What can the Hunger Games teach us about using social media for change?


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Do you love the Hunger Games? And social media? And changing the world? Looking for tips on storytelling, finding your voice, and special tactics for breaking through on facebook, and Twitter? Check out this presentation!

Presented by Joe Solomon of Energy Action Coalition - http://energyactioncoalition.org

  • Nice summary, but the tip about only posting photos is a bit out of date. Recent news feed algorithm changes mean that it's better to mix it up: http://marketingland.com/edgerank-is-dead-facebooks-news-feed-algorithm-now-has-close-to-100k-weight-factors-55908

    The posts shown in users' news feeds are now weighted to post types they've interacted with previously, so if a user has clicked more text, link or video posts previously, they won't see much of your content if you're only posting photos.
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