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Managing & securing your password


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Published in: Technology
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Managing & securing your password

  1. 1. Managing & Securing your Password Joel Divekar Mumbai, 5th Dec, 2012
  2. 2. Donts about passwordDont reuse passwordsDont use names of close relatives, friends, pets etc.Dont use important dates as part of passwordDont use words spelled backwardDont use alphabet or number sequenceDont use dictionary wordsDont use number substitutionDont use small password
  3. 3. How2 create secure passwordKeep password length more than 8 charactersUse upper & lower case charactersUse numbers & special charactersMerge completely different words
  4. 4. Create easy to remember secure passwordMovie you wanted to see – DonBook you read long back – Rage of AngelsCost of your favorite cup of coffee - 97Taxi fare from your home to airport - 250 roA97dOn#250
  5. 5. How2 manage multiple passwordsSplit your password in 2 or more parts.Keep some part of password fixed and some variable roA97dOn#250 roA125racE#250 roA238boNd#250 roA299shOlay#250
  6. 6. Thanks a lot for your time ...