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Joe's Spaza Marketing Concept & Campaign

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Case studies joe's spaza - bluwinmobi

  1. 1. Joe’s SpazaCase Study<br />
  2. 2. Case Study: Joe’s Spaza <br />Joe, who owns a convenience store (Spaza) in Soweto realised that his customers were the perfect audience to experiment some Mobile Marketing on. Almost all of them carried their mobile phones with them 24/7 and although they may not use the internet on their Mobile phones very much, they certainly were not using PC based internet. <br />Objective<br />To drive awareness and viral marketing about the special offers available at Joes’ Spaza as cost effectively as possible so as to increase the footfall through the store.<br />Solution<br />Create a Mobile Site that can be updated regularly. Monitor it’s success and then target those people who used the Mobi Site with a beneficial discount or special offer. <br />Phase 1 – Mobi Site<br />Launch a basic Mobile Campaign Site with product offerings, special offers, click to call, an image of their store location and a registration tool so as to start collecting data. <br />Phase 2 – SMS Voucher <br />Once Joe had collected a handful of people’s data (name and Mobile number) he wanted to do some cheap SMS marketing. So he sent them all an SMS with an embedded url. That url opened up a different Mobile Campaign Site advertising a special offer. The voucher itself was in the form of a 2D bar code. <br />Phase 3 – Data Capture on a Mobile <br />When people who had received this SMS (or indeed had it forwarded to them), Joe was able to scan every person’s screen and in turn open a Data Capture Management Tool that, in accordance with the new Consumer Protection Act, allowed Joe to save customers names, number and other details with their consent, for future promotions etc. <br />Results<br />50 people visited the MobiSite in week 1<br />150 in week 2<br />350in week 3<br />750vouchers were sent via sms at R0.22 / sms<br />350 vouchers were redeemed in store<br />250 people consented to receiving regular sms marketing and gave more than just their name and number. <br />
  3. 3. Screen Shots<br />Phase 1<br />Phase 2<br />Phase 3<br />SMS Text - Example<br />Hi <insert name>. Stuck in traffic? Call me to reserve your groceries and get an extra 10% discount when you collect them. Click here to see today’s specials – We close at 9pm. See you later. Regards Joe<br />
  4. 4. Mobile Capaign Sites<br />Includes: <br />• Image gallery<br />• Text effects<br />• Instant live preview<br />• Colour /CI matching <br />• Linkable banner ads<br />• Automatic optimisation of images<br />• Click-to-call <br />• Tip a friend<br />• QR Codes<br />• Maps<br />• Contact form <br />• 250 000 page impressions / month<br />Benefits<br />• No technical skills required to use the service<br />• Powerful new revenue source<br />• Choose from a collection of themes and templates to style your mobile site <br />• User friendly designs<br />• Comprehensive administration system to edit and track all your campaigns with reports <br />• Set your images and text<br />• View real time statistics and tracking<br />• View sites on different devices with the previewer component<br />Costs – Per Month <br />Mobile Campaign Site R2,000.00 <br />SMS and Voucher Campaign R1,00.00 <br />Data Capture R1,000.00 <br />Total R4,000.00 <br />