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IEEE - Actionable Data Book 2014


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A key element of the revolution in education is the emphasis on interactive, exploratory, and collaborative learning activities. Many of these activities will be implemented using tablet devices that are connected, through the cloud, to the systems used by other students, teachers, parents, content publishers, and educational institutions. During this period of rapid change in education and training, plug-and-play interoperability accelerates innovation and adoption by lowering the barrier to entry for new products: reducing costs and risks. Building new functionality on top of existing data is key to innovation on the web.

The Actionable Data Book is the IEEE's latest project in its long history of developing elearning data standards. In January 2013, the IEEE initiated an open research and development collaboration to describe, and, as practicable, demonstrate an “actionable data book," defined as an interactive and adaptive digital learning resource to support constructive and collaborative learning anywhere, anytime. It is expected to take the form of:

A specialized eBook
Based on the IDPF EPUB 3 ebook format and other open standards
Tailored to support S.T.E.M. education, stressing the tablet's ability to operate in the field and to interface with lab equipment and other devices
Supporting learner accessibility preferences and usage preferences
Containing interactive content that can exchange data with the learner's mobile platform, local S.T.E.M. devices and cloud resources.

Our initial task is to explore use cases and define the scope of this one-year R&D effort. Participation is free and open to interested individuals willing to follow the principles of the Open Stand initiative. For more information about our weekly meetings please contact:

The activity is hosted by IEEE Industry Connections, a program of the IEEE Standards Association. IEEE Industry Connections supports the evaluation and incubation of possible new technical standards and related services in a rapidly changing environment.

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IEEE - Actionable Data Book 2014

  1. 1. The IEEE Actionable Data Book and EPUB 3 Tyde Richards, John Costa, Avron Barr IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee
  2. 2. Tyde Richards John B. Costa Avron Barr Prior Chair: IEEE ADB & LTSC San Diego, California Chair: IEEE ADB President / CEO: RePubIT Orlando, Florida +1 321.262.3626 Chair: IEEE LTSC Founder: Aldo Ventures, Inc. Santa Cruz, California
  3. 3. About the IEEE ! Global professional organization for engineers ! Over 430,000 members in 160 contries ! Motto: Advancing Technology for Humanity ! Democratic leadership, volunteer participation ! A few facts – 3.5 million documents in digital library – 170 transactions, journals, magazines – 1,500 standards (e.g. 802) – 1,300 conferences in 92 countries 3
  4. 4. About the IEEE LTSC ! Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC) ! Formal accredited standards since 1996 – Best known for LOM, SCORM runtime ! Participation free, open, by indivdual ! Strategy shift to support interoperability lifecycle – Ability to form Technical Advisory Group issuing reports – Ability to sponsor pre-competitive R&D on interoperability (Actionable Data Book project) 4
  5. 5. Background to the ADB project ! IEEE LTSC involved with standardizing SCORM ! Study Group ~2010 about updating standards ! SG recommendation – No benefit to updating – In a new, rapidly changing technology paradigm – SCORM approach needs to be rethought – Need new foundation, not clear what it is ! Year long investigation of lots of candidates 5
  6. 6. The SCORM Interoperability Model Learning Specific Structure Learning Specific Content SCO Client Zip File Web browser “dumb” Learning Management System Business logic
  7. 7. Study Group Conclusions ! Target: a new open approach to mobile learning ! Key enabler: EPUB 3 as content strategy ! Key enabler: xAPI for cloud data exchange ! Challenge: data exchange with IoT/local devices ! Challenge: global adoption strategy
  8. 8. Why EPUB 3 ? A new but familiar architecture … Generic Structure Generic Content HTML 5 epub Zip File eBook Reader data exchange services
  9. 9. Why EPUB 3 ? SCORM EPUB 3 Architecture Glue parts together Intrinsic whole Control Server Mobile platform Content format Out of scope HTML5 Player Out of scope eBook Reader User Experience Out of scope W3C CSS Sustainability Not Sustainable Sustainable Accessibility Out of scope Central focus
  10. 10. Why xAPI? ! Developed by ADL R&D project ! New approach and successor to SCORM runtime ! Big data, cloud data solution ! Common “experience statement” format that can be constrained by vocabularies ! On ramp to a semantic data solution ! Commercial interest and adoption ! Potential for IEEE standardization
  11. 11. An xAPI Statement ! Id ! Actor ! Object ! Verb ! Result ! Context ! Timestamp ! Attachments
  12. 12. IEEE Actionable Data Book ! R&D Project Sponsored by IEEE LTSC ! EPUB 3 as mobile learning delivery platform ! Carry forward SCORM concepts as appropriate ! Assume cloud (xAPI), device, IoT communication ! 2013 Feasibility Study ! 2014-15 Build something
  13. 13. ADB 2015 Goals ! 1. Report on ADB technical architecture ! 2. Use cases to illustrate ADB generality ! 3. ADB Proof of Concept demonstration illustrating communication with cloud, IoT, and mobile platform capabilities ! 4. A survey to assess ADB viability as a globally available platform for mobile learning ! 5. An ADB workshop at an appropriate venue
  14. 14. Architectural Approach Generic Structure Generic Content HTML 5 epub Zip File eBook Reader xAPI – cloud data exchange device capabilities Bluetooth LE for IoT Activity
  15. 15. ADB Activity Model ! Updates 20 year old AICC CMI/ SCORM concept ! Minimalist approach to coordinate data exchanges ! Three entities – Activity: a unit of completion – Location: unit of navigation within and activty – Activity Set: a collection of actvities ! Three phases/events per entity – Before, during, after ! Under development – feedback welcome
  16. 16. ADB Activity Model: Why? ! Motivate by considering xAPI capabilities as appropriate in different content contexts ! The xAPI Statement API – Can be used for learner experience/performance data – Can be used for annotations – Can be used for scientific data ! The xAPI Agent Profile API – Can be used to get/store user preferences ! The xAPI State API – Can be used to get/store activity data
  17. 17. The Activity, EPUB 3, and xAPI Activity Set (EPUB 3 eBook as a whole) before xAPI during during during for experience data after xAPI to get user preferences, including accessibility preferences Activity + (page set) before after xAPI to get activity state data Location + (page) before after xAPI for page entry data xAPI for page exit data xAPI to store activity state data xAPI to store changes to user preferences
  18. 18. Mapping the Activity onto EPUB 3 ! Our best quess … two options ! Widget – ADB Proof of Concept last Spring – Limitations for our requirements ! Collection/Distributable Object – Appears better option, on the drawing board – Two level collection hierarchy – Activity role containing location pages – Activity Set role containing Activity collections
  19. 19. Relationship to EDUPUB ! Out best quess …. ! ADB – HTML5 content unit is the Location – Focus providing data exchange capabilites to the Location – Silent on HTML5 content conventions ! EDUPUB defining HTML5 content conventions ! Appear to be complementary technologies
  20. 20. Relationship to LTI and Caliper ! Our best guess … ! LTI – A tool essentially an embedded Web site – Different approach to communication than xAPI – LTI and xAPI are complementary ! Caliper – Outcome data models for different kinds of activities – Needs a transport mechanism – xAPI 100% appropriate implemented solution
  21. 21. Anticipated 2015 Roadmap EPUB 3 Activity Support EPUB 3 Activity xAPI Mobile Support JS Reader Phone Gap IoT Support Blue Tooth LE Currently Here
  22. 22. Some Collaboration Opportunities ! EPUB 3 for LTSC/ADB Technical Report – Immediate, possilble pilot for IEEE ! EDUPUB integration with ADB – As appropriate ! ADB support for Accessibility Preferences – Anticipated ADL Design Cohort January 2015 ! Collaboration on 2015 ADB Prototype – As appropriate
  23. 23. Tyde Richards John B. Costa Avron Barr Prior Chair: IEEE ADB & LTSC San Diego, California Chair: IEEE ADB President / CEO: RePubIT Orlando, Florida +1 321.262.3626 Chair: IEEE LTSC Founder: Aldo Ventures, Inc. Santa Cruz, California