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The Case Study Blueprint: How to Capture, Share, and Cash in on Customer Success Stories


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Nothing converts like a solid case study.
Customer success stories get your leads to take action and set you apart from your competitors—whether they’re posted on your site, sent in emails, or used in outreach.

But getting client buy-in is hard. Capturing a great story is tricky. And once you’ve got ’em, how do you use ’em to drive leads and sales?

I’ve spent years building a powerful, repeatable process for capturing and sharing customer success stories, and in this session, I want to share it.

You’ll learn how to…
1. Build a case study strategy (and yes, you need one!)
2. Get client buy-in
3. Run the perfect case study interview
4. Use your case studies to improve outreach response rates

Whether you consider yourself a writer or not, you’ll leave with a process you can use to start getting more case studies and turning them into sales.

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The Case Study Blueprint: How to Capture, Share, and Cash in on Customer Success Stories

  1. 1. The Case Study Blueprint How to capture, share, and cash in on customer success stories
  2. 2. What is most outreach missing?
  3. 3. Step 1: Define Your Strategy
  4. 4. Who are you targeting? Service Industry Challenge Role
  5. 5. What’s your use case? • Email outreach • Social sharing • Pitch meetings • Send with RFPs SHORT FORMAT • Lead magnet • Blog content • Staff training • Newsletters LONG FORMAT VIDE O
  6. 6. Do NOT do case studies in a vacuum.
  7. 7. Hindsight is 20/20 We love to feature client successes in case studies…
  8. 8. Identifying Candidates Image taken from: plugin/cloud/overview These guys.
  9. 9. Identifying Candidates
  10. 10. Identifying Candidates 1. Positive 2. Recent 3. Relevant
  11. 11. Identifying Candidates 1. Positive 2. Recent 3. Relevant We loved your feedback! We’d love to feature you, would you be willing to… f
  12. 12. Step 2: Get Buy-In
  13. 13. “No” is really… 1. Uncertainty 2. Inconvenienc e 3. Selfishness
  14. 14. Uncertainty? Control. v s We’re worried about what we’d be exposing to competitors. f
  15. 15. Uncertainty? Control. v s Nothing will be published without your approval. You always have final say. f We’re worried about what we’d be exposing to competitors.
  16. 16. Inconvenience? Process. v s I am WAY too busy for this! f
  17. 17. Inconvenience? Process. v s Here’s what’s involved! All told, it’d take less than an hour of your time. f I am WAY too busy for this!
  18. 18. Selfishness? Benefit. v s What’s in it for me? Why bother…
  19. 19. Selfishness? Benefit. v s What’s in it for me? Why bother… We’ll be sharing this with… How about a discount… You’ll look great… Thanks! f
  20. 20. In your pitch… 1. Thank them in advance 2. Keep it short 3. Share the “Because” 4. Answer WIIFM? 5. Give it a deadline
  21. 21. Who should reach out?
  22. 22. Who should reach out?
  23. 23. Who should reach out?
  24. 24. Samples set expectations
  25. 25. Don’t give up…
  26. 26. Step 3: Capture the Story
  27. 27. Interview quick tips 1. Keep it to two 2. Test your tech 3. Give ‘em lead time
  28. 28. The Interview B Before D During A After
  29. 29. The Interview “What does success look like for you?” “What was going on in your business when…” “How did _________ prove their value…” “What results have you seen because of…”
  30. 30. The Interview 1. “Why?” 2. Repetitio n 3. Silence
  31. 31. The golden rules 1. Experience, not opinion 2. Process > perfection 3. Impact over platitudes 4. Context is critical
  32. 32. Step 4: Create the Study
  33. 33. Headline Formulas • How (service/company) helped (client) (result) • (Result) for (client) • (Client) gets (result) with (service) • How (client) eliminated (pain) with (service)
  34. 34. Trusted Formats • Challenge/Solution/Resu lts • Interesting sub-heads • Call out quotes visually • Keep sentences short and line breaks frequent
  35. 35. Trusted Formats
  36. 36. Trusted Formats
  37. 37. Repurpose Bite Snac k Meal
  38. 38. Step 5: Use it!
  39. 39. How?  Use as lead magnets  Send with RFPs  Post to social feeds  Share in pitch meetings  Add to newsletters  Repurpose into blog posts  Train your internal team  Print for tradeshows  Pull quotes into landing pages
  40. 40. Outreach Service Industry Challenge Role
  41. 41. Outreach Service Industry Challenge Role Least relevant Most relevant
  42. 42. Outreach Service Industry Challenge Role “How (service) drove (result)” c “Here’s how we did X for Y like you.” c “You need (solution). We’ve done it.” “Why do X like you trust us to Y?”
  43. 43. Where to try? 1. Metrics or quotes in subject lines 2. Quotes as support in body copy 3. Short downloadable with CTA 4. Video? EVERYWHERE.
  44. 44. Subject Line Ideas • “I wish I’d known about them earlier…” • ___% higher (metric) in (time). Interested? • What could you do with ___% more (metric)? • How to get ___% traffic for your ___ • [CASE STUDY] How (known brand) got
  45. 45. Body Copy Ideas “We recently (thing) to help (client) get (result).” “One of our clients, (client), was able to (result) because of (service/offer).” “Here’s what (client) had to say about (service):”
  46. 46. “Prominently mentioning a famous customer in the email tripled the number of people who replied to the email and said “yes, I’m interested in this.” - Growth OK (
  47. 47. The Sneaky Pitch/Upsell Every. Single. Email.
  48. 48. Thank you! @JoelKlettke Mention this webinar and save $100 on any study.