Search Engine Optimization Primer


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This presentation describes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for business owners, entrepreneurs and executives

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Search Engine Optimization Primer

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization PrimerHow to Get Found by Prospects and Customers on the Internet
  2. 2. How Google Works93% of B2B purchases begins with an online search. Most of those searches takeplace on Google. This 3-minute video gives a good overview of how Google works .
  3. 3. Three Factors for Search Engine Optimization • Does the site have lots of content related to the Content keyword and is it frequently updated? Site • Is the site structured so that Google knows that it hasArchitecture content relevant to the keyword searchLinks from • Does the site have links from relevant, authoritative Relevant sites relating to the keyword? (e.g. – CNN links to a Websites local news channel website)
  4. 4. Site Architecture Basics – Use Keywords to Get Found Choose keywords that will get you found on search engines • Think of keywords that your customers use to describe your business • Think of keywords that describe your business specifically – instead of Restaurant, think Dallas Italian Restaurant Make it easy for search engines to find keywords on your website • Use keywords in your page titles, with most important keywords at the far left title position • If possible, use keywords in your domain name • Use keywords organically in the content of your website • When you link to a page within your site, use keywords in the anchor text – instead of click here, use keyword • Use keywords in social media and in your blog
  5. 5. Content to Engage Prospects and CustomersBlogging• Blogging is a great way to create and publish content about your business and industry• Blogging attracts links to your site from relevant sources• Blogging takes time and requires commitment• Use targeted keywords organically in your blogSocial Media• Social Media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are a great place to interact with your prospects and customers – social media is a 2-way communication• Social Media is driving revenue growth in companies that use it strategically• Social Media links to your website help your search engine performance for keywords• Managing a Social Media program requires between 25% and 50% of a full-time employee
  6. 6. The Most Important Part – Getting Links from Relevant Sources Link-Building • Most SEO experts agree that links to your website from credible sources in your industry or field of expertise have the greatest impact on your search engine ranking for keywords • The best way to get links from credible sources for your keywords is to have excellent content that is frequently updated • Links from social media networks are becoming increasingly important to SEO success – if you share your keyword content and others re-share it, you will reap the benefits • Leverage vendors, friends, business associates and the media to link to you keyword content
  7. 7. Search Engine Optimization SuccessSteps to Get Started• Think of keywords people use to describe your business – test them to see how competitive it is to be ranked highly for those keywords• Look for keyword niches that have less competition and describe your business – for example, Dallas Italian Restaurant instead of Restaurant• Develop good content about your business and industry that includes the keywords you are promoting – share it by blogging and then promoting blog posts through social media• Leverage vendors, friends, business associates and the media to link to you keyword content• Analyze your website traffic and adjust keyword strategy and content as necessarySearch engine optimization success is not an overnight process,but if you use these techniques, you will be found on the weband you will increase qualified leads for your product orservice