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Top 3 Accounting Software


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The past of Accounting is deep to dig. The planet has been dependent on counting since long time. The count of accounting software ends in 3 figures, but only the best 3 are looked at based on the usage, preference and features.

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Top 3 Accounting Software

  1. 1. The past of Accounting is deep to dig. The planet has been dependent on counting since long time. Pervasive then in just about all societies far and wide, the specialty of counting is as old as three thousand years back. Counting of many items, even that of creatures were carried out throughout that time. Tally imprints are human progress' presentation into counting. Be that as it may some place after some time, humans touched base with the making of number words. From that point, the thought of numbers developed and the remaining story is well known to all, Math was conceived.
  2. 2. Top 3 Accounting Software
  3. 3. The count of accounting software ends in 3 figures. But we are not gonna see them all, instead the top 3, in fact the best 3 in no order, based on the usage, preference and features.
  4. 4. ● ● ● Marg marched into the global market in the year 1990. The biggest plus of Marg is that they have developed separate accounting software for several industries particularly for Retail, Trade ...etc. The most renowned and successful of them is the software for Pharmaceutical industry. Around 6 lac users utilize the services of Marg products worldwide.
  5. 5. ● ● ● Busy first came into limelight at the event IT Asia 1994 and then into the global market in the year 1997. The biggest plus of Busy is the inventory management function. Around 6 lac users utilize the services of Busy accounting software worldwide.
  6. 6. ● ● ● Quickbooks is a versatile accounting software with exclusive versions for nations such as US, Canada, UK .. etc. The Indian version was established in the year 2005 and preferred by International corporate companies in the country. Around 1.3 million users utilize the services of Quicbooks products worldwide.
  7. 7. Guess many would have been surprised by the exclusion of India's leading accounting software which requires no introduction and ranking; The undisputed and unanimous choice “Tally Accounting software”. software
  8. 8. ● ● ● ● The Tally accounting software was developed more than 2 decades back. Around 95% of Indian organizations utilize the Tally accounting software with over 2 billion users. The product revolutionized accounting and stunned the world with the concept of some exceptional mechanism that presented code-free programming and characteristic dialect interface in encouraging organizations across the world. The Tally accounting software is now used in more than 90 countries, much popular in Bangladesh and UK, apart from India.
  9. 9. ● ● In addition to accounting exercises, the product is of enormous benefits as an inventory management software, finance based functions, tax assessment and audit functions. The latest from their forms of accounting software is the Tally ERP 9, available in three different versions Silver, Gold and Auditor's Edition, yet to be launched in global market, with varying special characteristics.
  10. 10. ● ● ● ● Compelling network that is not topography oriented enhances organizations that work without any limits of any type. Linguistic capabilities empower the product to be utilized across several states of the country and also over land and sea as a part of dialects apart from English. Reports could be generated in various consequently encouraging organizations to worldwide. dialects progress Also, Remote access, the Tally Customization & Integration and ease of possession are a portion of the numerous characteristics that make the Tally accounting software unique and successful in the business.
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