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Wager Warz is looking to partner with a variety of entities looking to maximize their exposure and monetize their profits.

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Wager Warz Total Presentation

  2. 2. WAGER WARZ BACKGROUND •Explosion of Social Multiplayer Gaming: intersection of social gaming and multiplayer gaming across all platforms •Rise of Digital Revenue: explosion of micro-transactions and other forms of digital monetization beyond pure ad-based models •Shift from Games as Product to Games as Service: increasing marketplace demands forcing traditional game publishers to embrace new ways to monetize Skill Based Gaming Increases End User Engagement With Client Wager Warz is at three key digital entertainment trends
  3. 3. Legal Framework Skill Based Gaming Legal Framework •Skill based games are defined as games where the predominance of the outcome is determined by a players skill not chance • The outcome of all Wager Warz games is predominantly determined by a players skill. •This is in sharp contrast to lotteries or games typically found in casinos, where every player ultimatley faces the same random odds. • Although the distinctions between skill-based games and games of chance are clear, there are 11 states within the U.S. that do not permit skill-based games to be played for cash or prizes. (AZ, AR, DE, FL, IN, IA, LA, MD, M T, TN, VT) - Currently, residents of those states are unable to play on WagerWarz.com for cash or prizes. Residents in these states can play for ranking on the website only.
  4. 4. Audience Reach Potential Users 1.11 Billion MAU 130 Million MAU 200 Million Casual Game Site Players 8 out of 10 Homes in America Own a Video Game Console & 80% of People in The Entire World Own a Video Game Console We Spend 300 Billion Hours a Week As a Planet Playing Video-Games
  5. 5. Wide Array of Customer Offerings Wager Warz levels the playing field for hardcore andcasual players, while allowing developers to more deeply engage their users.. Multiplayer Games: •Player vs. Player •Team Challenges •Bracket-style tournaments •Play & Go Tournaments Allow your target audience to interact with your clients through the games they already love to play! Single-Player Games: •Time-based high score tournaments •Solo Tournaments: beat your own best score •Pay to Play
  6. 6. User Experience
  7. 7. Concept Entertainment Division Quick Facts: •Wager Warz’s backend transactional platform allows for automated reporting, and secure safe gaming for cash and prizes •Wager Warz provides our clients direct interaction with their fan base •Wager Warz’s system facilitates additional revenue generation from multiple touch points 1. SALES 2. Advertising 3. Service Fee Revenue Sharing
  8. 8. Monetization Strategy -Leveraging Gaming •Tournament Play •1vs1 Challenges •Team Play -Online Sales •Products •Digital downloads (electronics, games & more) -Affiliate Sign up Revenue •Dedicated URL to track service fee and revenue share -Advertising Revenue •Wager Warz TV •Branded Revenue -Connect With Consumer •Engagement in an intimate setting •Cut the social clutter with a direct and engaged platform -Maximize Viral Solutions •Promo videos •Embeddable content
  9. 9. Client Benefits -Wager Warz’s platform connects the client to the consumer through a common medium -Increases exposure to millions of unique engaged users through a customized profile page -Direct access to a dedicated user base of influencers which can be utilized to test for new product launches, songs, and more -Access to Wager Warz’s automated referrals, and revenue tracking system
  10. 10. Client Activation Clients will promote this program through their Blog, Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram pages. The client will develop a gaming execution strategy including 1vs1, team play, and tournaments Clients will interact and engage with Wager Warz community, and fans multiple times during game play. “$20 Bucks says you can’t touch this. Who wants some?!?!” I just posted a challenge on WagerWarz.com $20 bucks says I dunk all over you in NBA2k. LOL Come at me bro!!
  11. 11. Next Steps •Contact Wager Warz to begin your program… •Set up user profile – add music, videos, user generated content, products, specials, and more •Client will develop a promo video to start viral campaign •Wager Warz will give client a dedicated URL for member sign up tracking •Commence social program/viral/promo campaign to draw users to Wager Warz •On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more •Client and Wager Warz will set up land production, game times, challenges, community sign ups to view the game, and more •Play and engage! Compete and interact on the Wager Warz platform with your fans and the rest of the Wager Warz community Wager Warz can assist in all aspects of creating a turnkey execution plan