Mobile Web Development with MWF


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A collaborative presentation/workshop on mobile web development & UC Mobile Web Framework.

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Mobile Web Development with MWF

  1. 1. IntroductionPRESENTERS Joe Sabado, Associate Director, Information Systems andSoftware Development, SIS&T Ian Lessing, Software Development Manager, Library g p g y Logan Franken, Application Developer for Financial AidInformation Systems, SIS&T Josh Andersen, Student Services Information Systems , yManager, SIS&T Eric Mayes, User Experience and Interface Designer/Developer,SIS&T Keri Bradford, Marketing, Design & Social Media Coordinator,SIS&T Special thanks to WSG Co-Chairs, Heidi Straub and Tiye Baldwin, for planning and coordination.
  2. 2. Takeaways Mobile is the way of the future (and now) Our current and future customers are using mobile and we, in highereducation, need to adapt to the their needs and expectations Different options with mobile development (each with pros/cons) Learn about Mobile Web Framework (MWF) and why/how we use iton this campus Hands-on experience with building a mobile website using MWF
  3. 3. AgendaOverview of Mobile Trends and in Mobile in Higher Education (Joe)Different Approaches (Logan) Native app, hybrid, web Designs/Frameworks including MWFMWF (Keri/Ian) History, History Roadmap MWF at UCSB Usage/Support/Governance/Contributions Library Hosting DrupalBreakDemos (Logan Eric, Joshua) (Logan, Eric Finaid, Arts and Lectures, SGD, SHS Intro to Afternoon SessionHands-On Session (Afternoon) - Logan
  4. 4. Mobile Trends“By 2013,“B 2013 mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access bil h ill t k PC th t W bdevice worldwide.” – Gartner, 2010.
  5. 5. Mobile TrendsSales of Smartphones and Tablets to Exceed – 2011 (from Gartner, data)
  6. 6. Mobile Trends
  7. 7. Mobile TrendsLarge variation of mobile devices – a challenge for development/support.
  8. 8. Students & TechnologyTechnology Students OwnLaptop 87%Printer 81%DVD Player 75%USB Thumbdrive 70%Wi-Fi 67%Stationary Gaming Device 66%iPod 62%HDTV 56%Smartphone 55%Digital Camera 55%Webcam 55%Desktop Computer 53%Handheld Gaming Device 38%Netbook 11%iPad 8%Other tablet 2%The ECAR Study ofMobile IT in Higher Education, 2011
  9. 9. Students & Technology Smartphone Other CellMobile Device Activity Owners Owners (n = 688) (n = 1,226)Send or receive text messages 92% 59%Take a picture 92% 59%Access the Internet 84% 15%Send a photo or video to someone 80% 36%Send or receive e-mail 76% 10%Download an app 69% 4%Play a game 64% 14%Play music 64% 12%Record a video 59% 15%Access a social networking site 59% 8%Watch a video 54% 5%Post a photo or video online 45% 5%CheckCh k your b k b l bank balance or d any online b ki do li banking 37% 5%Access Twitter 15% <1%Participate in a video call or video chat 13% 1%Mean Number of Activities (out of 15) 9 2.5 The ECAR Study of Mobile IT in Higher Education, 2011
  10. 10. Mobile Web in Higher Education 2,300 college bound-high school students surveyed. -94% use a mobile d i at l 94% bil device t least t once a week. - 52% have viewed a school website on mobile.
  11. 11. Students & Technology
  12. 12. Students & TechnologyA typical day at the University Center (Ucen)
  13. 13. Mobile Web in Higher Education
  14. 14. Mobile Web in Higher Education
  15. 15. Mobile Web in Higher Education
  16. 16. Mobile Web in Higher Education
  17. 17. Mobile Web in Higher Education
  18. 18. Approaches to Mobile Development
  19. 19. Approaches to Mobile Web Development Mobile Site/Device Experience Separate website catered to the needs/capabilities of a device (has some server-side components) Advantage: -Can completely shape the experience to target the device Disadvantage: - Need to maintain duplicate sites
  20. 20. Approaches to Mobile Web Development Responsive Web Design Use fluid grid & media queries to dynamically change the layout based on browser side (completely client-side) Advantage: - One layout that works on any browser size/device resolution Issues/Considerations: -Images I -Tables -Content - Design - CMS
  21. 21. Approaches to Mobile Web Development Responsive Web Design Examples: - -
  22. 22. Approaches to Mobile Web Development Adaptive Design Uses media queries, but only targets a few specific breakpoints (resolutions). Example: RESS Responsive Design + Server Side Components
  23. 23. RoadmapHistory of MWF on campus• J S b d and Bill M T Joe Sabado d McTague b i MWF bringproject to campus; find supportive host inLibrary• Mid-2011, Student Affairs division puts newfocus on mobile and social mediaf bil d i l di• WSG supports growing campus-wide interestini mobile web bil b• Pilot project given green light; begin workingtoward t d ’ presentationt d today’s t ti
  24. 24. RoadmapJanuary• C Core tteam id tifi d MWF requirements identified, i treviewed, deadline set• Identified which case-study sites to pursue; fdecided on basic requirements for each site• Began working with departments on content,media, and functionality
  25. 25. RoadmapFebruary-April• G Gave update at Jan. 31 UC MWF community d t tJ itmeeting; agreed to contribute in the areas of.Net, Drupal communication/planning Net Drupal,• Continued developing, enhancing pilot sites,collecting f db k f ll ti feedback from d departments, making t t kichanges, putting redirects in place• C t ib t d t UC MWF geo-location, fi d Contributed to MWF: l ti fixedbugs
  26. 26. RoadmapMay• CCore t team set basic standards, available at tb i t d d il bl, under Mobile Development Group• CCore team able to support growing interest;team expands to 18 and now includes a Drupalbranchb h• New projects being explored or developedinclude: Housing, Ci l d H i Career S i Services, G d t GraduateDivision, public course search, GOLD
  27. 27. RoadmapFuture: Reflect and Grow• Wh t role should MWF play at UCSB? What What l h ld l t Wh tis needed so that MWF can continue to grow?• Library to conduct load-testing this summer;have committed to continue supporting MWF• Contribute to UC MWF: .Net, Drupal, fix bugs;Room to collaborate on MWF Online PollingTool, thT l other academic support t l d d i t tools; develop a lCMS• MWF conference September 5-7 f S t b 57
  28. 28. ConnectKeri BradfordMarketing, D i & S i l M di C di tM k ti Design Social Media Coordinator•• 893-6006• g p
  29. 29. MWF Hosting @ UCSB Library is hosting the MWF for the UCSB Campus as a service to the UCSB community(since Oct. 2011) Library is committed to hosting MWF until some central campus IT provider can take overthe responsibility. responsibility Hosting of content for MWF users (depts) not offered due to system admin resources butcore features will be available. Load Testing this summer for anticipated increased demands Fall Qtr Technical Info: On a server running Ubuntu OS (virtual machine as part of VMWare environment) Behind proxy for security/flexibility Currently in Library but plan is to move it to newly opened North Hall Data Center sometime this summer summer. System deliberately structured for growth and portability. Virtual server can be provisioned with more memory/CPUs on the fly, per demand. Contact i f C t t info: Ian Lessing – Head of Software & Integrated Learning Systems Unit of Library IT
  30. 30. Site Demos
  31. 31. Hands-On LearningInstructions and Materials located here: //it csb ed /gro ps/ sg/going mobile m f
  32. 32. Credits/ReferencesCollege-bound students flock to universities via mobile websitesC ll b d t d t fl k t i iti i bil b it Highlights Key Predictions for IT Organizations and Users in 2010 and Beyond Stanley Research – Internet Trends Web Resources in Higher Ed Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, April 26-May 22, 2011 Spring Tracking Survey. of Smartphones and Tablets to Exceed PCs practicalecommerce com/articles/3069 Sales of Smartphones and Tablets to Exceed PCsStatsCounter Global Stats Mobile Browsing Behaviors and Expectations of College-Bound High School Students p p p g p pThe 2012 State of the Mobile Web in Higher Ed Survey Report are now more iphones sold than babies born in the world every day photo credit,%20more%20than%20People%20Make%20Babies
  33. 33. Credits/ReferencesA grasp of Vi i Mobile Cross Platform Development Report f Vision M bil C Pl tf D l tR t Design + Server Side Components vs Mobile Web (photo credit)