Search• Talk on social sites,email, instant msg.,games (1/3)• Consume Contentlike news, video, (1/2)• Search on Google,portals, classifieds(1/6)
  3. 3. What Has Changed?• Emergence of mobile• Continued social growth• More complicatedsearch environment• Why bother with allthis?
  4. 4. Mobile: Beam Me Up• Ease of access• Dramatic increase inusage (tablet,smartphone)• Different physicalapproach to data (swipe/voice)• Location targeting
  5. 5. Social: Let’s Talk• New players (Pinterest,Instagram)• More of online timeconsumed• Maturity of Facebook• Video as content
  6. 6. What The Heck,Google?• Social indicators rise(tweets, shares, likes,etc.)• Google+ is a zombie• Importance of Local/Reviews
  7. 7. Why Bother?• Everyone gets their infoonline• Even those who rely on“word of mouth” will goto digital sources foradditional sources• It’s measurable!
  8. 8. This Is Not YourFather’s SEO• Links, page titles, keyword still important• Get your social on• Get Google+ page for business as well asother sites (yelp, trip advisor, yahoo, Bing) (case matters)• Ask for reviews• Blog and share it
  9. 9. PPC: Being Paid ForDoesn’t Make It Evil• Same concept, but better targeting (region,time of day, competitor sites, messaging)• Remarketing is extremely effective (• Do you have a mobile site? If not, maybeyou shouldnt point ads to your site• Set Analytics Goals or track phonenumbers (or promo codes)
  10. 10. Email:We Still GetThose?• Put something in of value (promos,information, guest features)• Make sensible choices about whom youcontact (travel time, travel frequency)• Work to get email any time you speak tosomeone (“Would you like to join our listto receive news and promotions?)• Dont forget transactional emails
  11. 11. Social Media: More thanjust Facebook• Consider Pinterest (corporate page), whatwould people search for?• Twitter has more power than you know• If you post on FB, also post on Google+• Topics for FB/Twitter/Google+: Polls,TriviaQuestions, Mini-Contests, importantarticles, photos
  12. 12. Where Should IDedicate My Time• Blog at least once a month, better everycouple of weeks (put link on twitter, FB andGoogle+)• Post on FB/Twitter/Google+ at least everyweek• Create Pinterest boards every othermonth to every month (what are peoplelooking for) especially for links
  13. 13. Where Should IDedicate My Time (cont)• Check Google Analytics weekly to see howPPC traffic is behaving, adjust bids for best/worst keywords• Make sure you have links to social sites/blog on your website/email• Make sure you have unique keywords inpage titles
  14. 14. Where Should IDedicate My Time (cont)• Advertise on FB for fans, but only as acampaign, not ongoing• Consider Foursquare coupons• Do video• Email once a month or more
  15. 15. WhereYou Can FindOut More•• twitter: @jbster13•