The Department of Energy


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My project for Wiehls class

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The Department of Energy

  1. 1. Department of EnergyJoe Will By
  2. 2. •Who?Positions and QualificationsPositions- Some positions of the Department of Energy include:Inspector GeneralThe Office of Public AffairsOffice of ManagementOffice of Policy and International AffairsOffice of Electricity Delivery & Energy ReliabilityOffice of Energy Efficiency & Renewable EnergyOffice of Environmental ManagementOffice of Fossil Energy
  3. 3. •Qualifications What is needed to work at the Department of energy • In order to be employed in the Department of Energy, one must: • be a US citizen • have no criminal record • be drug-free • and pass a security clearance test
  4. 4. •What?What does the DOE do?• The Department of Energy has many responsibilities. These include but are not limited to:• Finding solutions to the nations energy and nuclear problems• Directing the energy plan for the nation• Oversee production and development of energy-related technology• Oversee energy-related scientific research• Oversee energy conservation• Oversee the nations nuclear arms
  5. 5. •When?When was the department of energy founded• The DOE was founded on August 4, 1977 to oversee the nations energy problems in response to the 1973 oil crisis.• The Office of the Inspector General was created in 1978 to audit and inspect the department.
  6. 6. •Where?Where can the DOE exercise its power?• The various offices exercise their power in specific areas.• The Office of Fossil Energy deals with matters pertaining to fossil fuels• The Office of Environmental management deals with energy’s affect on the environment.• The Office of Renewable Energy deals with renewable energy and energy efficiency• And so forth
  7. 7. •Why?Why is the DOE needed?• The DOE is important in ensuring the efficiency and productivity of the nations energy.• The DOE is also important because it is responsible for the nations nuclear arms, ensuring they are stored safely.• The DOE solves any energy related problems the nation might face.