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Palms presentation bigger

  1. 1. L I N K I N G A G R I C U LT U R A L T E C H N O L O G I E S E F F E C T I V E LY ExxonMobil Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative 2010
  2. 2. ExxonMobil Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative 2010 Gender, IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD Technology & Many countries’ domestic agricultural policies towards liberalization of international trade favors increased export Agribusiness driven agricultural strategies which have left out women who are mainly in the subsistence sector. IN GHANA Between 60 and 90 percent of total food production is undertaken by women on unpaid family lands with no technological support. Over 9 million female farmers out of the 14 million farmers in the country have been using obsolete and labor intensive methods for agricultural production with resultant low yields. Combining their responsibility to earn an income through agricultural exports/agribusiness and food production requires the usage of technology to help reduce drudgery/ time wastage with resultant economic gains. PALMS… the appropriate and affordable solution required…
  3. 3. ExxonMobil Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative 2010 Imagine The work done is increased and women’s time poverty is equally reduced. Ghana with Technologically Increased incomes for farmers Empowered Increased export drive and booming agribusiness Women in with resultant increase in national GDP and vast employment opportunities for women and the Agriculture youth Proper farm management and use of ICT and mobile telephony in marketing and distribution to deliver orders in a timely and appropriate fashion. Access to finance, land and machinery/equipment …PALMS has begun and women will be adequately empowered to perform…
  4. 4. ExxonMobil Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative 2010 Mission Statement To empower women experiencing poverty in Ghana, in order to realize their full economic potential by embracing and owning technological advances in agriculture and by participating in local governance and administration of social and support services. Vision Statement A future where Ghanaian women are economically self-sufficient and empowered to support their families and their villages.
  5. 5. ExxonMobil Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative 2010 The PALMS moves on through: Program Workshops/Training on various technologies • Organic and Mechanized farming • Drip Irrigation • Renewable energy technologies Adaptation and utilization of Technologies • Production of biodiesel and solar/hot air drying equipment • Establishment of Repair/servicing plants • Establishment of Demonstration Centers • Establishment of Plant pools • Establishment of Financial Centers Our message of hope… Women linked technologically for breakthroughs…
  6. 6. ExxonMobil Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative 2010 Our Over 100,000 vegetable farmers have used moringa leaf extract on their vegetables for the past year and their produce has been reported to be Achievements three to four times more than the normal yield which gives more income to them. Women farmer groups and farmer based associations are getting access to machinery and loan facilities for them to improve their agricultural production. Extensive use of disease suppressing compost and disease resistant seedlings by farmers. Success in getting good quality biodiesel from moringa and sunflower oils. Agricultural mechanization policy adopted by Government
  7. 7. ExxonMobil Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative 2010 Beneficiaries Direct Beneficiaries: • Sub-Recipients or NGOs – 20 organizations • Institutional Reach – 200 women groups, community and faith based organizations • Farmers – 300,000 (250,000 are women) • The Environment – Over 100,000 acres of moringa farms – carbon sink Indirect Beneficiaries: • Institutional: + 5 Micro enterprises + 15 Small and medium enterprises and many more
  8. 8. ExxonMobil Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative 2010 What Makes PALMS ensures that appropriate technology is available from the nursery through to the final marketing stage for the vegetable and fruit farmer for PALMS Unique their benefit which is quite unique. A FOUR-WAY HOLISTIC COMMODITY CHAIN APPROACH BACKED BY APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY: Nursery Plantation Production Marketing • Training and • Mechanized farming • Solar driers, small • Web based Production of • Drip irrigation scale processing marketing system disease suppressing machines powered • Air-conditioned compost and • Plant growth by biodiesel hormones vans for inputs and budded/grafted • Training in and outputs seedlings, organic • Training in use of production of fertilizer tractors and other biodiesel equipment
  9. 9. ExxonMobil Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative 2010 Benchmarks Our success indicators are: • Our ability to be weaned from donations in the next two years and establish a hybrid company to achieve sustainable margins for our operations. • 30-60% increase in the use of renewable energy especially biodiesel and solar by women in their agricultural endeavors in the next three years in the operational area. • 40-50% increase in the use of mechanized machinery and equipment by women in their farms and agricultural processing in 2-3 years. • 10-300% increase in incomes of women in 1-5 years • Set up of ancillary industries for plant growth hormones, organic fertilizers, biofuels biogas, ethanol, animal feed, pharmaceutical raw materials, water purification, Moringa black soap, native/purified moringa oil for the cosmetic industries and skin care products in 1-10 years. • Establishment of effective national policy on mechanized farming and all year round irrigation for increased food production and agricultural export.
  10. 10. ExxonMobil Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative 2010 Project Joseph Brenyah Project Chairman Anna Setodji Project Secretary Leticia Brenyah Program Officer/Co- Management HND (Ind. Chem.), Dip – Business ordinator Bachelor of Team Dip – Project Mgt, Dip French, AA Administration, Dip – Fashion Education IT (Theology) and Designing Francisca Serwaa Welbeck Nani Adamah Project Accountant Human Resources Level 3/Final Officer/M & E Officer (Institute of Chartered BA – Secretaryship/ Accountants of Ghana) Administration, MA (Human Resources) …Experienced people with many years of service in various sectors…
  11. 11. ExxonMobil Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative 2010 The Way PALMS’s vision is: Forward Ghana, Africa and ultimately a world replete with women technologically biased agribusinesses. Raising USD $2,500,000 to set up modern female controlled vegetable and fruit export processing and packaging plants and biodiesel/solar plants over the next four years. Raising USD $10 to $100 million to plant 10 to 500 million moringa trees in Ghana and other parts of Africa to sustain the program over the next 5-20 years. Reaching 600,000 to 20 million female farmers in Ghana and Africa with needed support over the next five years. Assisting to set ancillary Moringa related industries, worth over USD $50 billion over the next 10-20 years.
  12. 12. ExxonMobil Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative 2010 The Way Establishment of Biodiesel plant of 10,000 L/day. Forward Co-operative Finance Institute made operational. 300,000 farmers supported in 1st year and 350,000 in second year. 220 women groups, community and faith based organizations empowered by 2nd year. 150,000 to 200,000 acres of moringa plantations set up. 4–5 Plant pools established by 2nd year Farm Manager software developed and operational by 2nd year.
  13. 13. ExxonMobil Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative 2010 Estimated The estimated budget for the program for the first year (Phase 2) is: $450,000. Budget for The breakdown is as follows: the 1st Year Workshops and training sessions on various technologies 50,000 Staff & Volunteer Allowances 15,000 Transport 5,000 Administrative and operational expenses 10,000 Process machinery (Biodiesel) 200,000 Consultancy 5,000 Monitoring and Evaluation 45,000 Co-operative Financing scheme 120,000 Total 450,000
  14. 14. ExxonMobil Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative 2010 Your Support PALMS has applied to ExxonMobil to assist us over the next two years with a full grant of US $200,000 every year for two years to get started on a strong note. ExxonMobil has extended an invitation to two of PALMS Team to attend the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative Conference to showcase PALMS. We need your support to apply technology to help change the fortunes of women. Technology has a lot for women. Let us avail ourselves of such.
  15. 15. Thank you 12 Kwaekese Road, opposite Forestry Department Donkorkrom, Kwahu North District, E/R MD P.M.B. 3, Madina, Accra, Ghana Tel: +233 24.3301075 +233 28.8217284 E-mail: LINKING AGRICULTUR AL TECHNOLOGIES EFFEC TIVELY