Sub saharan africa globalization proj2013


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Sub saharan africa globalization proj2013

  1. 1. The Global Impactof De BeersDiamond CompanyFrances Cooke, Katie Doran, AnaGeltman, Jack Groper, CamilaHernandez, Ben Lipper, AllieLushan, Tracey ShiDe Beers Diamond Picture. Digital image. Moissanite or Diamonds. N.p., n.d. Web.<>.
  2. 2. De Beers Family of Companies● Founded 1888 by Cecil Rhodes● Mining and trading diamonds● Global monopoly on diamond industry● Before the end of the 19th century, SouthAfrica experienced a heavy diamond rush● Coined the advertising line "a diamond isforever"
  3. 3. Labor NGO● Starting with the diamond rush in the 19th century, DeBeers success rates shot up● Job opportunities were growing rapidly● De Beers wanted maximum success/wealth● They began employing children for cheap labor● During apartheid, they also employed poor blackworkers● Wages were low and there were unsafe conditions● De Beers had major control over all of South Africa, andthey pushed for higher taxes so that people would comeinto the mines to work them offChild Miners. Digital image. Sierra Express Media. N.p., n.d. Web. 17June 2013. <>
  4. 4. Labor NGO: Global Witness/TheKimberley Process● NGO: Global Witness○ Noticed the conflict diamond trade going on within DeBeers○ Organized a meeting between several diamondcompanies● Came up with the Kimberley Process● Soon after, Global Witness left the KimberleyProcess because they refused to address theclear links between violence and diamonds● Miners often caught in crossfires of the war,and were paid poorly when employed by thesewarlords or corrupt rulers.
  5. 5. Company Labor: Jobs● Values: Safety, Equality, Human Rights● Employ: disabled, women, menno child labor & no forced labor● Cut-8: protecting jobs (2,400+) byexpanding lifetime of minesMpumi with the Kimberly MinesWomen in Mining. Digital image.De Beers. De Beers, n.d. Web.<>.
  6. 6. Company Labor: Safety & Risks● HIV: testing, treatment, awareness : free● Safety: Training/Educate workers-Goal: zero-harm workplace-Security on site● Risks: Hearing loss, death, injury, disease● Past Experiences: "Learning-from-incidents"-Identify & Prevent
  7. 7. NGO: Culture● De beers has been accused on many accounts of unfairtreatment against their workers● This corporation changes the family dynamics● They give children strenuous work hours with little pay,expose them to various diseases, and put their mentalhealth at risk as well● The NGO, International Labour Organization have beendoing what they can to stop child labour● The NGOs goal is to ensure peace for workers andmaintaining justice for all● Pop culture world: famous rapper Kanye West wrote asong "Diamonds in Sierra Leone" based off of the abusethat children face in diamond minesDiamond. Digital image. DiamondMining in Africa. N.p., n.d. Web.<>.
  8. 8. Social Welfare● De Beers used to be involved in blooddiamond trading before the KimberleyProcess was made● Giving back 2.7% of the money they makeback to the communities (US$19.94 million)● Money given back goes towards educationalpurposes and families sakes● De Beers Fund-39% money back tocommunities affected by companyGive Back Hands. Digital image. At Home Personal Care’s“Give Back Program”. N.p., n.d. Web. <>.
  9. 9. Social Welfare of Mining Communities● Communities adaptedto mining culture● Native Bushmenforcibly resettled● Human rightsviolations by RUF● De Beers relocatedmain mine toGaborone, Botswana● Children maimed andleft traumatizedPhotograph. Survival International. Web. <>.
  10. 10. Corporation: Culture● Supports women achieving higher managementpositions in businesses● "I enjoy my job driving the loads to and from thecrusher. It is inspiring to other women to see that thisjob is not only for men." -Chandapiwa Monamati, haultruck operator at Orapa Mines ("Fairness, Diversity &Development")● Participates in Kimberley Process to keep blooddiamonds (a.k.a. conflict diamonds) off the
  11. 11. Corporation: Cultureinternational market● Allows people to use diamonds to express love andromance● Diamonds used in traditions (engagements, marriages)Fig. 1. Vera Wang Love Engagement Rings For Zales. Digitalimage. OneWed. OneWed, n.d. Web. 18 June 2013.Fig. 2. Proposal with diamond ring. Digital image.Behind the Bliss. Wordpress, n.d. Web. 18 June 2013.
  12. 12. NGO: Environment● De Beers uses strip mining the most oftenwhen coal mining● strip mining/open pit mining is the mostharmful to the earth and air around it● strip mining literally blasts mountains apartin order to reach the thin coal seams within● Strip mining destroys landscapes, forests,and wildlife habitat at the mine site.● the water washes the top soil into streamswhich then goes on to pollute waterwayskilling fish, plantlife, and causes flooding
  13. 13. NGO: Environment- Greenpeace, the worlds most powerful NGOworks hard against coal mining- Greenpeace suggests that if companies wontstop coal mining, they will use the methodsthat are better for the environment- Most companies including De Beers use openpit mining-the fastest but the worst.- Open pit also requires less man hours and iseasier to find coal
  14. 14. NGO: EnvironmentDe beers has been accused on many accountsof unfair treatment to their workersThe NGO, International Labour Organizationhave been doing what they can to stop
  15. 15. Corporation: Environmental Impact● Water-stress● Degradation of biodiversity○ Loss of habitat○ Pollution● High energy use○ Electricity○ Fuels
  16. 16. Corporation:Environmental Stewardship● Environmental Policy○ ISO environmentalstandards● Avoiding WorldHeritage Sites● Partnerships○ WWF South Africa● UN Water Mandate● Energy PreservationLimpopo River Basin. Digital image. Railtours. N.p.,n.d. Web. 14 June 2013.The Limpopo River Basin
  17. 17. Essential Questions1. What are the upsides and downsidesof globalization?2. How do you find the right balance asan individual, NGO, corporation?3. Globalization is here; how do we, asglobal citizens, deal with it?
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