Evolution of physical fitness


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timeline that will give a brief overview of physical fitness throughout history.

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Evolution of physical fitness

  1. 1. Joey Simmons
  2. 2. During this presentation I will be covering how Physical fitness has evolved all the way back from 10,00bc to the present now. Physical fitness has been around from the beginning of time and and throughout generations we have seen many changes in physical activity. This presentation will give you good insight to the Evolution of Physical Fitness. Enjoy!
  3. 3. Even before physical fitness would ever have thought to be a profession it was a part of everyday life in the beginning of time Primitive ages pre–10,00BC • • Tribes would travel up to 20miles to hunt for food with other tribes At the end of long hunts they would dance, and play games that lasted for hours this was considered their physical activity.
  4. 4. Neolithic Agriculture Revolution Time Period 10,000-8,800BC Also know as the period of civilization Because this was the period for the invention of agriculture equipment, people were physically active while maintaining farms and using manual labor machines. This also however was a period that led to more sedentary lifestyles because there were not as many hardships. Life became somewhat more convenient.
  5. 5. The Near East Time period 4,000-250BC Physical activity importance realized within leading civilizations such as Assyria, Babylonia, Egypt, Palestine, Persia, and Syria. Emphasized strong physical fitness regimes for military personnel to develop strong forces. Some say Physical Fitness can partially contribute to the Rise and Fall of the Persian empire.
  6. 6. Ancient Greek Civilization Time Period 2,500-250BC Ancient Greeks held Physical fitness to the highest regard. Not only was physical fitness important but as well mind body health was also extremely important. Some of you may know about the Spartan army which is said to be one of the most physically dominated societies in mankind.
  7. 7. Roman Civilazation Time Period 500BC-476AD Romans mandated all civilians be in good physical health and be able to report for military duty. Activities including marching, running, jumping, javelin and discus throw. The Result of having mandated physical fitness resulted in an empire who conquered early all of western world However, as material wealth became more a priority physical fitness lost its
  8. 8. The Dark Ages Time Period 476-1000AD After the fall of the roman empire and despite the intellectual and cultural setbacks, physical fitness made a come back in this time. People were again out hunting their own food much like the primitive ages which led to a more physically fit society.
  9. 9. The Renaissance. Time period: 1400-1600AD This was known as a turning point for physical fitness Two gentleman worthy of attention John Locke and Martin Luther supported the theory that “ high fitness levels enhanced intellectual learning.” The renaissance created a conditions to ready a world for the widespread development of physical education through Europe.
  10. 10. Don’t fall asleep yet! ALMOST FINISHED!
  11. 11. National period in Europe. Time period: 1700-1850AD Following the Renaissance came numerous changes throughout Europe physical fitness and education of fitness began to expand. Gymnastics gained immense popularity in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. A gentleman by the name of Archibald Macleran Developed Great Britain's National Systems of Bodily Exercise and Training in theory and practice. Interestingly enough some of Archibald's ideas were similar to presentday exercise recommendations such as physical activity reduces levels of stress.
  12. 12. American Colonial Period Time Period: 1700-1776AD The early settlers faced a lot of hardships in colonial life, therefore engaging in physical activity was a must in order to survive. Colonial America was an undeveloped country, The people of the land spent all their time and energy into plowing fields for crops and herding cattle, because of this physically demanding life, there was no need for organized exercise programs.
  13. 13. Americas National Period Time Period: 1776-1860AD Physical fitness and physical education had little emphasis placed on it during this time period. Although not heavily emphasized. Physical fitness was still appreciated. One of the greats, Benjamin Franklin recommended “regular physical activity- including resistance training- for health benefits.”
  14. 14. Post Civil War Time Period: 1865-1900 This is an an important time in physical fitness history, because of the industrial revolution. Machines began to take away labor jobs, rural life turned to city life which resulted in less movement and more sedentary lifestyles. By the 1950s cancer and diabetes increasingly became more widespread. However. Not all bad, this period also launched the first scientific studies on fitness instruction and created organized fitness teaching methods.
  15. 15. th 20 Century America WWI. 1 of 3 draftees for war were unfit for war. The Roaring 20’s. Eating, Drinking, Partying Were the main focus fitness levels continued to decline. WWII. Still draftees rejected for poor physical levels. Dr. Thomas k. Cureton introduced Fitness testing for cardio, muscular strength and flexibility, also identified exercise intensity guidelines for improving fitness levels Cold war early years. 60 percent of American children fail muscular strength and flexibility test. Compared to only 9 percent in Europe. Several organizations are introduced; American health Association; The American Medical Association
  16. 16. Last Slide! In 1954 The American College of Sports Medicine was formed. It Is known throughout history that ACSM is known for scientific research on various exercise related issues. In the 1960’s A major presidential campaign was launched by President John F. Kennedy who supported physical activity and it health benefits for Americans of all ages.
  17. 17. YOU MADE IT! I hope you enjoyed this little trip through history and learned something you didn’t know. As you can see from the beginning Physical fitness has always played a role in our lives, and will most likely always be an issue with its ups and downs here in America. We must remember to not get too involved with the materialistic things in life and too make time to have a healthy YOU it is something you have complete control over. Thanks for taking the time to view my presentation!
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