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Lindholmen Software Development Day 151022 - 22/10/15


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I think we still carry too much of the Factory Paradigm in our heads and hearts. We need to relearn - and acquire a new Leadership Stack. Join the LUCKc Concept!

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Lindholmen Software Development Day 151022 - 22/10/15

  1. 1. Leaving the Factory Paradigm by Johan Lange @johanlange #LUCKc @ #LSDD Slide theme by Jonas Söderlund
  2. 2. …or How to become an a.rac/ve employer
  3. 3. “Paradigm”???
  4. 4. Factory Paradigm: Volume is preferred Resource efficiency People are replacable Hierarchies Fear (s/ck) Bonus (carrot)
  5. 5. 13%
  6. 6. 20%
  7. 7. Brain – risk: The Fear Way (Survival System) …is very easy to trigger
  8. 8. The Search: Mean Lean Lean Theatre Hahahaa-gile? “kaaatching??” Insta-Granny???
  9. 9. AlternaXve Brain Opportunity: The Way (CollaboraXve System)
  10. 10. Belonging to a Team Growth Proud Trusted CreaXve …and allowed to fail
  11. 11. KogniXon: The Brain as a Private I. The Chimp is First PercepXve Filters Memories & Habits Individual Maps Intrinsic MoXvaXon Ku^ng Edge
  12. 12. Coaching: 1st PerspecXve Start With What Works Meet CogniXve Needs Our language is Code as well Expect Team, Responsibility & Trust
  13. 13. : CommunicaXons tools and apps that include and support teams and individuals
  14. 14. Unifying Comm’s: Visualize & Share Insights Transparency Sustain–Encourage–Learn Connect & Grow
  15. 15. Lean & Agile: Trust the Flow Voice of the Customer RetrospecXves Speed is Quality True delegaXon Visibility
  16. 16. Brain likes: Some known & Some New Challenges Playing with PossibiliXes Change – if in Charge Beeing Appreciated Understanding & Meaning Structures
  17. 17. Understanding & Meaning Beeing Appreciated Change – if Engaged
  18. 18. Thank you!!! @johanlange The LUCK Concept #luckc
  19. 19. Thank you!!! Currently in Swedish InternaXonal version 2016