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Qlik MEDAIR and Mercy Ships - Madagascar Trip


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Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) program at Qlik, “Change Our World”, has partnered with MEDAIR in the past on various projects, and this time we headed to the southeast African island republic of Madagascar. Our project in country was focused around water, sanitation, and hygiene (referred to as WASH). We also toured the wonderful Mercy Ships floating hospital.

I'm extremely grateful to have been selected for this once in a lifetime trip. Really proud to work at Qlik. Plenty of stories to share - please ask!

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Qlik MEDAIR and Mercy Ships - Madagascar Trip

  1. 1. Change Our World – Qlik & Medair : Madagascar + Mercy Ships Joe Warbington May/June 2015
  5. 5. MADAGASCAR Poverty 92 % Less than $2 a month Natural Disasters 1. Bangladesh 2. India 3. Madagascar Water In rural communities, like in the northeast: 158,322 habitants Only 1 out of 5 Have access to safe drinking water and select “Madagascar Qlik”
  6. 6. WASH: Water, Sanitation, Hygiene MAROANTSETRA Project Rano Tsara II (Good Water) 137,000 beneficaries 700 water points 800 latrines Education and select “Madagascar Qlik”
  7. 7. Hygiene !
  8. 8. Latrines ? and select “Madagascar Qlik”
  9. 9. EcoSan ! and select “Madagascar Qlik”
  10. 10. Safe Drinking Water! and select “Madagascar Qlik”
  11. 11. and select “Madagascar Qlik” Qlik has a long-term relationship with Medair; supporting Medair by supplying analytics software for relief and recovery work in the field and through financial donations for projects throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Haiti.
  12. 12. Use Change Our World Day Help Raise Funds and select “Madagascar Qlik”
  13. 13. How to donate?
  14. 14. Mercy Ships
  15. 15. Thank You and select “Madagascar Qlik”