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Importance Boxing gloves


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Importance Boxing gloves

  1. 1. “Protect your hands by choosing right boxing gloves" Boxing game has been running from ancient Greek period. The one sport which is called pugilism was the origin of this game. The most important equipment used in boxing is gloves; gloves have been in presence roughly over 3,000 years. In the beginning of this game Greeks were using tough leather straps to defend themselves, which was the most remarkable thing in those days. Later these boxing gloves have gone through many considerable changes. There are a lot of different boxing gloves available. Depending on the usage variety of gloves presented, like few wants to fight professionally then others wants to compete, or wants for exercise with self defense. Gloves also come for competition or non-competition styles in youth, male and female. Boxing gloves are very necessary for hands safety because boxers fight with their hands mainly in this sport. Boxing gloves work like a special guard. They helps the boxer to be safe and give protection from kicking or punches .If you will not wear these gloves then there are many chances of being
  2. 2. injured or getting fracture in hands. They are available in different sizes with various design and prices. There are few essential types of gloves given; these are designed for a particular intention: Speed bag glove These gloves are made of slight extra than a pair of cushion leather mittens. The hand’s skin of the boxer wants to be prevented, because the focus and speed is not only the impact. Heavier bag glove These boxing gloves are used while functioning on a heavier punch. The focus will be the power of force. Here it is significant that the boxer’s wrists and hands to be protected. These gloves are durable because they are filled with foam and covered by strong leather. Sparring gloves The boxer and the infighting partner will wear these gloves. These type of gloves are worn in the training ring .They are stuffing heavily so that both the athletes will be safe. These
  3. 3. gloves have several coating of cushion. They help to reduce the force of the blow between two athletes. These bag gloves consider between 14 and 20 ounces. In this type of gloves superior quality of leather is used because these gloves are regularly used by the boxers. They are more durable when compare to others. Competition gloves These competition gloves are created with strict principles. They are available with much lighter weight, whether layperson or professional .This types of gloves are consider between 8 to 10 ounces. These gloves are made of highest quality foam stuffing to assure the safety of the boxers. For scoring reason the amateur gloves, having a white part top of the back of the glove. The idea behind this is, the white area helps the judges to decide scoring blow better. If you want to become a part of the sports or self-protection class then every month you have to buy new infighting gloves. Where the safety of the boxers concerned, the right use of the right boxing gloves for the right purpose helps.