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Communication platforms


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Communication platforms

  1. 1. Confidential Communication Platforms Efficient Communication to Stakeholders Rev PA1 2012-01-04 1
  2. 2. Introduction As a tester it is critical to provide the right information to the right stakeholders Different stakeholders need different information, through different channels Handling this information flow is an essential part of a testers everyday job Formalizing how this is done is needed in an enterprise verification organization
  3. 3. Overview Identify Information Content Identify Identify InformationStakeholders Channels Communication Platform
  4. 4. Identify Stakeholders Every tester must be aware of their stakeholders – who bases decisions on the material the tester generates? It is important to take the time to really map out which stakeholders are relevant in your context Examples could be: Project Leaders, Line Managers, Developers, other Testers, and so on
  5. 5. Identify Information Content When you know your stakeholders the next step is to understand what information they need to make accurate decisions This could be specific information in the test reports, or what types of KPI and benchmarks are relevant for the stakeholders Could also be the content of educational material or information sites
  6. 6. Granularity of Information Just as important as the information content is the granularity with which it is presented Understanding what level of detail stakeholders need is critical Otherwise important information will be lost in information overflow, or omitted by mistake
  7. 7. Identify Information Channels The final step is to understand how the information reaches the stakeholders, and if this setup is optimal both to the stakeholders and the testers Examples could be: test reports, mails, word of mouth, meetings, wikis, presentations
  8. 8. Communication Platform Attributes So what attributes are important to consider when setting up a communication platform? Cost of providing information Cost of receiving information Information accurateness Speed Attractiveness
  9. 9. Communication Platform Risks Setup and maintenance cost of the Communication PlatformAdded gains of having a formalizedCommunication Platform
  10. 10. Conclusion The right information must reach the right stakeholders through the right channels with the right granularity In a large enterprise this requires a conscious effort to manage and must be done in a formalized manner Always beware of the cost of setting up and maintaining this communication platform and compare it to the gains of having it