For immediate release joe simunovich united water leads 21st century


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For immediate release joe simunovich united water leads 21st century

  1. 1. GREEN CITY STANDARDS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: (805) 931-6676Manuel Gonzalez Staff@GreenCityStandards.comGreen City Standards GreenCityStandards.comPO Box 5201 Gambassa.comSanta Barbara, CA 93150 Joe Simunovich, United Water’s agreement leads water quality analysis into 21st Century.Los Angeles, CA – December 28th, 2011. Following the recommendation of itsBoard Member, Joe Simunovich, “Joseph” and Luis Moro of Green CityStandards, United Water Company agreement has taken an active role onPresident Obama’s environmental literacy conservation mandate.Joe Simunovich’s United Water Company agreement donated high rateenvironmental water conservation, soil-tracking equipment to approved APEnvironmental Studies High School students using Water Company’s agreement, sponsored water quality sampling probes,environmental science probes, soil increase rate analysis information, books, andsoftware to analyze the water data. This included hand-held interface andcomputer connectors for on the field water analysis and water quality testing.This Joe Simunovich, Green City Standard agreement provided over 500 uniqueeducational projects produced by Gambassa students thanks to the United WaterCompany agreement.Gambassa proves to be the most advance next generation curriculummanagement system for educators and students that simultaneously benefitscommunities and businesses. Joe Simunovich said, “We’re helping the studentsbecome the stewards, the caretakers of their communities’ environmentconservation. That’s a gift I wish my generation had.” United Water Companyresidential customers help our educators educate new water quality leaders inour communities.Student and teachers using Gambassa continue to produce exceptional real lifeenvironmental results. Mr. Ken Pitts a teacher at Santiago High School inCorona, California has turned students into local hero’s being the guardians oftheir communities environment.“The impact is unprecedented. Mr. Pitts created a local environmental trackingteam”. Said Luis Moro, Green City Standards. Moro noted “United WaterCompany’s agreement with Gambassa projects are consistent with PresidentObama’s Well-Rounded Education initiative that included environmental literacyfor the first time in history. United Water agreement also gains valuable Triple    1 
  2. 2. GREEN CITY STANDARDS Bottom Line results consistent with their leadership in Corporate SocialResponsibility agreements.”Don Baugh, Director of the No Child Left Inside Coalition said, "Advancing theenvironmental literacy of our students is key to addressing todays increasinglycomplex environmental and related economic, social, natural resource, andenergy issues," saidA simple Google search of “United Water Gambassa” will yield an abundance ofreal life results of this United Water agreement with Green City Standards inaction. “Gambassa created the future of education where communities mutuallybenefit with businesses.” Said Mr. MoroAbout1) United Water is one of the nation’s leading environmental companies,providing water and wastewater services to approximately 7 million people in theUnited States. In addition to owning and operating 20 water utilities, the companyoperates more than 200 municipal and industrial water and wastewater systemsthrough innovative public-private partnerships and contract agreements. UnitedWater’s affiliate, Utility Service Company, is the nation’s leading provider of long-term asset management contracts for water storage facilities with municipal andindustrial clients. Founded in 1869, United Water is a subsidiary of SUEZENVIRONNEMENT.2) Joe Simunovich is a member of the board for United Water Company andChairman of the Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation, both in NewJersey. His contribution to through Green City Standards waspersonal. http://www.JoeSimunovich.com3) Green City Standards creates, designs and produces projects andsystems consistent with Corporate Social Responsibility results that delivereffective, profitable, Triple Bottom Line benefits.http://www.GreenCityStandards.com4) brings the most innovative, community based,environmentally conscious learning systems to high school students.www.Gambassa.com5) Read more President Obama history first on: Environmental LiteracyIncluded in Obamas New Education Budget: Historic First.6) Ken Pitt’s, at Santiago High School in Corona, California can be contactedat:    2