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The 3rd Thing UC Davis Gets You

Joe Ferreira (online alter ego JoeRedHead) discusses the importance of alumni networking post graduation and explains how each of us has the power to increase the the value of our own education.

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The 3rd Thing UC Davis Gets You

  1. 1. The Third Thing Davis Gives Youor, Aggies-helping-Aggies By Joe Ferreira
  2. 2. Davis has sure been in the news. And it was uncomfortable for me, sitting at my office with my UCD flag up on my wall…
  3. 3. But I didn’t take it down. And here’s why 
  4. 4. It benefits You to be proud.I’m talking to anyone with a connection to theUniversity of California, Davis:• Students,• Alumni,• Staff & Faculty
  5. 5. Why you should be proud, Generally:• We’re the 8th Ranked public university, nationally.• With an impressive host of patents.• We created the first energy-neutral community in the world.• There’s that peculiar cow.• Etc. etc. etc.
  6. 6. These are all great things,but if you’re like me, you yourselfdidn’t create the first energy-neutralcommunity.
  7. 7. And you probably didn’t domuch with her…
  8. 8. It benefits each of us to be proudbecause that strengthens ouruniversity network.
  9. 9. Or, from a business perspective, itmaximizes the return on ourinvestment.Education is an investment, right?
  10. 10. College is expensiveand tuition is only going up.For students who are just now walking the quad,going to class, and getting the bills, I’m sorry. Yes, the cost is extreme and we should fight to keep it reasonable 
  11. 11. But we should also make sure we getthe most from our college experience.
  12. 12. I saw this article on Davis Wiki… …And it was cute,
  13. 13. But it was ALL:• Go to class• Eat at the Coho• Enjoy Picnic Day• Explore the Campus• Become a member of a club• Make use of Student Services• See a Theatre & Dance Department show
  14. 14. I endorse all of those things,but there was one large piece ofadvice that was missing.
  15. 15. To stay active in the Davis Network!
  16. 16. Any college gives you 3 Things:1. A diploma.2. Knowledge and experience.3. A network of peers.
  17. 17. #1 The Piece of Paper.We can all agree:One reason you pay allthat money is for yourcredentials.
  18. 18. #2 Knowledge and Experience College gives you 4(ish) years to learn, grow, and try new things.
  19. 19. But don’t forget that third thing… because that is the resource that never runs out.
  20. 20. Long after you leave Davis you can stillreach out and connect with fellowAggies.You get only 4 years of classes,but a lifetime of contacts.
  21. 21. Take a look at this chart I made:
  22. 22. And there’s neverbeen an Easier time to connect
  23. 23. And we proved we can come together in rough times. So… 
  24. 24. Let’s kick up theAggies-helping-Aggies spiritIt’s a down economy. A bachelor’s degree doesn’tnecessarily guarantee you a job these days. Can’twe all use some connections?I have my current job because a Davis Alumnihelped me out.
  25. 25. This is the vision I have:• Thriving online social networks with job offers and places for mentors and recent grads to connect.• Well-attended alumni events where people come to have fun, meet friends and network.• Friendly faces in ANY city you move to. (Those who are headed to NYC, look me up!)• A peer group full of movers & shakers & entrepreneurs & artists.
  26. 26. I know that might sounda bit group-huggy, but after all...
  27. 27. We paid for this too!This is the third thing Davis gives you.
  28. 28. So: Alumni, Current students,here are some online networks to get you started • General UC Davis LinkedIn page • LinkedIn Alumni page • UCDavis Facebook page And remember, this is a benefit that we can’t enjoy alone!
  29. 29. So who am I anyway?Clearly, I went to UCD.I now living in New York where Imanage production and newproduct development at apublishing house.I also DJ, make mashups, andwrite plays.
  30. 30. Connect with me!Just drop me a ‘Go Ags’
  31. 31. Share this slideshow with all ofyour Davis contacts.Thanks!