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Sxs wedu presentation

  1. 1. EncouragingLiteracy & YoungAuthors ThroughTechJoelle Alcaidinho & Melissa Techman
  2. 2. Who we are.Joelle AlcaidinhoIndependent Educational Technology ConsultantTwitter & Pinterest @joelle_writesADN @joellehttp://www.joellewrites.comMelissa TechmanSchool Librarian @ Albemarle County Public Schools, VA.Twitter & Pinterest: @mtechmanADN @mtechman
  3. 3. Students as Authors: Connected Learning NWP, Online Study Space Mimi Ito, DML Central Report 1st in series of reports on Connected Learning http://dmlhub. net/sites/default/files/Connected_Learning_report.pdfImages:; Aerbook Paris guide: David W. Siu
  4. 4. How digital literacy fits with maker culture● More opportunities for negotiation when writing, mixing on the web● Reinforce and align with open resources● Building fluid understanding of context● Permeability - creative design needs thinking made visible
  5. 5. Writing & makingOpportunities for students to:● Make thinking visible● Make useful products● Solve authentic issues● See the value of writing● Articulate narrative and design decisions● Model and share prototyping● Gain deeper understanding of habits of mindImage via user sajusa99
  6. 6. Quick & simple toolsPiclits●● Drag words or type (freestyle).● Useful for very short summaries or character description. Quick comprehension check.
  7. 7. Quick and simple toolsBookr●● Grades 2 and up.● Use Safari or Chrome (WebKit)● Choose Flickr images, add simple text, get URL.● Low on features, cant edit after publishing, no font changes or image re-sizing, etc.● Perfect for a fast, short product.
  8. 8. Bookr4th graders 10 pg eBook made with Bookr
  9. 9. Made with Book Creator
  10. 10. SimpleBook Creator on iPad● Requires iPad running iOS 5.0 (some features require 6.0 or later)● Complete a project start to finish on the iPad● WYSIWYG Interface● Creates fixed layout ePubs● $4.99 US 50% in VPP program
  11. 11. Book Creator app
  12. 12. More AdvancedPages & iBooks Author● Require a Mac running @ least 10.7.4● Fairly WYSIWYG, some programming knowledge may be required● Following the template in Pages is a bit of a must, very easy to diverge from = errors● Pages makes free flowing ePubs which are suitable for a variety of ePub readers● iBooks Author creates fixed layout which is suitable for iBooks on iPad only
  13. 13. Pages
  14. 14. iBooks Author
  15. 15. iBooks Author graders: History of Books and Libraries
  16. 16. Quite AdvancedHTML5 + Newsstand or Solo Book App● Supports, text, video, audio, & animation● Need basic HTML & CSS knowledge● Need an editor to write your pages like TextMate, iWeb, Dreamweaver or Rapidweaver● Xcode!● WYSIWYG Alternatives: Aerbook & 29th St Publishing● Publishing to the App Store will require an iTunes Connect & iOS Developer Account
  17. 17. eBook Publishing ServicesAerbookWeb-based cloud publishing, lots of features, can export as KF8, iBooks,HTML5, as mobile app; one button build for iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook tablet apps.
  18. 18. Quite AdvancedNewsstand● Content lives inside of the Newsstand app on iOS devices● Although they dont look like it, theyre apps● Requires Xcode + content (HTML or ePUB)● Subscriptions & servers● iOS Developer Account + iTunes Connect● Baker eBook Framework 4.0 (open source)● Newsstand Publishers like 29th St Publishing
  19. 19. Newsstand
  20. 20. Trends● Credentializing learning - badges one example● Hybridization of maker/writer spaces: places for co-creation; linking of physical and virtual arenas● Home-grown MOOCs, #etmooc● Buying & distributing books is challenging, one reason why schools opt to make their own.● Schools leverage MDM to distribute eBooks made in house to their iOS devices.
  21. 21. Connecting virtual & real worldsMitch Resnick, in 1/29/13 TEDx "Lets teach kids to code"
  22. 22. Creativity with Digital Publishing● Graphic novels● DIY math textbooks● Science logs● Selling & sharing eBooks with the world● Mixed media storytelling● Enhances school community● Student curators● Research● Infographics
  23. 23. Storytelling with data & beyond● Students need access to examples and experts.● Provide and require "think alouds".● Lots of opportunities to edit, integrate.image NYT Science Writer Richard Corum
  24. 24. People to Follow@wfryer Wes Fryer@buffyjhamilton Buffy Hamilton@langwitches Silvia Tolisano@janeinjava Jane Ross@storytellin outstanding Delicious bookmarks@lizcastro Elizabeth Castro@fuglefun Tricia Fuglestad
  25. 25. People to FollowNational Writing Projectmembers:@poh Paul Oh@hickstro Troy Hicks@seecantrill Christina Cantrill Linking a Dropbox folder to a site without a student login. Tip from Tricia Fuglestad @fuglefun
  26. 26. Learn More●● easily-make-your-own-eb-156395● viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US●● Vicki Saumells list of apps, sites http://goo. gl/fd5yw
  27. 27. Learn More●● http://www.viggiosoft. com/blog/blog/2011/10/17/ios-newsstand- tutorial/●●●●
  28. 28. Resources/ResearchBelshaw, Doug. "Why We Need a Learning Standard for Web Literacy | DMLcentral." DMLcentral. N.p., 18Feb. 2013. Web. 26 Feb. 2013. <>.Eisner, Nadene, Nell Fleming, Nicole Kaffel, and Janet Vogel. "Research Supporting Digital Storytelling."Digital Storytelling. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, n.d. Web. 25 Feb. 2013. <>. Digest of research on effects of digital storytelling onreading comprehension as well as motivation.Forthcoming: Hicks, Troy. Crafting Digital Writing., S.B. (2006). Bringing the Outside In: Visual Ways to Engage Reluctant Readers. Portland, ME:Stenhouse Publishers.Purcell, Kristin, and Lee Rainie. "Pew Research Centers Internet & American Life Project." HowTeens Do Research in the Digital World. Pew Research Center, 1 Nov. 2012. Web. 04 Mar. 2013.
  29. 29. Contact UsJoelle