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58 Search Operator Queries You Can Use Today


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Search operators are a good resource for finding backlinks. These search operator queries can be a component to your backlink strategy.

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58 Search Operator Queries You Can Use Today

  1. 1. What Are Search Operators? CREATED BY JOEL MUSAMBI
  2. 2. Search operators are strings of characters that individuals use in a search engine to narrow the focus of the search.
  3. 3. Why are they useful?  Search operators can help you simplify your search and give you results closer to your search goal.  Many bloggers use it to find guest posting opportunities where they can advertise their content.  It’s a great resource for linking opportunities, which helps your SEO page rank.  On the next slide I’ll show you an example of a search operator query.
  4. 4. Here are 58 search operator queries you can use today.
  5. 5. Link Building Resource  intitle:resources “soccer” ~guide ~resource.  intitle:“best sites” “soccer” ~guide ~resource.  inurl:“recommended sites” “insert keyword” ~guide ~resource.  “list of sites” “KEYWORD” ~guide ~resource.
  6. 6. New Content  “KEYWORD” "best blog posts“  “KEYWORD” "best posts of the week“  “KEYWORD” "best posts of the month“  “KEYWORD” “favorite posts of the month”  “KEYWORD” “top post of the day”
  7. 7. Guest Blogging Opportunities  “KEYWORD” “submit your content”  “KEYWORD” “contribute to this site”  “KEYWORD” “looking for contributors”  “KEYWORD” “become a guest blogger”  “KEYWORD” “accepting guest posts”  “KEYWORD” “writers wanted”  “KEYWORD” “submit guest post”  “KEYWORD” inurl:tag/guest-post  “KEYWORD” inurl:category/guest
  8. 8. Directories  "CITY" "add your business“  "CITY" inurl:directory  "CITY" "submit"  "CITY" "listing"  "CITY" "add website"
  9. 9. Commenting Opportunities  "leave a reply" “KEYWORD”  "leave a comment" “KEYWORD”  "connect with me" “KEYWORD”
  10. 10. Product Reviews  “COMPETITOR BRAND NAME” inurl:/review/  “COMPETITOR BRAND NAME” “this is a paid review”  “COMPETITOR BRAND NAME” intitle:review product  “KEYWORD” “this is a sponsored review”
  11. 11. Message Boards  “KEYWORD” inurl:forum  “KEYWORD” intitle:forums  “KEYWORD” messageboard  “KEYWORD”  “KEYWORD”  “KEYWORD” "KEYWORD"  ”COMPETITOR BRAND” inurl:forum
  12. 12. Social Media  “KEYWORD” social news  “KEYWORD” inurl:log_in  “KEYWORD” inurl:registration  “KEYWORD”  “KEYWORD”  “KEYWORD”
  13. 13. Associations  “KEYWORD” Chamber of Commerce  “POSTAL CODE/ZIP CODE” Chamber of Commerce  “POSTAL CODE/ZIP CODE” Directory  National “INDUSTRY” association
  14. 14. Media Queries  “CITY” intitle:”media”  “CITY” intitle:”news”  “CITY” intitle:”newspaper”  “CITY” intitle:”magazine”
  15. 15. Events  “INDUSTRY” intitle:trade show  “INDUSTRY” intitle:conference  “INDUSTRY”  “CITY KEYWORD” "submit your conference"  “CITY KEYWORD” "submit your event"
  16. 16. Thanks for reading! Feel free to connect with me on Twitter @joelmusambi or LinkedIn for more of the same content.