Customer relation management


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assessment regarding customer relation management. do refer but make sure you don't copy since it doesn't help you at all.

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Customer relation management

  1. 1. CUSTOMER RELATION MANAGEMENT Assessment Joe Simon D2 A.H.T.M.
  2. 2. ACKNOWLEDGMENT• Let me take this opportunity to thank Mr.Murali Nair for his sincerity in helping me understand the values for satisfying and managing a customer which has helped me to conclude my study on the topic ‘customer relation management’ by presenting this assessment based on the same in which I have included various important points.
  3. 3. CONTENTS• Customer Service• Customer needs and methods to identify customer need.• Customer satisfaction, delight and retention.• Customer service skills.• Problems of customers.• Handling an angry customer.• Rater model of customer handling.• Conclusion• Bibliography
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION• Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects.• It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support.• The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company already has.
  5. 5. Define a customer and customerservice. Describe external andinternal customers with examplesfrom the project work.
  6. 6. • Customers being the asset to any industry, one planning to work as a part of customer service / care sector should know the basic definition of a customer.• Customer : is the user of a service which you provide. He is the so called King of the industry as he is the one paying for your salary.• Care : It is the Assistance, Care, Interest or Emotion given to the customer from the side of the customer care employee.
  7. 7. • Thus we have learnt the basic definition of the words “customer care”. We need to implement it during our work while serving a customer with utmost care and pleasure.• All our customers have to be customer focused and customer driven as “The Customer is Queen / King.”• It simply means that we have to give such great value and respect to the customers since they are the one who have a big share in holding the organisation’s name which favours us in future.
  8. 8. • Customers are of different types, namely :• External customers and Internal customers.• External customers are the customers who comes from outside and proceeds into a specific organization to use and seek the benefits that it offers.• Internal customers are the customers who are the co workers of the specific organization who has a great role in maintaining and increasing the revenue of the organization.
  9. 9. • I had done a survey to seek the different ways I (customer) was benefited by the executive who rendered services for me.• From the different organizations I had approached I could observe various external as well as internal customers.• I could also come to a conclusion that both worked accordingly which bought a harmony towards the working environment of the oraganisation.• I would like present the different external and internal customers I could list.
  10. 10. EXTERNAL CUSTOMERS INTERNAL CUSTOMERS- All the people who came -Sales Men / Women.from outside and -Maintenance Teamapproached the -Security menorganization for either -Delivery boysdoubts or purchase of their -Cleanersproducts. -Beverage makers -Managers -Supervisors -Technical Assistants -Faculty -Office Staffs -Counsellor
  11. 11. Analyze and discuss the basicneeds of a customer and presentyour findings on the same from theproject that you havedone.(M1/M3)
  12. 12. Methods to find the basic needs of a customer : the basic• There are many ways for finding needs of a customer.• Conducting periodical surveys is an excellent in which we can understand what the customer needs and it can also help in letting each other get updated of the recent trends in the business. I will be showing my survey results in due time.• Analyzing markets is another well-built way because it can enhance our knowledge by understanding which products the customers
  13. 13. The Basic Needs Of A Customer• As homo sapiens, we all have various needs which we do give importance.• Since customers are our asset we need to take care of their every need. Most basic needs are:• Friendliness : No one loves to be treated with a bossy face along with a serious body language. Customers require friendliness, they want us to treat them equal just like a friend.
  14. 14. • Empathy : Customers require attention from us because they are here in our organisation to get a product and no to waste time. They need us to feel their need. Thus empathy plays a vital role in customer relation management. Empathy follows up with understanding, on the latter, both work relatively together.• Fair Judgment : Yes, it’s something common, no one loves to be treated with bias, the judgment or the dealing should be fair enough that the customer should be totally satisfied. Fair judgment gives a positive output.
  15. 15. • Information : Yes, customers are here in our organization with quiet much knowledge about the products/service that we offer. If we are not up to their expectation regarding the information part of the service, we are in for some trouble because there is very less chance for the customers to stay and invest.• Good Suggestions : We as customer care executives need to understand an important point that customer is not just there to purchase for a product they have already decided, we as smart individuals can provide them with alternatives for them thus building
  16. 16. Analyze customersatisfaction, customerdelight, customer retention.M2/M3
  17. 17. • The words satisfaction, delight and retention does bring a wonderful picture in our minds, don’t they?• Customers are serious people who need all the above mentioned words. Yes! We need to take attention regarding their satisfaction, delight and retention.• All the above words do have a very significant impact on the attitudes and behavior of customers.• Satisfaction : It is the process in which the customer is felt good at heart after the service rendered.
  18. 18. • Delight : It is a process in which the customers would be further delighted to take services once again in future, which surely increases the sales and profit of the company.• Retention : is the activity that a selling organization undertakes in order to reduce customer defections.• Successful customer retention starts with the first contact an organization has with a customer and continues throughout the entire lifetime of a relationship.
  19. 19. SURVEY
  20. 20. • As the part of the assessment I had done a survey which highlights the different ways a customer is treated.• I had done the survey in two different places just to feel the difference in each service provided.• The organizations where I visited were :South India Travel Agency, M.G. Road. (Govt. Recognized Railway Ticketing Office)Attitude Spoken English and Radio Professional Training Centre.
  21. 21. • The chief points I had in my mind before stepping into the organizations were that I would be checking their approach towards me.• Whether they treated me with care.• Whether they were well aware with product knowledge.• Were they able to communicate with me well?• Whether they showed empathy towards me?• Were they satisfied with their own job?
  23. 23. • 1st visit - South India Travel Agency, M.G. Road, TCR (Govt. Recognized Railway Ticketing Office)
  24. 24. ENTRY Observed threeemployees, two were thesales girls and the cashierseemed to be the owner. All of them greeted me with a smile. One of the lady asked mewhat I was looking for, andI asked for a recharge since they provided recharge options too.
  25. 25. They started to probe and I gave them the required information.Then the second lady asked me whether it was anurgent recharge, I answeredYes and they responded me to wait for 2 minutes. Within 2 minutes I had received my recharge successfully, I was really happy with their promptness.
  26. 26. I turned to face the cashier to pay the money, he promptly gave the shopvisiting card and said to call if there was any issue.I thanked him, he stood up and thanked me too forhaving fulfilling his service for me. EXIT
  27. 27. Analysis of the visit :• No doubt, it was a great visit to that place because of various factors.• They were well communicated and was good in enhancing information.• They were able to understand my urgency.• They were reliable.• All of them had a good amount of courtesy and credibility towards me.• They were super- responsive because the cashier had handed me their visiting card -
  28. 28. to give them a call if there was any error in the recharge which meant that they were really responsive towards their work.• They were really tangible from the way they talked to me and dealt with me. I could prove that their ambience had an aura of confidence from banner that they had put on their wall.• Result of my visit : I was SATISFIED.• Rating : 10 10
  29. 29. The above banner was hung on the wall which made me feelthat the owner had a confident approach to his business.
  30. 30. • 2nd visit - Attitude Spoken English and Radio Professional Training Centre, West Fort, Tcr.
  31. 31. ENTRY As I entered inside theoffice, I was surprised that I couldn’t see anyone.Had to wait for two minutes until a man came to me. (two minutes is a waste!) He was well dressed butless communicative, I hadto make the first approach of speaking out!
  32. 32. He asked me to write my details and I followed his instructions.( he had firmness in his voice!) I asked him about the radio professional course. Helooked as If he unaware of it He did speak English but was fairly poor, I had expected good standard because I thought it was purely an English speaking community.
  33. 33. He phoned his colleague and gave the phone to me so that I couldspeak.(which meant he was a ZERO informative.) I could finally get some information from the person on the line. That man either gave meany brochure nor any extra knowledge about the company he was working for.
  34. 34. EXIT
  35. 35. Analysis of the visit :• I was not at all comfortable with this visit.• Even though, the place looked attractive, the man was well dressed a lot of points were missing.• No reliability as I couldn’t get my information on the right time.• Very bad communication as I was unable to understand the man.• There was very less competence.• No tangibility.
  36. 36. • If I was the boss of that particular organization things would have changed drastically.• I would appoint a staff who would be energetic and dedicated, to be seated at the entrance compulsorily to welcome and let the customers feel at home.• The ambience would have been made much brighter .• The staff which I would be appointing would be an expert in communication in English since it is a place providing spoken English, IELTS courses.
  37. 37. • Believe it or not from due course of time I was able to find out the position of that man in that organization and I was able to find out that he was the English Faculty!• There was not at all any understanding towards my queries because he himself had no information regarding the course.• Result of my visit : I was DISSATISFIED. 4• Rating : 10• Meanwhile while getting down the building I
  38. 38. I just caught him sleeping during work hours!Well, since I am a customer my perception was that he wassleeping due to his irresponsibility but he may also be lackingenough relaxation, dissatisfaction, over-time etc.
  39. 39. How do you think customerperception is related to serviceevolution?
  40. 40. • Customer perception is an important point to ponder upon because perception of an individual does matter a lot.• The photo pasted before this slide resembled an employee sleeping during work hours, as a customer we can have different perceptions regarding that man, For example :He may be irresponsible.He has no relaxation.He has less satisfaction in his company.
  41. 41. • From the above points we can come to a conclusion that customer perception thus matter a lot in an industry because it can either bring goodness to an industry or the worse.• Service hence, has to be enhanced in order for a customer to feel a satisfied perception which will be followed by good profit for the company.• Thus, we can say that customer perception is related to service evolution.
  42. 42. Customer Service Skills
  43. 43. • Skills makes every individual perfect, let it be in any form.• Being a customer service executive and knowing the basics is not all, one should master the customer service skills and use it on the customers.• The basic skills which I look for in an employee would be :Wonderful Approach.Becoming a good friend to the customer during the dealing.
  44. 44. PatienceDealing upon a transaction• Even though these are not all, I believe these are the basic skills that should be acquired by a customer service representative.• Last but not the least attitude always play a lead role because that’s what leaves a lasting impression.• Good attitude with a good service mind results into a good transaction with extra satisfaction!
  45. 45. Problems Faced By Customers.
  46. 46. • There is an urge for the sales person to satisfy the customer with his products but a similar urge should be felt when a customer is stuck with problems.• Just like product information and having a decision to invest, customer at times faces tough situation and end up either chilling it out or going for the next company.• The C.S.E should be able to confront their customer’s problems with exotic solutions.
  47. 47. • Some of the problems faced by the customers are :Less Patience : Customers are likely to be in a state of less patience because of their urgency or stress in careful investing.Taking Sudden Decisions : Sudden decision taking is a result due to less patience which may lead to value, product and informative differences with the company.Less Ability to Trust : Salesmen or C.S.E may do their work to their fullest but it is the customer who has to trust their words, they may not!
  48. 48. How to manage angry customers?
  49. 49. • One of the worst feelings which gets ignited out is anger as it makes the person as well as the surroundings uncomfortable.• So what if the customer gets angry at the service? Here are few methods which I feel when implemented can bring down the whole scenario:Stay Calm : Believe it or not! Being calm is an ultimate solution which I decrease the momentum because if you also try indulging in the scenario things can turn against you.
  50. 50. Apologize : Apologizing to a customer is like peanut butter sandwich, it sticks to the throat of the customer, he can be quiet after repeating apologizes.Listen: Being a good listener to the customer makes him feel that his emotions are respected.Ask Questions: It’s of no use if you just stand there without lifting up your tongue. Ask the customer different customers listen to them and make statements which makes him positive.
  51. 51. Sympathy : Let him feel that you are calm with his problem. Show intense sympathy but never over work on it, as too much of anything is dangerous.Take full control : After implementing all of the above actions, the final goal is to take full control and reduce the momentum and switch off the scenario before the angry person takes in control.
  52. 52. Example of RATER model ofcustomer handling skills.
  53. 53. • RATER is expanded as Reliability Assurance Tangibles Empathy Responsiveness.• I happened to visit a shop to buy a greeting card for my bro in law on the occasion of his birthday.• The salesman introduced me to the birthday card collections but I was confused in deciding what to choose because there were just so many variants.• The salesman went to deal with another customer who must have come before me, They left with a smile on their face.
  54. 54. • Then the salesman came towards me and asked with a smile whether I had decided? I replied that I was not able to.• He asked me few questions about my bro in law.• After just two minutes he was able to pick up a card for my bro in law which suited him a lot.• I thought to myself whether this man did mind reading on me. Whatever, it was I was satisfied and bid him goodbye.
  55. 55. CONCLUSIONLife is all about learning new things, I am totally satisfied that I was able to present you my new learning regarding Customer Relation Management as a presentation. I believe I have provided with almost all the required information through this short presentation. This presentation helped me in understanding how to deal with customers, how to infer from their problems and last but not the least how to maintain a successful relation with them.
  56. 56. BIBLIOGRAPHY• onship_management•• Customer Relation Management Modules from FIAT.