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Joe simunovich chairman of hackensack university.docx

  1. 1. Joe_Simunovich_Announces_10_Million_for_Medical_Center    $10 million mark met for Hackensack UniversityMedical Center Foundation campaign    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2011  BY STEPHANIE NODA  STAFF WRITER  HACKENSACK CHRONICLE    Hackensack University Medical Center officials and members of its non-profit foundationannounced on Oct. 5 that $10 million has been raised for the new "A Beat Beyond"campaign - an effort targeting enhanced treatment for patients with cardiovascular andneurovascular disease.           COLLEEN WHITE/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER  Joseph Simunovich, chairman of Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation board of trustees, at a pressconference on Oct. 5 announcing $10 million raised for the facilitys A Beat Beyond Campaign.    The medical centers foundation team expressed desire to meet the $25 millionfundraising goal during the presentation of the $10 million check "We raised 40 percentof the money and we feel confident, even in this tough economy, that we will raise thewhole $25 million," said Robert Torre, executive vice president of Hackensack UniversityMedical Center Foundation.  
  2. 2.  The "A Beat Beyond" campaign is an effort to raise $25 million to continue to improve thequality of care at the Heart and Vascular Hospital, which was recently named "one of theworlds greatest cardiology programs" by Beckers National Hospital Review. The Heartand Vascular Hospital is one of Hackensack Medical Centers many "hospitals within ahospital." The medical center, which is also home to a childrens hospital, a cancercenter, and womens hospital, will be able to use this money to purchase advancedequipment and teach techniques for treating patients in its cardiology branch.  "This will transform the way theyre being treated because all the services, all theprograms, all the staff, are specially trained in one facility," said Robert Garret, presidentof medical centers foundation. "Its extraordinarily unique."    This new campaign comes on the heels of "Beyond Extraordinary", a three-year campaignto open the John Theurer Cancer Center that began in 2008. This previous campaign wasled by author Mary Higgins Clark, who has long been a proponent of the medicaladvances Hackensacks University Medical Center has made over the years. Its nosurprise, considering her daughter was treated for cancer in the hospital twice.    "She developed a real good love and friendship for this medical center and has sincebecome a member of the board of governors of the Medical Center," Torre said.  While Clark was the one of the driving forces behind the "Beyond Extraordinary"campaign, the role of spearheading this new campaign has been passed to CharlesOsgood, a news anchor for "CBS News Sunday Morning." Osgood has been named thenational honorary chair of "A Beat Beyond."    Although Osgood has seen many hospitals during his career as a news anchor, heexpressed how impressed he was with the service at Hackensacks center.  "I was given a tour of this place and I was knocked out," he said. "This seemed sodifferent; the fact that it was so patient oriented. Everybody concerned, the people I metalong the way, they were all focused on making the environment as pleasant aspossible."    Although Osgood will take over the position of national honorary chair for the "A BeatBeyond" campaign, it is a project that is still dear to Clarks heart.  "My husband died at age 45 of his third heart attack," said Clark. "He said if only I canhang on, there will be an operation. That was before any kind of bypass. There arepeople today who are hanging on for the wonderful technology we are offering. There arefamilies who will continue to have a father, or a brother, or a husband. I think what youare doing is offering the future."