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  • intro 11338 Bonita Beach Rd., Suite 103 Bonita Spring, Fl 239-948-6688
  • The Total acreage for this site is 76.25, 32.18 uplands and +/-28.97 of which is usable Current zoning is Mobile home residential, marine commercial, marine industrial, light industrial, and agricultural The Future land designation is Urban community, Suburban, Industrial ,and wetlands RV Units: 271 units on 14.83 acres Live aboard: 127-250 units Commercial acres: 11.98 acres Industrial acres: 5.34 acres
  • History this process started over 3.5 years ago with the first conversation with staff about what to do with the area. The CPA started almost two and a half years ago. And before we started our process the county had tried to help the area with a CRA, and then a non profit redevelopment board for the whole island. Nothing has helped the island. We have before you two of the largest land owners on the island ready and willing to move forward on this project. There has been recent talk about a redevelopment plan for the whole island and it is not fair to bring this up at the end of this process, this should have been done before we got this far in this process. We would gladly participate in a plan for the island, but please don’t hold up this project. The owners of these properties have not done this plan in a vacuum, they have worked with the residents of the island, across jurisdictional boundaries with there neighbors to the south, and the state. all the while juggling the needs of the community, our neighbors and the needs of the project. Today we stand before you with little opposition to this project because the community understands that this is good for the island, them and the lee county and we will continue to pursue community input during the next part of the process.
  • 271 units of residential, a one for one – No increase in residential density or traffic from what is existing Maximum 450 hotel/transitory lodging/conference center with a mixture commercial retail mix use component. We have provided caps on the development potential for the property thus further limiting potential traffic issues in the future with this amendment. The retail uses we are proposing are both tourist and community oriented in there design. What I mean by this is that we will be providing services for the tourist as well as the daily needs for the residences of this project and the island An example of this is a Community type store that provides the Convenience items that a residents may need, so they do not have to leave the island This project has been reviewed by both the state and the county for compliance with growth management and the existing infrastructure such a utilities. This project is in an area that already has sufficient capacity in its infrastructure to handle the development without expecting anybody but the developers to bear the brunt of any additional costs.
  • Shuttle service to the airport Boat access to the site Trolleys service from the site. Bicycle rental and amenities. Pedestrian paths. Additional parking Water taxi
  • Capture with parking 7 minutes Dove tailed with FMB plans
  • Height Height will the most immediate change to San Carlos Island but not to the area at large, As we have height all around us. Without the additional height, we would be limited to how much open space and water management we would be able to provide above and beyond the minimum standards. The lack of height on the island today is a major reason the island looks the way it does. It is spread out, instead of being spread up All the new buildings will provide Transitional massing as a technique to transition between the adjacent properties. This is a massing strategy that steps up or down to gradually assimilate with the neighbors Reasons for the height V Zone Parking Green space
  • The Benefits to the area A World Class Destination Hotel with a state of the art convention center to help maintain SWF’s share in the competitive market of resort destination Increased Public access to the water Infill development instead of sprawl Preservation and enhancement of a working water front Job creation Alternative modes of transportation to and from the facility Environmental design and stewardship of the land Alternative to the beach experience Increased visitors to the beach without the car and A Year round world class destination The types of uses that will make up the project include but not limited to : A Conference Hotel with capacity for up to 350 units Public Waterfront promenade A mixture of retailers along the waterfront. Residential and Time share units Improved buffers along street and property lines Pool facilities and a private Lake Beach Support facilities for water dependent uses Bicycle and walking trails that interconnects with the water and the amenities on and off the site On site water management Mass transit friendly design with Charter boats, Water taxis Terminal service with routes to Key West and other possible destinations Public Marina and Boat storage with all the amenities
  • We are asking for you to please support this amendment.
  • San Carlos Island Meeting With County Commisioner2

    1. 1. San Carlos Island CPA 2007-0051
    2. 2. Proposed site Fort Myers Beach Matanzas Pass Hurricane Bay San Carlos Blvd Main Street
    3. 3. Proposed Amendment