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Incarnate Software Solutions specialized in Codeigniter web application framework. If you are Interested in Codeigniter framework applications development? Contact us today!

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Get Codeigniter Developement Services From Us

  2. 2. SOME POINTS TO DESCRIBE THE CODE-IGNITER WEB DEVELOPMENT SERVICES 1. What Is Code-Igniter? 2. Code-Igniter Development 3. How Codeigniter work in PhP Framework 4. How Can use Codeigniter for PHP application development 5. Benefits of Development Using Codeigniter
  3. 3.  What Is Code-Igniter *Code-igniter development* Codeigniter is a PHP MVC framework that aims to make common operations easy while enforcing structured code making it easier to debug, scale and develop as a team. CodeIgniter is also a lightweight web application framework written in PHP that adopts the model-view-controller approach to development If you compare codeigniter to another framework such as Zend it is not as restrictive in terms of enforcing the MVC structure. This could be seen as a negative or positive, it all depends what you, as the coder wants from codeigniter and how you use it. There are many PHP frameworks available and you should do some research to determine what will work best for you. Here are the main reasons why codeigniter is my PHP MVC framework of choice.
  4. 4. Lightweight – Compared to other PHP frameworks CodeIgniter is very lightweight, meaning it is easier to create fast and responsive code No Installation – Unlike some PHP frameworks there is no installation required, you just include the CodeIgniter library and off you go Large Community – CodeIgniter has a huge active community so you know there are plenty of people willing to help if you get stuck on a particularly difficult problem Superb Documentation – CodeIgniter provides excellent documentation with examples Flexibility – CodeIgniter allows you to easily extend and expand on its base architecture making it easier to break the mold and produce some really unique web applications
  5. 5.  Code-Igniter Development *Code-Igniter Development* Codeigniter is one of the most popular and leading open source PHP application development frameworks. Codeigniter PHP development helps to develop dynamic and intuitive websites without any hassle. Codeigniter has a rich set of comprehensive in-built libraries. CodeIgniter development at BitO1 enables creation of clean and search engine friendly URLs for effective and empowering web existence. We are a renowned web development company offer unparalleled CodeIgniter development services. We use its built-in libraries and helpers in a very efficient way which helps us to develop your needed application very fast. Our quality of code is our best strength. CodeIgniter allows a developer to search for benefits of PHP framework, by undertaking innovative approach and developing effective web applications. CodeIgniter development helps in leveraging the power of PHP framework in building result-oriented applications for your website.
  6. 6. CodeIgniter is an application development framework for developing websites through PHP. It provides simple interface and strong range of libraries for commonly required tasks in order to enable faster development of projects as compared to writing programming codes. The Codeigniter is the mostly preferred framework by vast business conglomerates, as Codeigniter is an efficient & light weight platform to build applications, which have to deal with huge quantity of data with security purposes for the apps that come out of this stage are considered to be extremely secure & totally reliable  How Codeigniter Work in Php Framework *Codeigniter Php Framework* Code igniter is a form of development application framework which can also be referred to as a toolkit for developers or individuals who construct websites using PHP. The purpose of function of using the code igniter is to make it possible for you to develop and complete projects in less time when compared to coming up with codes from scratch. This is achieved through the code igniter giving an excellent set of commands for frequently required tasks. It also provides a straightforward interface with consistent structures for easy access to these libraries. It is therefore clear that when using a code igniter
  7. 7. you will be able to innovatively concentrate on your project by reducing the number of code required to accomplish a given task. Code igniter would be most suitable if:  You are looking to create a framework with a tiny footprint  You require outstanding presentation of performance  I case you require extensive compatibility when dealing with regular hosting accounts which manage different PHP versions as well as configurations  You need a specific framework that can function with almost zero configurations  You are looking to create a framework which can function without the use of a command line  You require a framework which will not limit you to working with specific coding rules  You wish to do away and g on with your project without using any restrictive libraries such as PEAR  You don't wish to study a templating language( however, you can make learn and make use of a template parser if you so wish)  You require comprehensible, systematic documentation
  8. 8.  How Can use Codeigniter for PHP application development *Codeigniter for Php App.* With many software frameworks available online nowadays, with many pros and cons on their side, it has become very important to check out complete details of these frameworks before applying them. Amongst the various kinds of software frameworks, the PHP Framework is more popular nowadays. Being simple to work on and easy to use, PHP frameworks are soon becoming the catchword of software frameworks There are many advantages of using PHP frameworks: Applications can be built quickly and easily.  Simple to debug.  Secured.  Easy to install and use.  Good for applications utilizing multiple platforms.
  9. 9. CodeIgniter (CI) One of the effective PHP Frameworks is the CodeIgniter. Web applications with advanced features can be readied using the CodeIgniter. Simpler for the beginners, CI follows an MVC (Model View Controller) pattern, thereby enabling in easy learning. Also, due to the usage of conventional PHP coding, the existing codes can be ported using this PHP framework. Also the simplicity with which it works and the speed that it has when compared to the other frameworks, is definitely considerable. Striking features of CodeIgniter There are many features that are quite distinguishing, in CI. Few of the most important features are explained below:  User Guide One of the most important features of the CodeIgniter is that it has a very impressive user guide. The way the documentation has been done is simply marvelous and highly useful for coders to know more about the working.  Simplicity CodeIgniter is simple and a major portion of the work gets completed in the controllers and uploading the libraries. Since the workings are clear and open, it is very easy to understand what is happening and therefore, simple to use.  Model Handling While working with models, CodeIgniter uses a straight way of handling. Standard SQL queries can be mimed using few simple commands. Also creation of model objects, loading it and introducing methods to deal with a customized task is also possible.
  10. 10.  Data Validation Data validation is a major thing while working on models. Here a validation class is used to validate data. First, few rules are defined and assigned to the object to be validated. The data that is sent through the URL is automatically validated by the validation object. Even certain error messages can also be automated the same way, using data validation class.  Benefits of Development Using Codeigniter There are quite a number of open source platforms available today that help you develop web pages for free but only few of them like Codeigniter allow hassle-free web development and has all the components in place to support fast and cost-effective solution. Codeigniter is one of those tools that comprehensively serve you with all the functional properties and the simple approach to build a solution using PHP. Codeigniter's easy-to-use system proponents and simple interface allows swift and seamless development. What makes Codeigniter so different over other similar tools is rich set of libraries that deliver the comprehensive collection of code events and features. The definitive suite of programming functionalities within Codeigniter environment let the users implement these codes diligently, with zero configurations, further leveraging its utility. If an open source application developer would develop a program from scratch instead of going with Codeigniter's resource panel, it would take 10 times more effort and chances are high that the solution faces many operational difficulties and lags during the course of development. But with this proficient tool it's always easy for developers to get well-appointed source modules and use them most comprehensively and advantageously for developing different modules.
  11. 11. With a tool like Codeigniter the developer is able to effectively reach, select and apply different anthologies from different code compositions. The features provided by this open source framework help developers to develop dependable web applications with much of ease. Some of the special features that makes it stand out of the clutter are fully- modular codebase, compatibility with PHP 4 and PHP 5, MVC based architecture support, intuitive UI, Customizable Admin Interface among others. Codeigniter application development is made highly easy with its no- restrictive coding conventions. It is built to support applications utilizing multiple platforms. Meant to be utilized against modern development needs, it helps developers to access highly facilitating User Management powered by robust role-based access control. The feature that makes Codeingiter the favorite of developers is its convenient documentation system. It provides developers with fluid approach of coding with its thorough and succinct documentation facility. Also, with Codeigniter requiring no Template Engine, it makes it independent in terms of producing output web documents. Also as the need arise this amazing framework can be upgraded by simply adding different plug-ins and extensible features by using exclusive helper or class extension libraries. With Codeigniter web application development it's always easy to command security issues. It's easy to debug a web application developed on Codeigniter with its amazing bug-screening utility, XSS filtering and quality assertion process. With all these astounding features and compliant support system, this eminent framework today stands among the most preferable and reliable open source platforms for developing web applications on PHP.
  12. 12. THANKING YOU