Flemisch ebooksinlibraries v20130513


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E-book business model between publishers and a public library offering in Flanders

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Flemisch ebooksinlibraries v20130513

  1. 1. Flemisch LibrariesE-booklicenseModelNAPLE E-book seminarMilan 13 MayJohan.delaure@bibnet.be
  2. 2. Flanders6,5 mil. inhabitants300 public libraries2 > 250.00014 >40.000 <120.00072 >20.000 <40.000200 <20.00040% Flemish publ.60% Dutch publ.16 mil. euro annualbudget bookcollection
  3. 3. 1. Getting YES from publishers1. Public investment in a shared distribution platform.2. Options for preservation and digitalisation.3. Promote (e-) reading (borrowers = buyers)4. Budget (10 %)5. First offer: “single user copies” and 26 loans
  4. 4. Problems with the 26 models1. No simultaneous access2. Buying ‘whole book copies’ as a minimum is required3. Libraries are not local anymore when it is about digitalservices4. Web presentation becomes volatileArtificial thresholds will evaporate
  5. 5. Second round of negociations1. Pilot (only 1 year)2. Start with limited collection (200 +100 titles)3. User-oriented presentation (nocatalogue)4. Build experience5. Build trust6. Aspects of Dutch model
  6. 6. For the end-user1. Inside the library: unlimited consulting and reading2. Register for e-reading at the library desk (+ contribution)3. 5 loans subscriptions4. Online reading or offline in an App on tablets5. Contribution fee is decision of local library
  7. 7. For the publisher1. 1 agency for all libraries – 1 invoice2. 1 base license (handling / intra muros):1x tot 10x price of a copy3. Loan fee: 0…0,12…0,37…0,50 euro excl. TVA4. Minimal package:from 0…26…800 loans5. Publisher makes first proposal of titles6. Publisher has emergency exit per title
  8. 8. For the library1. Sufficient libraries need to join2. Minimum fee implies loan packagesfor 0,5 % of the serviced population(3,72% of the adult loaners with address inside the community)3. Minimum fee implies 2 euro/loan(or more if unsufficient librairies join)4. Above minimum: 0,6 euro/loan.5. Option to ask end users for acontribution.
  9. 9. 2. Getting YES from libraries1. Pilot or Perish : libraries without digital offering?2. Promote (e-) reading <-> marketing3. Extra in times of budget cuts: cost <-> innovation4. Local library infrastructure upgrading and leveragingcentral infrastructure
  10. 10. The e-book lending process / modulesWeb• Presentation on local website• Widget platformSSO• OAuth infrastructure• Library Admin pagesRules• Loan management• Logging & reportingReader• Delivery• Online reader + App
  11. 11. E-books in thelibraryMilano, 13 May 2013Johan.delaure@bibnet.be