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Americas globalizationproj2013


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Americas globalizationproj2013

  1. 1. Walmartby Ahaana, Andrew, Anna, Emma, Jake,Kristen, Nick, Peterby Ahaana, Andrew, Anna,Emma, Jake, Kristen, Nick,PeterA global success?
  2. 2. Culture
  3. 3. Culture (Corporation)● Wal-Mart now operates over 10,800 stores in at least 27 countries.● Across the word, people are able to access Wal-Marts wide andaffordable selection of products● No matter where in the world a Wal-Mart store may be, they alwaysoffer the same selection of products, an accomplishment very fewother retailers have managed.● Wal-Mart has become a part of countless cultures worldwide.A Walmart in America. Digital image. N.p., 18 July2012. Web. 13 June 2013.Walmart_China_Pyramid. Digital image. N.p., 29Aug. 2012. Web. 13 June 2013.
  4. 4. Culture (NGO)Walmart buys and manufactures internationally● Last fiscal year-Wal-Mart international spending total-$335billion● In 2011, 97.7% of apparel sold in the USA was madeoutside the country● Other countries produce goods cheaper than USAproducers○ American workers demand higher wages○ Foreign employers does not always give benefits to workers○ Foreign producers require less restrictive health regulationsduring production○ Due to tax breaks, many Asian countries make internationaloperations for businesses cheaper
  5. 5. Culture (NGO)Not able to compete● Production in US more expensive● Have to sell at a higher price than international corps.Small business culture in the US● Many communities based off of small business● Without them, entire towns crash● Buying nationally benefits the US economyMade in China. Digitalimage. Http:// N.p., n.d.Web. 16 June 2013.Made in USA. Digital image.Colour Box. N.p., n.d. Web. 16June 2013.
  6. 6. Social Welfare
  7. 7. Social Welfare (Corporation)● International Giving○ Donations:● $1 Billion all time● $82.2 Million U.S.A○ Volunteering:● 2.2 Million hours● $18 Million non profit○ Recognizable achievements:● C.A.R.E team○ 10 Million women throughprimary school● +23,000 tons of food● $2 Billion committedto hunger relief● 400+ community giving events● Average 52 events per year● $4.2 Million grant -> $1.6 Billiontax refunds
  8. 8. Social Welfare (NGO)● International Budget Partnership (IBP)● Taxpayers pay approx $904,542 -$1,744,590● Over $1B in Government subsidies● Wal-Mart > small businesses, lawenforcement, etc.● Outsourcing production● Poor quality productsGreenwald, Robert. Walmart:The High Cost of Low Price.Digital image. WestsideGazette. N.p., n.d. Web. 13June 2013.
  9. 9. Environment
  10. 10. Environment (Corporation)● Inevitable for such a large company to produce certainnegative effects on environment● Environmentalists pleased with commitment to reducinggreenhouse gas emissions● Renewable energy now provides 20% of Walmart electricity● Implementing hazardous waste management system● Asking suppliers to cut amount of CO2produced whenshipping products● Environmental compliance staff added● Increasing sourcing of locally grown produceWalmart the Tree Hugger. Digital image. FirmFollows Form. N.p., n.d. Web.
  11. 11. Environment (NGO)● Walmart is falling behind on keeping their energy green, Kohls,Sears and Mcdonalds are ahead of walmart in making their energyclean● Walmart "green washes", says theyre going follow through withenvironmental changes only to get people on their side● Walmart doesnt tell the truth about their emissions● Walmart manufacturing cheap products forcing people to comeback for more. So called “win-win “ forWalmart.Walmart Environment Statistic. Digital image. Mother Jones. N.p., n.
  12. 12. Labor
  13. 13. Labor (Corporation)● Wal-Mart- improving in business● ideas on how to keep improving.● Joined 33 leading companies in creation of Global SocialCompliance Program, place social values at the heart ofcommercial decisions more importantly, employee relations.● Wal-Mart partnered with International Labor Organization(ILO) and International Finance Corporation(IFC) to supportthe Better Work Program used in countries such asCambodia, Vietnam and Jordan.● Better work is unique partnership between (ILO) and (IFC)and brings together governments,employers, workers, etc.● Despite major cons with corporate Labor, walmart is workingat how to make workers more pleased.● Wal-Mart is part of global network of more than 250companies focused to develop sustainable businessstrategies.
  14. 14. Wal-Mart behind the Scenes: An Employee Perspective. Digital image.Http:// N.p., n.d. Web. <>.
  15. 15. Labor (NGO) Slide 1 of 2● Wal-Mart has long been an icon oflabor/employee issues and disputes○ Respect● OUR Wal-Mart (found at ForRespect.COM)○ Looking for respectful treatment of Wal-Mart associatesregardless of age, race, or gender○ Dependable, predictable work schedules○ Equal enforcement of better-communicated employeepolicies○ Recognition of Freedom of Association and Freedom ofSpeech (also see Unionization)○ Pay and Poverty● Partnership for Working Families● ...paired with Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy torelease report: Wal-Mart and Beyond: The Battle for GoodJobs and Strong Communities in Urban America
  16. 16. Labor (NGO) Slide 2 of 2○ Pay and Poverty (cont.)● Wal-Mart employees earn 20 per cent less than averageretail worker--poverty-wage jobs● Fewer than half of its employees enrolled in health insuranceplan● Recent reduction of full-time jobs; applying wage caps onhourly jobs and scheduling rules● "We reject the idea that minority communities should settlefor low-paying jobs without a future" --Rev. and activistLennox Yearwood○ Made in America● Wal-Marts corporate motions of progress for workers abroadsomewhat insufficient--easier executed in U.S.○ Unionization● Open-door policy preached from high management● But the over 70 per cent of employees who leave after firstyear claim this to be due to insufficient wages and lack ofrecognition
  17. 17. GlobalizationHow do we deal with it?
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