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Costa Farms Case Study : Azure IoT Hub, Azure Functions


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Overview of the case study we worked on with Costa Farms. This included capturing PH Data, sending it to Azure IoT hub, then taking intelligent action using Azure Functions.

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Costa Farms Case Study : Azure IoT Hub, Azure Functions

  1. 1. Joe Raio Senior Technical Evangelist DX Audience @joescars About Me: Based in Miami, FL. Passions are Music, Aviation and all things Technology
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  3. 3. Costa Farms is a third-generation, family-owned group of companies headquartered in beautiful Miami, Florida (aka, plant paradise!). The company sprouted in 1961 when the founder, Jose Costa Sr., purchased 30 acres south of Miami to grow fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes in the winter and calamondin citrus in the summer. That soon morphed into houseplants, and the Costa Farms family started innovating and introduced new houseplants such as the canela tree, orchids, and Cecilia Aglaonema. Costa Farms sells to big box stores such as Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s.
  4. 4. Pain Point It’s time consuming, costly, and difficult for growers to measure and regulate pH throughout the day and across the lifecycle of a plant. Indeed, pH levels are one of the key factors in plant health. Furthermore, pH levels in the water and nutrient streams change constantly. To increase plant health via nutrient uptake in turn promoting higher yield, pH needs to be more closely monitored and adjusted in real time.
  5. 5. The Solution… Microsoft Azure IoT Hub with pH sensor devices on hydro water systems testing correct pH levels. We used the Adafruit Feather M0 Wifi and pHSensor, Microsoft Azure and IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Event Hub, Azure Functions, messaging via Twilio and SQL Azure.
  6. 6. On Premises Youscale,makeresilientandmanage Infrastructure (as a Service) Managedbyvendor Youscale,make resilient&manage Platform (as a Service) Scale,resilienceand managementbyvendor Youmanage Hosting models Software (as a Service) Business model Applications Scale,resilienceand managementbyvendor Why the cloud?
  7. 7. Platform Services Infrastructure Services Web Apps Mobile Apps API Apps Notification Hubs Hybrid Cloud Backup StorSimple Azure Site Recovery Import/Export SQL Database DocumentDB Redis Cache Azure Search Storage Tables SQL Data Warehouse Azure AD Health Monitoring AD Privileged Identity Management Operational Analytics Cloud Services Batch RemoteApp Service Fabric Visual Studio Application Insights VS Team Services Domain Services HDInsight Machine Learning Stream Analytics Data Factory Event Hubs Data Lake Analytics Service IoT Hub Data Catalog Security & Management Azure Active Directory Multi-Factor Authentication Automation Portal Key Vault Store/ Marketplace VM Image Gallery & VM Depot Azure AD B2C Scheduler Xamarin HockeyApp Power BI Embedded SQL Server Stretch Database Mobile Engagement Functions Cognitive Services Bot Framework Cortana Security Center Container Service VM Scale Sets Data Lake Store BizTalk Services Service Bus Logic Apps API Management Content Delivery Network Media Services Media Analytics
  8. 8. Azure Compliance: Compliance: Microsoft Trust Center
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