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Social media best practices for taa's education directors workshop


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By Joel Nihlean, Marketing and Communications Manager at the Texas Apartment Association

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Social media best practices for taa's education directors workshop

  1. 1. We’ll learn how about:• Why using it makes sense• The most popular platforms• How to gain followers• Putting up quality content• Keeping people engaged• Entertain and inform fans
  2. 2. Social Media is about Retention53% of Americans are more loyal to the brands they follow
  3. 3. You prefer communicatingwith members via email?Great! Your currentmembership still valuesemail.Your future membershipmay not.
  4. 4. Which ones to choose?
  5. 5. Which ones to choose?• LinkedIn• Twitter• Pinterest• Facebook
  6. 6. Some statistics:• 175 million users• 57.9% of users are male• 79% between 35 or older
  7. 7. The professional’s social network.• Business-oriented• Social resume• Careful profile curation & image maintenance• Putting networking back in to social network.
  8. 8. Where to start?• What is your objective?• Who is your audience?• What is your message?• Who is in charge here?
  9. 9. Open Groups• The upside? Anyone can join!• The downside? Anyone can join!Closed Groups• Offer more control over membership• Grow more slowly• Take more time to manage
  10. 10. Set up templates
  11. 11. Now let’s engage.• Add RSS feeds• Post a question• Answer questions• Acknowledge contributors• Send announcements• Feature discussions
  12. 12. Some statistics:• Over 500 million active users• 53% of users are female• 55% users are 35 or older• 11 new Twitter accounts are created every second!
  13. 13. It’s a what? A Tweeter?• Made for mobile• Public instant messaging• Short messages – Only 140 characters• Opt-in – you choose who to watch• Great for updating about “right now”• Has a professionals culture
  14. 14. Getting started• Create your account• Choose a name• Add a profile photo• Add a header photo• Maybe add a background
  15. 15. The lingo• @replies• RT – Retweets• #Hashtags• Shortlinks
  16. 16. How to foster engagement• Use a conversational voice• Ask questions• Answer questions• Listen (monitor relevant #hashtags)• Retweet from your followers
  17. 17. Some statistics:• Over 13 million active users• 83% of users are female• 63% users are 35 or older• Fastest growing social network. Ever!
  18. 18. Getting started• The point is to gather, organize and share ideas• Create themed pinboards• Get the browser marklet• Pin all the pretty stuff! (i.e. NOT logos!)
  19. 19. Gather, organize and share ideas
  20. 20. The browser bookmark/marklet is your best friend
  21. 21. It’s like Twitter, but prettier• @reply still applies• #hashtags can organize by themes other than the pinboard• Re-Pin is the new Retweet
  22. 22. So, how do we engage here?• Seriously, Pinterest is the prettier Twitter and many of the same rules apply• Visual communication (imitation is the highest form of flattery)• Collaboration!
  23. 23. Create Collaborative Boards• The little people icons beside the pin count indicates that the board has multiple contributors.• Contributor boards increase activity within your board and the exposure.• Add employees, colleagues, peers, members, etc.
  24. 24. Some statistics:• Over a billion active users• 60% of users are female• 65% users are 35 or older
  25. 25. • Facebook has over 1 BILLION users world wide. That’s nearly half of all the internet users on Earth!• 84% of Americans are active daily on Facebook• The average Facebook user has 234 friends
  26. 26. Pages• Public facing• Posts are visible in newsfeeds• Potential to reach a wider audience• EdgeRank throttles your post visibility
  27. 27. Groups• Public, Closed, or Secret!• No hierarchy• Don’t allow for much branding• Posts do not appear in the newsfeed• Shared documents & group chats
  28. 28. If you don’t have a Group or a page, get one… or both.• Go to to create a Page.• To create a Group, go to
  29. 29. If no one is on your page, it doesn’t matter what you post.• Put link icons or a Facebook Social Plugins on your website• Link on your email signature• Share/Like/Comment things from the page• Send an invite email out to your membership
  30. 30. Where’s the engagment?The shocking truth:84% of fans don’t get a page’s content in their newsfeed.Less than 5% of fans visit pages.
  31. 31. Facebook’s secret sauce• Popularity• Relevance• Recency
  32. 32. So, is it really that simple?
  33. 33. Other things that affect your EdgeRank:• Being a brand with a fan page• Publishing via 3rd party toolsDon’t look at EdgeRank as your enemy though. Think of itas a coach. If you want your posts to be seen, you have tocreate quality content.
  34. 34. Having followers is great……but if you never postanything, and if they don’tinteract with you, what’s thepoint?
  35. 35. Let the love in!Make sure your Adminsettings are optimizedfor engagement.
  36. 36. • Buddymedia found a 20% higher rate of engagement for posts published in mornings and evenings• Every audience is different• Experiment and confirm with Page Insights“TAA’s Sweet Spots” 10 – 11:30 AM and 2 – 4:30 PM
  37. 37. • Experiment and confirm with Page Insights“TAA’s Sweet Spots” 5 – 15 times a week
  38. 38. Instagram, iPhone, Regular Camera, Oh My!• Just because you take 80 photos at an event DOES NOT mean you need to put up 80 photos• Crop, Content, Quality• Invite people to tag• Always put a caption• These same things also apply to graphics or images• Remember that timeline will usually crop the image to a square
  39. 39. GOOD! Caption: To celebrate TAAs 50th Anniversary, and George Allens 62nd birthday, a group of TAAs finest jumped out of an airplane and screamed the whole way down.
  40. 40. GOOD! Caption: BCSAA Leadership Lyceum Candidates spent the day in Austin, touring TAA headquarters and the State Capitol. Many thanks to TAA and David Mintz.
  41. 41. BAD! Caption: NONE
  42. 42. BAD! Caption: Wow! Sue Westons Taking Charge of Change seminar is packed. #TAA2012. Smart & funny stuff here.
  43. 43. GOOD! Caption: Apartment "complexes" are about buildings. Apartment "communities" are about people. "Like" & Share if you agree!
  44. 44. Put a pin on it!
  45. 45. Caption: CAPTION THIS!The Lone Star Expo was somethingelse in the 1970s, huh?
  46. 46. Posts with commands such as:• Caption This!• Like• Share• Yes or No• True or Falseget interaction rates that are48% higher than average.
  47. 47. • Ask questions. Tip: keep it simple and easy to answer. Ask "Would" not "Why".• Post fill-in-the-blanks. Tip: go for "knee-jerk" responses. One word answers are ideal.• Talk about the news. Tip: be controversial, but not offensive.• Ask for likes. But limit your call-to-action to ONE action.• Celebrate today. Check out famous birthdays, etc.• Talk about Facebook. Facebookers LOVE to talk about Facebook.
  48. 48. Yes, post questions.Questions receive double the engagement rate.
  49. 49. • Post 5-10 times per week• Find your “Sweet Spot”• A mixture of status updates, pictures, events, videos, and links• Photos are the most popular type of post, and get the most visibility in your news feed• Links are the least popular type of post, and get the least visibility
  50. 50. • Repurpose your own content• Social means sharing. Are you down with OPC?• Use Google Alerts to monitor important keywords• Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube• NAA, TAA, industry publications• Facebook!
  51. 51. Did you know your page has itsown news feed?• Make sharing posts from other pages easy to manage by liking other Pages as your Page.• Comment on and like posts from others in the industry.• Monitor the social media sphere for trends and good stories to share.• Give credit through tagging (use the “@” symbol)
  52. 52. A good mixture of news, events, photos, memes andother “share-able” content, as well as necessary infowill keep people interested• If all you do is inform people about events, they are going to get bored• If all you do is put up pictures, they are never going to get key deadlines or info they need to have• If all you do is put up inside jokes, people are going to tune out• Bottom line: provide a mixture of content so there is something for everyone
  53. 53. Remember these things and you will be asocial media rock star:• Work to gain followers• Post regularly to keep your followers• Pictures receive the most engagement, but only if they’re worthwhile• Event photos should look… eventful!• Mix it up to entertain and inform everyone.
  54. 54. Next up:Suzanne Gillon ComerAimee ArringtonPanel Discussion