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Making the leap to consulting


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English language teaching consultants describe moving from the classroom to the consulting world.

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Making the leap to consulting

  1. 1. Making the Leap to Consulting Joe McVeigh Anne Lomperis Bruce Rindler Jayme Adelson-Goldstein Deborah Kennedy March 22,2017 TESOL, Seattlee
  2. 2. Making the Leap to Consulting • Overview of consulting in TESOL • Brief thoughts on major issues – Marketing your services and obtaining clients — Anne Lomperis – From contact to contract: helping clients figure out what they really need — Bruce Rindler – Designing and delivering training programs — Jayme Adelson- Goldstein – Being flexible and responsive while maintaining work-life balance – Deborah Kennedy – The business side: getting paid — Joe McVeigh • Small group discussion by topic area • Wrap-up and exchange of contact information for those who would like to network
  3. 3. Complete Handout References, contact info, tips, business ideas Also the results of a fee survey • Conference slides and handouts • Personal and professional development
  4. 4. Some kinds of consulting in ELT accreditation consulting * advocacy and economic alignment * conference talks * curricular design & development * standards alignment * editing * faculty evaluation and training * grant writing * intercultural training * needs assessment * online course design and instruction * professional development * program design * program reviews * ROI * strategic planning * subject matter expertise * technical assistance * test design * training * workforce English planning * writing
  5. 5. Anne Lomperis Chief Solution Partner, Language Training Designs LinkedIn: annelomperis LEVELS International organizations, government ministries, corporations, aid agencies SERVICES workforce English planning, advocacy, and economic alignment; needs assessment; program, curricular, test design; training; speaking; ROI EXAMPLE CLIENTS Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ExxonMobil, Microsoft, World Bank
  6. 6. Marketing your services and obtaining clients • Name your passion. Solve their pain. – Identify what you love to do—and what you’re good at. Identify your niche. – Recognize that, going forward, it is all about your client. – Research their needs. Frame them in their terms and from their perspective. I help ______________ solve ___________ for _________________. this kind of client this problem this result • Strategically identify your target clients and network like heck to reach them. • Develop a relationship with your target client to the stage of offering them a one-time, free, opening opportunity. Plan this to lead to a formal relationship such as a paid contract.
  7. 7. Bruce Rindler Lecturer, Boston University LinkedIn: brucerindler LEVELS adult, IEP, university SERVICES needs assessment, curriculum development, accreditation consulting, program design, intercultural training, strategic planning, faculty evaluation and training EXAMPLE CLIENTS Drexel Univ., Harvest English Inst., Mass International Academy, Portland State Univ.
  8. 8. From contact to contract: helping clients figure out what they really need • Goal: Identify the problem—define the gap Performance? Enrollment? Achievement? Organizational effectiveness? • Method: Identify the causes—analysis Document review, surveys, interviews, focus groups • Report: Frame the issues—draw the map Organizing principle  Next steps EXPECTATIONS GAP REALITY
  9. 9. Jayme Adelson-Goldstein Teacher Educator-Author- Curriculum Consultant Lighthearted Learning LEVELS Adult SERVICES professional development, curriculum development & standards alignment, conference talks, writing, editing EXAMPLE CLIENTS • Portland Adult Education (Maine) • American Institutes for Research, (Washington, D.C.) • California Adult Literacy Project (CALPRO)
  10. 10. Designing and delivering training programs • Templates, timing, and training—Oh my! • Blending in with Communities of Practice • "Yes, and…”
  11. 11. Deborah Kennedy Principal and Owner, Key Words LinkedIn: deborahrkennedy LEVELS adult, business, EOP, governmental SERVICES technical assistance and subject matter expertise in ESP, ABE/ESL, and digital literacy; online course design and instruction in business writing; language teacher professional development; writing, editing, grant writing, conference presentations EXAMPLE CLIENTS Center for Applied Linguistics, Manhattan Strategy Group, BoardSource, George Mason University
  12. 12. Being flexible and responsive while maintaining work-life balance • Be flexible. Understand that consulting opportunities come in many different sizes and shapes, and sometimes are traveling in disguise. Learn to recognize them and meet them where they are. • Be responsive. Listen for what the potential client really wants and needs. Show that you have heard and understood. Then show how you can meet the need, and go the extra mile in doing so. • Be balanced. You won't be able to keep your work life and your personal life fully separated from one another, but you can make sure that your life includes a healthy amount of each.
  13. 13. Joe McVeigh Author & Consultant LinkedIn: joemcveigh LEVELS adult, IEP, university SERVICES professional development, intercultural training, curriculum development; accreditation consulting, program reviews, conference talks, writing, editing, strategic planning EXAMPLE CLIENTS General Electric U. S. Department of State University of Denver
  14. 14. The business side: getting paid • Writing a proposal – Describe the problem or issue as you see it – Describe what you will do to solve the problem – Tell them how much you want to be paid • How much to charge? – How deep are their pockets? – How badly do they need you? – Are you an expert? – What is the level or domain? – What is the going rate? • Submitting an invoice and paying your bills – Invoice promptly and document expenses for reimbursement – Think about your expenses and how you will meet them.
  15. 15. Small group discussion by topic area • Marketing/ESP – Anne Lomperis • Needs analysis/IEPs, Universities – Bruce Rindler • Delivering training/Adult/Writing – Jayme Adelson-Goldstein • Work/life balance/Adult/Governmental – Deborah Kennedy • The business side – Joe McVeigh
  16. 16. • Wrapping up • Exchange of contact info • Networking
  17. 17. More from these presenters • Deborah: Effective public-private partnerships in English for professional purposes. Thurs. 1 PM • Jayme: Picture rigor, relevance, and readiness with OPD. Thurs. 2 PM • Bruce and Joe: Growing or enhancing your program based on sound development decisions. Fri. 10:30 AM
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