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Business Agility through Model Driven Development


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Organizations need to be agile in todays dynamic business landscapes. This calls for other software development approaches and tools. What we need is Model Driven Development. The Mendix platform increases business agility through Model Driven Development.

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Business Agility through Model Driven Development

  1. 1. Business Agility through Model Driven Development Johan den Haan Head R&D Mendix @JohanDenHaan
  2. 2. “It’s not the strongest who survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most adaptable to change.” - Charles Darwin
  3. 3. Increasingly, the stability of an enterprise is rooted in its ability to be dynamic, to move fast and change quickly. - James McGovern
  4. 4. If you want to make enemies, try to change something. - Woodrow Wilson
  5. 5. Enterprise Systems, I mean. And not just a little bit, either. Orders of magnitude wrong. Billions and billions of dollars worth of wrong. Hang-our-heads-in-shame wrong. It’s time to stop the madness. - Tim Bray
  6. 6. Software change  For every 25% increase in complexity in the tasks to be automated, the complexity of the software solution itself rises by 100%!  Complexity slows change  Version 3 will take a magnitude longer than version 1  What the users think they want will change as soon as they see what we develop.
  7. 7. How to align dynamic organizations and software?
  8. 8. Provide short feedback cycles deploy Functional Model test Process Functional Manage design requirements Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 Realization Business Process Improvement
  9. 9. Involve domain experts in software development
  10. 10. Use a ubiquitous language
  11. 11. How to make this work in practice?
  12. 12. High Model-driven SOBA development (Mendix) 4GL tools Ease & speed of development SOA Platforms Custom (offshore) development Low High Flexibility & Interoperability
  13. 13. Flexibility & Interoperability Business functionality Flows Domain & Rules model Java Security Forms 360˚ integration Webservices, XML, Office, SAP, etc.
  14. 14. Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs)
  15. 15. Ease & speed of development - Automation
  16. 16. Model Driven Development + = + =
  17. 17. Model-Execution-as-a-Service 3. Model is executed in the Cloud 2. Deploy 4. Use application 1. Model
  18. 18. Summary  Enterprises need to be agile  Software becomes too complex to change  Dynamic enterprises and software can be aligned by: – Providing short feedback cycles – Involving domain experts in software development – Using a ubiquitous language  That’s why we need: – Domain-Specific Languages – Service-Oriented Business Applications – Model Execution
  19. 19. Business Agility through Model-Driven Development Learn more: Read more: