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Digital citizen ship


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Digital citizen ship

  1. 1. Digital CitizenshipJoelle Sturm
  2. 2. Digital AccessThe Electronic engagement in society
  3. 3. Examples of Digital Access-Limited to some people-Chain event, connects us to someone else
  4. 4. Digital Commerceelectronically buying and selling goods
  5. 5. Examples of Digital Commerce-Market economy-Can continue into the illegal trading
  6. 6. Digital CommunicationCommunicating information through technology
  7. 7. Examples of Digital Communication-Cell-phone have improved to a huge exstent-Email is killing our postal service.
  8. 8. Digital LiteracyLearning technology through other technology
  9. 9. Examples of Digital Literacy-businesses are using the internet in different ways-Online Classes for schooling
  10. 10. Digital EtiquetteExpectation of acting a certain way on the internet.
  11. 11. Examples of Digital Etiquette-CyberBullying others-Inappropriate behavior using the internet
  12. 12. Digital LawResponsibility In controlling what happens on the internet
  13. 13. Examples of Digital law-Hacking into someones computer-Stealing someones information
  14. 14. Digital Rights and ResponsibilityThe freedom in the digital world
  15. 15. Example of digital rights andresponsibility-Free of speech-Privacy
  16. 16. Digital Health and WellnessPhysical well being in the through technology
  17. 17. Examples of Digital Health andWellness-Addiction to the internet-Eye damage
  18. 18. Digital SecurityGuaranteed safety on the internet
  19. 19. Examples of Digital Security-Virus protection-Data backups