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This presentation checks the current, trends and the possible future of work. Time was limited to 25 minutes, yet generated 50+ tweets, indicating the subject is indeed interesting.

Some of the challenging areas of change and future is technology alone will not solve it, neither will a focus on a change of corporate habits and culture. It needs to be a joint action.

The presentation is edited post-presentation as a flip-board chart was used for flexibility with the audience as well as co-creation effects.

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The future of work iom keynote minimized

  1. 1. THE FUTURE OF WORK Information & Organisation Management Summit Cologne, September 25, 2014 #ioms2014 by Johan Lange The LUCK Concept
  2. 2. WELL, IS IT? My experience is it seldomly is – great work will always be a matter of work. Hard work. And smart work.
  3. 3. THE WORKPLACE OF TODAY? Wer war das? ??!!! If we chase scape goats we create a culture of blame.
  5. 5. EUROPE NEEDS? We are in serious need of improving productivity and innovation. That will NOT happen by doing the same as before. We need new manners and leadership.
  6. 6. NEED FOR A CHANGE? Higher degree of creativity Improved wellness at work Improved productivity Passion at work?
  7. 7. WE NEED TO MOVE! And this time it’s about asking questions to get new answers. New ideas, new roles, new ways of work
  8. 8. SIGNS OF CHANGE? There ARE signs of change – but are they fast enough? The Internet makes distance ”irrelevant” – what can YOU make of it? You do not have to hire all your staff – new forms are emerging Transparency becomes the new marketing - employer branding. Are you ready? Supply chains go from linear to circular/multicircular – landfill will disappear Experts are everywhere – and they need another leadership So are robots – but they look different than Star Trek Our brain is adaptive – and will adopt to new challenges
  9. 9. OUR BRAIN VS. CHANGE Prof Steve Peters’ brain model •
  10. 10. POWER OF CHANGE Modelling – we can try out Fast Fail – if in doubt, dare to test fear-free/no blame culture Gamification – use proudness, smartness et al Reflecting – use all bright brains of the team Structure – once we find change – how to keep it?
  11. 11. HIERARCHY, FLAT OR …WIREARCHY? Survival of the fittest – adapt! Adapt as part of Brand -- yes but we do not have the people….? We may work with nemployees! Access tp skill, work and result –in new roles, new professions and new ways of deals. *) as described by Jon Husband
  13. 13. COMMUNICATION IN 2025 Zero mail – mail will be intelligized and selfsorted & ”disappear” Zero laptop – screens, voice and haptics will be everywhere All mobile – few will be locked to ”workplaces” Internet of Things – everything communicates – as all is electric now Bionic & robotic – biology is ”in the system” & robots are ”standard” That unknown… - we will make many mistakes in predicting. Me too…
  14. 14. MER ATT KOMMENTERA The skill to listen needs a revolution! A lot of GREAT manager skills will reach a tipping point – transparency will “trip advice” managers a nd organisations. Sharing Economies are take n for granted. Islands in organisations are bridged automatically We all want to belong to the team!
  15. 15. THE WORKPLACE IN 2025 The office The cafe Outside The greenhouse - the inner outside
  16. 16. THE WORKPLACE OF 2025?
  17. 17. RETHINK GREEN A circular world will be more interesting Our brain is challenged by problematic issues We are great to do this in semi-teams
  18. 18. ENTERING THE PATH These are a few areas we can enter already today: • Lean Thinking, Agile, customer pull • Visualize, infographics, sharing, inspiring • Perspective change, engagement goal setting • Brain research - cognitive connection of means and mentality
  19. 19. CULTURE DEVELOPMENT! Social first or Culture first? Social public first or internal first? Is culture not ”in the walls”? Picture: The guardian at my hotel has seen cultures change
  20. 20. CULTURE ”IN THE WALLS”? Challenge that! Here’s a tool my customers meet regularly to continue working on our culture. It brings hope to change. Connecting the behaviors truly lived with this matrix AND digital transformation objectives make true change happen – AND be visible!
  21. 21. THANK YOU! Johan Lange @johanlange LI: ask me to connect! English version in 2015.
  22. 22. POST KEYNOTE I wasn’t aware of this amount of feedback and comments during my speech as we had our phones completely off – not to interfere with the microphone. When leaving stage I switched on – and saw this… I humbly thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!