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Raphael: The stuff you may not know about


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Here are my slides from the MelbJS meet up held on 09/02/11

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Raphael: The stuff you may not know about

  1. 1. RaphaëlVector on the web made easy
  2. 2. What is RaphaëlBasically Raphaël helps you build andmanipulate SVGThis means your SVG can be dynamic
  3. 3. Canvas VS. Raphaël Comparing Apples to Oranges VS.
  4. 4. Though....Canvas is the same language as the widgets indashboardRaphaël written for developers by a developerRaphaël is recognised in the DOMCanvas is better for games and apps (for now)
  5. 5. Raphaël
  6. 6. Canvas
  7. 7. Raphaël supports:Chrome 5.0+Safari 3.0+Firefox 3.0+Internet Explorer 6.0+.Opera 9.5+
  8. 8. jQuery And Raphaël
  9. 9. Some cool thingPNG + IE6 + Raphaël = :) from middle not top left! can be CSSed (check the inspector)^ Created via:
  10. 10. End Joel