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Slc flyer2014


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Slc flyer2014

  1. 1. Get real world experience reporting political and urban affairs news 15 credits of courses at the Salt Lake Center, Winter 2014 (Jan. 6-April 23) Open to journalism (print, digital and broadcast) and public relations stu- dents in the BYU Communications major. Reporters will report about the Utah Legislature and urban affairs topics. The following classes will be offered during the semester at the Salt Lake Center: Comms 300 – Media Ethics, Law and Responsibility, 5 p.m., Monday, Derek Brown, lawyer, PhD candidate at University of Utah and Utah State Representative Comms 308 – Journalism Research Methods, 4-6:30 p.m., Tuesday, Nate Carlisle, Salt Lake Tribune reporter with extensive investigative reporting experience Comms 321 -- News Reporting, Section 7, 12 – 1:45 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday, Prof. Joel Campbell, will focus on covering the Utah Legislature and urban affairs. Comms 420 – Advanced Print Reporting,, 12:30-1:45 p.m., Monday and Wednesday, Prof. Joel Campbell, will focus on in-depth coverage of the Utah Legislature and urban affairs. Comms 482 – Media and Religion, 2:30-5 p.m. Thursday, Prof. Joel Campbell. The class looks at the intersection of media and religion and includes visits to various houses of worship and religions in the Salt Lake area.
  2. 2. OPTION 1. Live in Salt Lake City during the semester. Here is links to housing available to students near the Salt Lake Center and LDS Business College. content&view=article&id=85&Itemid=421 Free parking is available at the center. OPTION 2. Take Frontrunner or Trax to the Salt Lake Center. Travel between the Provo Frontrunner sta- tion and North Temple Frontrunner station is 45 minutes. Wi-Fi is available on trains. It is about a five-minute walk from the Frontrunner station to the Salt Lake Center. It is about a nine-minute bus ride from the North Temple Frontrunner station to the State Capitol. You can ride the bus free with a transfer from Frontrunner. See the following web site for info about student rates Other classes required for the communications major offered at the Salt Lake Center may also complement your Semester in Salt Lake. Some sample courses: English 311, Writing about Arts and Humanities English 312, Persuasive Writing Poli Sci 110, American Government and Politics Poli Sci 150, Comparative Government and Politics Various religion courses Students from other universities welcome Students from other colleges and universities are welcome to apply to take credit through the Salt Lake Center and then transfer credit back to their home institution. BYU faculty members are willing to work with other college programs to tailor curriculum for transfer. Internship credit may also be an op- tion. CONTACT: PROF. JOEL CAMPBELL BYU DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATIONS 801-362-4298 Twitter: @joelcampbell Brigham Young University Department of Communications Winter Semester 2014 (Jan. 6 - April 23)