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Android KIOSK : payment system & topup machine


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Vector Technology Corp. released a new generation public phone VTouch . VTouch is a payphone or KIOSK with a 7-inch touch screen . Via a big and interactive User graphic interface , The VTouch not only provide phone call service , but also provide a lot of new service .

VTouch use android OS. That means VTouch should be launch the APP from Google play. But we modify the android to make the phone more suitable for public . So we development the KIOSK mode and only can be launched our Vector Payphone app only.

VTouch can read /write some payment cards such as “RFID” “Credit card “ or some phone card or QR code card.

VTouch also have a reception printer which can print a ticket or reception.
Please contact with us to implement your new idea with our mini KIOSK –Vtouch payphone

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Android KIOSK : payment system & topup machine

  1. 1. Android VT800 TopUp machine Vector technology Corp. Joe Rain
  2. 2. • VT800 Top-Up recharger is design for Telecom company . So the subscribers can buy air time at this machine. • VT800 also provide phone call functions.
  3. 3. VT800 specifiation • Android OS 4.0 Above • 7” Touch Screen • 800*480 PIX RESOLUTION • Instruction /Help on  display • User friendly graphic interface • Function key or menu extendable • Maximum 4 SIM cards inserted (Optional)
  4. 4. • Coin slot : VT800 specifiation
  5. 5. Android inside
  6. 6. Remote management • GSM 2G GPRS (optional 3G) • Auto download Call rete from Server • Auto report hardware status to server • Advisement function (optional ) • Transaction detail report • Topup agent (optional , customized )
  7. 7. GSM Call function • Detect dial number & Auto – switch SIM cards • Auto dial out when reach the length of national number & GSM number • Auto add prefixed number when dial a local number • Hot line number (Free call ) 4~8 buttons. • Incoming call acceptable. • SMS function
  8. 8. VOIP phone call • For Internet version , can use VOIP phone call number • Ulaw , aluw , G723, G729 Speex, gsm codec • Download call rate table from server • Dial plan support. • Call history back to server.
  9. 9. TopUp function Machine can direct top-up. Server will be agent for recharge for machine. After user insert the coins , and input the topup number , machine will link to server to ask server process the recharge flow, and get the result. • Acceptable all type coins in Morroco . • Can TopUP all GSM operator . • Report server the transaction & Daily income • Refund money for Failure transaction
  10. 10. Advisement • Download context advisement from server daily. • Image advisement • Video advisement (Internet version , optional) • Billing system (optional )
  11. 11. More payment function • Pay parking fee.. (customize ) • …….(your more idea )… • Use Android & Server system , can add more friendly GUI to guide to use. • Software upgrade automatically