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Building A Learning Development


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Learning occurs when a person feels safe and free of immediate stress

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Building A Learning Development

  1. 1. • • • • Learning occur when aperson feels safe,free of immediate stressorpossible repercussionsasin penalties, whether social or otherwise. Learning must be beneficial to him. Learning must be pleasurable to him. Learning must help to procure betterliving. Learning must be achoice to him. Learner’s who have difficulties canbe raisedby - Agroup’s learning culture. - Give proof, sharesuccesses. - Compliance Training stems from schools’ format of learning & must be labelled as “not-learning.” - Learning is like agame. So,what is learning really? Learning produces “Understandings!” Understandings produce awillingness to action. Understandings tested produce Certainties. Certainties lead to moreLearning! (Bonusdata for Experts: Understandinghas3 components: wanting to do it, knowing how to do it, engagingwith it. Wetend to only focus on 2nd one. )
  2. 2. Training Tocreate a safe, organic island for learning we need to look at the learner holistically. While an org doesn’t want to know about aholistic side ofthings, acompanyis build from/by able people and they are always more than just ajob description. Environment Belief,faith, Belong to… Shadows Youwill find able, productive people have one or several of these factors firmly established and draw energy, stability and calmnessfrom them. Find one he can associate with and build him up; this is stress bustingstuff! Building a Safe LearningEnvironment J.O.Ottsuccess©2018 Hobbies Pleaseclick on eachto find outmore.
  3. 3. Removeworrying/ upsetting factors from him Removehim from worrying/ upsetting factors Find out what worries, bothers him. Eliminated the“threat” whether it is real or imagined or you have to remove him. Aperson in fear is a liability to your org. He will hide, lie in an attempt to protecthimself.
  4. 4. Us e achievements fromtraining to highlight its value to him. Practicalscan assist in“proof”. (Proof) UseTraining to makehim personally more able. (Competence) Training that doesn’t produce certainty thathe cando, has negative value! Photo by Alex Bagirov onUnsplash Photo by JosueIsai RamosFigueroa onUnsplash
  5. 5. Find hobbies in which he canwin and usetraining to enhance. (Proof) Finding out if he has any started or desired hobbies and get him engaged. It has a positive effect on his morale at work. Production creates Morale. “Any” production is to be considered positive if it is of value to others. Very important, shuffling paper, looking busy is not production! I prefer cricket but they don’t have any 3Dmodels.
  6. 6. Afear of spider stems from aperiod in man’s genetic evolution dating 100.000s years back and is in the cellular imprint of our cells. Theydid kill afew of our ancient grandparents but we won in the end; proof: you are alive. Occasionally, the cellular imprint is re-stimulated by aprenatal accident and dogs some of us. I thought you might like to know about your biological history. Thealternative is you are only frightened because you know you’ll turn into Spiderman and youhate, having to take responsibility for us all. I hope it bites you before me.
  7. 7. Convince him he fights shadows Sometimes we hear things like “Management doesn’t understand.” “Staff don’t care.” Theseare shadows, thereare a few who will try to sabotage an org, we find them up and downstairs but most want to get along and be productive. It is important to weed out these careless statements by constantly keeping staff informed and avoiding punishments or penalties at all costs bar the few who are planning to take us all down.
  8. 8. Belief in something hasbeen well-documented asagreat source of strength. I prefer religion over football but the truth is believing in a causeis the most important aspect, what is secondary. It goes without saying it must be aworthwhile causewith him. Atop company, agreat team are often the biggest (hidden) sourceof strength. Many live to work and could stay at work 24/7 happily. Acompany with agreat causecanmove mountains and attract top people.