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Hr analytics overview


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Partner Activ8 are leaders in harnessing the value hidden in people data using a sophisticated database and analytics in the cloud.

Synapse captures the people data found in operational systems such as Resource Management and Capacity Planning.

Combining these two types of leads to very powerful new insights:
• Are my best people working on the highest value/risk projects in my portfolio?
• Which of these resources are most likely to leave in the next 6 months?
• How is the absence rate correlated to current Portfolios, Programmes, Projects and Managers?
• What will be the predicted financial impact of this in these Portfolios in the next 12 months?

Synapse is able to direct a ‘stream’ of new operational data into the Activ8 system and provide these and many more answers.

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Hr analytics overview

  1. 1. HR AnalyticsHarnessing the value hidden in people data Matthew Lymbery Managing Director and Founder Cleanse – Analyse - Predict (c) activ8 intelligence limited 2012
  2. 2. Contents• Activ8 Intelligence – Credentials – Mission• HR Intelligence – Benefits – Key Features – Demonstration• The art of the possible Cleanse – Analyse - Predict (c) activ8 intelligence limited 2012
  3. 3. Who are activ8 intelligence ?• Innovation award winning technology business founded in 2005 HR Centricity• Pioneers in the use of predictive technologies in the HR field• Venture Capital backed – investment in Artificial Analytics developing ideas and concepts into Intelligence pedigree marketable products and services• In 2010, acquired Datapurity to extend proposition to be able to cleanse and drive up integrity of data to report and analyse Cleanse – Analyse - Predict (c) activ8 intelligence limited 2012
  4. 4. Workforce Analytical Maturity – the 4I model Forecast future trends & model impact of actions • For example - Absence in division A will rise by another y% next year impacting customer satisfaction by z% unless actions B, C and D are Intelligence completed • Future facing, greatest return on investmentValue and Return on Investment Turn information into understanding & action • For example - Absence in division A rose by x% last month because... • Provides insight into the key areas to Insight focus, monitor and improve • Still normally rear view mirror Summarise raw data into useful information • For example - Absence rose by x% last month Information • Monitors progress and highlights issues • Provides context, but still rear view and doesn’t drive actionable decisions Basic listing reports • For example - A list of leavers Inputs • Review mirror • Useful for checking, queries and lookups • No context, warning or call to action Analytical Capability (covering capability of resources, knowledge, metric sophistication and technology) Cleanse – Analyse - Predict (c) activ8 intelligence limited 2012
  5. 5. Vision of HR and Workforce AnalyticsHelping organisations understand how their most valuable assist, people, can positively impact the business performance by unlocking the hidden value locked in their HR and people data. Content Service • A set of both standard • Expertise and advice Technology • Cleanse – ensuring data and expert through implementation is accurate, timely and metrics, reports and and training services analytics which has integrity • Best practice advice on measure, interpret and • Analyse - HR centric delivery of HR reporting provide actionable reporting toolset services to stakeholders insight into HR and •High impact and relevant • Managed reporting workforce performance standard reporting service to compliment for: • Wide distribution to the clients own HR MI • HR professionals stakeholders with capability • HR leaders differing needs and focus • Predictive investigations • Business leaders • Intuitive and flexible so • Line managers non-technical users can interpret the meaning of their own data • Consolidate data from multiple HR and business sources • Predict - maximise return on investment with predictive analytics software and service Cleanse – Analyse - Predict (c) activ8 intelligence limited 2012
  6. 6. The “journey” activ8 can support you across the workforce analytics and reporting spectrum with a range of products and services From getting the basics right To the fully evolved model of• Efficient and accurate standard reporting to the • Advanced metrics, insightful reports and HR community drilldowns ;• Using a solid set of core HR metrics • self sufficiency in ad-hoc reporting and data investigations with; • all available people data mixed with business performance data; • benchmarked internally and against external (sector specific) measures; • rolled out to every line manager’s desktop with; • predictive analytics and future forecasting Focus of Operational HR Strategic workforce and HR service objectives Maximising the value hidden in workforce data is a journey of ever increasing analytic maturity and stakeholder involvement Cleanse – Analyse - Predict (c) activ8 intelligence limited 2012
  7. 7. HR Intelligence Technology Cleanse – Analyse - Predict (c) activ8 intelligence limited 2012
  8. 8. What HR Analytics technology can deliver Improve the way people related decisions are made• Fast, frequent and efficiently produced standard and regular reporting• Meaningful information through relevant, high impact, professional looking and value adding report suite delivered to the desktop via a secure self-service portal• Large scale adoption by the HR leaders, HR professionals, corporation’s leaders and line managers - removing the delay for the decision makers in obtaining vital information• Use of a toolset, designed for “non-techies”, for ad-hoc reports and deep dive data “investigations” – reducing the myriad of cottage industries within the corporation• Access to an expert HR MI team with the ability to interpret and provide context to people related trends and initiatives• Benchmark key performance indicators internally and externally• Improve the trust and confidence in the validity and integrity of the underlying data• Combine business performance and operational data and directly link it to people related data – gain a true understanding of the impact of people on the business Cleanse – Analyse - Predict (c) activ8 intelligence limited 2012
  9. 9. Key features• Pre-built HR centric functionality and data warehouse recognises the unique demands of reporting and analysing people data• Over pre-built 200 standard and distinct high impact, relevant HR and recruitment metrics, reports and drilldowns • Presented in a variety of high impact visually appealing formats; • Covering the whole of the employee life cycle and workforce planning • Delivered via drag and drop dashboarding technology• Ease of change existing reports and dashboards or creating new • Ad-hoc and report development by the HR user rather than reference to IT • Moves beyond ad-hoc reports into the realm of data investigation• Ease of comparison • Time based trends • Between different business units (for example, my business unit versus the company average) • Against an external benchmark• Ease of distribution to a wide range of stakeholders • Able to fit around any number of complex security scenario’s• Built to be ready for more data sources • HR system “agnostic” – consolidates data from any number of HR, recruitment and business systems Cleanse – Analyse - Predict (c) activ8 intelligence limited 2012
  10. 10. DemonstrationCleanse – Analyse - Predict (c) activ8 intelligence limited 2012
  11. 11. probableThe art of the possible = Cleanse – Analyse - Predict (c) activ8 intelligence limited 2012
  12. 12. A glimpse into the power of prediction Established in 1836, now a leading provider of risk, savings and investment management products in the UK with over 6.9 million customers, £320 billion of assets under management Which of the following candidates do you think Legal and General hired into the role of Customer Service Agent ? Geoff Wendy Alan Steve Sam Several years “Return to work” mum Unemployed Milkman Worked in the RAC call Worked on the check- experience in financial previously worked in centre for 6 months as out at Asda services industry customer service Sales Advisor centre Answer ... all of them ... and Alan became Legal and General’s top performing Customer Service Agent despite not matching the historical role profile of financial service or call centre experience. He was predicted to be a good hire by activ8’s technology based on data collected during the recruitment process.It really is possible to predict which candidates will be higher performing, longer-staying and have lower absence ** Good hire rates rose from 44% to 85% within 6 months of deployment - both attrition and absence with both significantly lower, customer service levels were raised, the talent pool from which to recruit expanded, time to hire and manager’s interviewing time reduced and candidates reported that the recruitment experience was excellent Cleanse – Analyse - Predict (c) activ8 intelligence limited 2012
  13. 13. A glimpse into the power of prediction AXA have been world leaders in financial protection and wealth management since 1720. Operating in a fiercely competitive landscape, AXA were keen to ensure their status as market leaders in the UK. Ashish is a recognised high performer and key member of staff – Who is most likely to spot that Ashish is in danger of leaving the organisation within the next 6 months versus A computer His manager Answer ... The computerAnalysis showed that manager’s on average had a 1 in 4 chance of accurately spotting members of their team who were likely to leave whereas the computer using activ8’s technology was able to do this 3 out of 4 times Cleanse – Analyse - Predict (c) activ8 intelligence limited 2012
  14. 14. A glimpse into the power of prediction AXA have been world leaders in financial protection and wealth management since 1720. Operating in a fiercely competitive landscape, AXA were keen to ensure their status as market leaders in the UK. Out of the 5 retention “levers” which will most likely work to retain Ashish within the organisation ? Increased Salary Bonus payment Promotion or Additional Training Course change of manager Benefits Answer ... For Ashish it was a Training Course Re-recruiting Ashish would have cost £000’s and been disruptive to the organisation. In the case of Ashish, spending a few hundred pounds on a training course was enough to persuade him that his future remained with AXA and was the most cost effective way of retaining his valuable servicesIt really is possible to predict who is at risk of leaving and the most effective way of retaining them Cleanse – Analyse - Predict (c) activ8 intelligence limited 2012
  15. 15. Predictive services Making HR and business data work harder by utilising Artificial Intelligence • Forward focussed rather than rear view mirror – learn from the past to change the future • Utilises latent value held in business and operational systems Greatest return on investment • Generally focuses on effectiveness rather than efficiency Service is inclusive of an activ8 analyst (s) • HR analysis • Business analysis • Predictive analysis • Use of both additional internal and external data sources Ongoing predictions delivered via HR Intelligence desktop Cleanse – Analyse - Predict (c) activ8 intelligence limited 2012
  16. 16. Example case studiesImproving call centre performance at BSkyBFocussing on the recruitment selection process to find candidates whoare customer centric, higher performing, have low absence and longtenure and will provide the highest customer service with the bestpossible productivityImproving sales performance in the retail business unit atScottishPowerAn investigation primarily focussed on attrition, absence and employeeperformance and their relationship with acquiring and retainingcustomers Cleanse – Analyse - Predict (c) activ8 intelligence limited 2012