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eHI May09


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Presentation used for eHI webcast on May 27, 2009. Webcast focused on Consumer Role in Healthcare IT, Post Stimulus.
Purpose was to articulate what/how consumer may benefit from clinician adoption of EHRs.

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eHI May09

  1. 1. Consumer/Patient Role Post Stimulus or “Now What Did I Pay For?” - Joe the Plumber By: John Moore, Managing Partner 5/27/09 Copyright: Chilmark Research 1 For internal use only, not for distribution
  2. 2. Chilmark Research Healthcare Analyst Firm Founded in 2007 Based in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA Focus on Consumer-facing Technology Software (e.g.,PHRs), mHealth, Biometrics & Health Clouds Services Include Market Research Strategic Analysis & Guidance More Info @: 5/27/09 Copyright: Chilmark Research 2 For internal use only, not for distribution
  3. 3. Three Take-Aways Consumer Macro Trends Stimulus & the Consumer Consumer Demands & Needs Post Stimulus 5/27/09 Copyright: Chilmark Research 3 For internal use only, not for distribution
  4. 4. Macro Trends: Consumer Healthcare Financial Costs Healthcare Begins Falling on with Search Consumers Top 4 Activity Across Demographics HDHPs More than Tripled in 4yrs Escalating Information Wisdom of Crowds Share Experiences, Small Businesses Discontinuing Costs Access Lessons Learned Coverage “Expert” Content Largest Contributor No Longer Clinician to Personal Only Bankruptcy Filings Care Fragmentation Disintermediation of Care Retail, Corp. Clinic, Med Tourism, Online/Virtual 5/27/09 Copyright: Chilmark Research 4 For internal use only, not for distribution
  5. 5. Consumer Engagement Still Low Meager 3.3% Use an iPHR Greatest use among chronically ill & mothers w/ children PHR Use Concentrated in Provider-based PHRs Trust, Data, Value Tethered, little consumer control Will EHR Adoption Drive Deeper Engagement? 5/27/09 Copyright: Chilmark Research 5 For internal use only, not for distribution
  6. 6. Stimulus Funding Focus is Clinicians Over $36B for EMR Adoption Create Digital PHI Minimum $300M for HIEs Aggregate Digital PHI Consumers’ Post- Stimulus Value Rests with Meaningful Use 5/27/09 Copyright: Chilmark Research 6 For internal use only, not for distribution
  7. 7. Meaningful Use in Three Parts eRx Electronic Prescribing Quality Reporting Collect & Submit Quality Metrics Metrics, TBD Information Exchange Exchange Records to Facilitate Care Coordination How & with whom TBD 5/27/09 Copyright: Chilmark Research 7 For internal use only, not for distribution
  8. 8. Making Meaningful Use Meaningful eRx “Let me request that refill online and pick it up on way home from work.” Physician-enabled eCommunication Quality Reporting “Just how good is the hospital I use?” Need Public Reporting - Ease of Comparison Information Exchange “Let’s coordinate care together.” Patient-Physician Tools to Facilitate Portability of Records (PHI) Go mobile, biometrics, communication Effective, Efficient Consumer-Centric Care 5/27/09 Copyright: Chilmark Research 8 For internal use only, not for distribution
  9. 9. Consumer Role Post-Stimulus Digital Records & Control Liquid Data/PHI Create Demand for PHRs Data is crux of PHR & clinical data gold standard Quality Data Drive Engagement Decisions Increasing Demand for Pricing Data Quality+Pricing=Value Personalization Turning Data into Guidance & Action for Health, Wellness, Prevention Risk factors, family history, genetics, PHI Consumers will Seek Out “Digital Practice” 5/27/09 Copyright: Chilmark Research 9 For internal use only, not for distribution
  10. 10. “Convergence” Consumer in Control Personal, Actionable, Connected Value: About Me, By Me, With Me, For Me 5/27/09 Copyright: Chilmark Research 10 For internal use only, not for distribution
  11. 11. Final Thoughts… Relinquishing Control Who Owns & Controls the Data? HIPAA Insufficient Denial of Coverage is the Issue HIT Stimulus May be Wet Cement Aggressive Schedule Incentives Focus on Technology, Not Behaviors Difficult to Chip-out Later 5/27/09 Copyright: Chilmark Research 11 For internal use only, not for distribution