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BrandJuice Overview 2013


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BrandJuice Overview 2013

  2. 2. Every brand has a Promise3
  3. 3. At BrandJuice, ours is to help each client discover their unique Path To Growth4
  4. 4. DRIVING PHILOSOPHY Capturing the customer’s head, heart and wallet5
  5. 5. SERVICES We Provide a Range of Services to Power Business Growth6
  6. 6. SERVICES Our Offerings Customer Truth Business Innovation Brand Vitalization Insight & Direction New Pipelines Unique Positioning • Customer Insight Research • New Product Development • Brand Strategy • Value Equation® • Business Model Development • Brand Architecture • Wallet Testing™ • Unique Processes • Brand Messaging and - Critical Assumptions - 360⁰ Insight Synthesis Positioning - Pitch Development - Team Passport Day - Test Bed Execution - Creativity Collective®7
  7. 7. Creative Capabilities BRAND STORYTELLING: 3 STEPS 1. Get your Brand Story straight 2. Tell your Brand Story with convincing power 3. Monitor your success, and tell better stories8
  8. 8. SERVICES CUSTOMER BUSINESS BRAND BRAND TRUTH INNOVATION VITALIZATION STORY TELLING Discovery of Creation of new Creation of unique Creative campaign behavioral insights business ideas, new brand positioning development and digital surrounding products & innovation strategy, branding and storytelling customers, pipelines brand standards non-customers and the market BrandJuice is Procter and BrandJuice has BrandJuice led the Developed award- Gamble’s lead worked on multiple repositioning and winning integrated B2B transactional learning business innovation rebranding of campaigns agency, supporting global and brand strategy Viaero Wireless to for Accuray brands like Olay, Clairol, assignments for drive dramatic and CyberKnife product Tide Johnson & Johnson subscriber growth line and Crest9
  9. 9. We’ve worked with some of the most successful consumer brands in the world10
  10. 10. India helped achieve a 73% rate of trial U.K. & France helped power a beauty brand launch Australiahelped launch a new contraceptive category China helping create new men’s shaving product category We work with brands to discover growth paths, worldwide.11
  11. 11. Our Offices DENVER PORTLAND Passionate resources. Inspired locations.12
  12. 12. Dish Thank you Please contact us to learn more. Andrea Stone 720.218.9356 andrea@brandjuice.com13