Joel Alpert Mini-Portfolio — Business/Marketing Strategy, Creative Direction & Copywriting


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A quick look at some of Joel Alpert's strategy, branding and creative direction work.

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Joel Alpert Mini-Portfolio — Business/Marketing Strategy, Creative Direction & Copywriting

  1. 1. Joel Alpert Mini-Portfolio Some examples of Joel’s work. Joel has won 27 SouthStar Awards, presented by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) for the challenging combination of Strategy + Creative Execution + Results
  2. 2. Strategic Financial Alliance Branding Strategy, Corporate Image, more, for independent Broker-Dealer Reinvented Branding for second time (we did this 5 years earlier on company launch)… including presenting our new brand identity thinking, to underscore company growth and changes 1 of 3 Company Websites : Rep Recruitment
  3. 3. Introducing new brand identity, tied to company growth, at industry conference and sent to affiliated reps and prospects; opens to poster-size Recruiting brochure Online Banner
  4. 4. Gypsi Mobile Strategy, Brand Positioning and Tagline, Product Development, App and Website Concept, Sales Process & Presentations, Creative Direction and Copywriting for breakthrough mobile app technology SEARCH BIKE RIDING BIKE RIDING BIKE RIDING BIKE RIDING BIKE RIDING BIKE RIDING BIKE RIDING GPSocial Super-Local, me-to-you connections for Carpooling to Tennis Partners... Grand Main Blvd, San Francisc... :) just launched...spread the me-to-you breakthrough! Tap-Search: BABY SITTER BABY SITTER BABY SITTER BABY SITTER BABY SITTER BABY SITTER BABY SITTER BIKE RIDING BIKE RIDING BIKE RIDING BIKE RIDING BIKE RIDING BIKE RIDING BIKE RIDING BIKE RIDING
  5. 5. ...and gain faster, better, cheaper business connections! GET ON THE GYPSI RADAR… in a brand-new way. It makes …with local results… …so consumers can to say:“Let’s do business now!” This awesome jump in technology is called GYPSI. It’s not the old Location-Based Search (LBS)…it’s brand-new way to searchand connect, Consumers find your business cellphone on theirand connect with you personally…via text. You keep up with the meteoric rise of mobile search. Gaining…valuable to every kind of businessthat grows over time vital to mobile search …preferred by many consumers as your biz info is saved right on consumers’ phones…helping gain exposure, timely business, and long-term loyalty. Real connections. Real close. Real-time. Nice. v2 “Let’s do business now!”
  6. 6. CSX Transportation Multimodal transportation company, Four-Part 3-D Campaign Aimed at large-volume shippers, hugely-impactful campaign produced 261 big-business leads.. [inside-box headlines:] We’ve engineered a distribution mix that’s tops. Try it on for size. Now your shipping can go full steam ahead on barge, truck or train.
  7. 7. CSX Transportation can fit your needs perfectly. With a distribution mix that’s custom-made for your company. We’re trucking, training and barging ahead all over the country. [ Response Cards placed under hats :] “Don’t keep this under your hat”... [ inside: ] “Reply Today.”
  8. 8. Southern Barter Club Strategy and Consulting, Branding (Logo, Tagline), Billboards
  9. 9. Kimberly-Clark Kleenguard — Trade Magazines, Double Truck Turned projected 5% increase in sales into a 19% boost over first 6 months, and a 39% increase in product name recognition; included information-style ads, PR release, billing inserts
  10. 10. Sandra K. Meltzer & Associates Business Strategy, Rebranding, Website, Marketing, Trade Shows... Turned around specialized consulting firm (insurance compliance) about to close its doors, and helped it thrive.
  11. 11. Creative Direction and Copywriting for all marketing
  12. 12. Best Western — American Airlines Introducing AAdvantage Frequent Flyer program to Best Western chains. Campaign Concept through Marketing Materials, with Franchisee Operations Manual, Counter Cards, Inflatables, Banners, Buttons
  13. 13. IBM —CD Group — e.nable your World — eCommerce middleware for AS400/World systems Product Launch, Branding, Tactics including 3D Mail Concept/Campaign, activity-generated Emails Produced 53% increase in webinar attendees, with 31% increase in this larger group of qualified sales leads
  14. 14. [ Rocket represents modules of this ecommerce middleware platform, telescopes with thumb-tabs to open position, front and back shown ]
  15. 15. Joel Alpert Thanks for visiting...if you want to find out how to put this kind of strategy and creative excellence to work for your company, get in touch: