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Metzgers Presentation Feb.2009


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Presentation is like a virtual tour of my company!

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Metzgers Presentation Feb.2009

  1. 1. 207 Arco Drive Phone: (419) 861-8611 Toledo, OH 43607 Fax: (419) 861-3299 Our growth is happening by developing new services and new partnerships with our clients. Print Mail Communications
  2. 2. The Metzgers Philosophy We’re continuously building a business culture where the best, brightest and most talented employees wish to come to work… And the best customers wish to do business. Print Mail Communications
  3. 3. 2008: 30,000 sq ft addition Digital Printing F lfill Di i l P i i + Fulfillment Center C Print Mail Communications
  4. 4. Our Mission We ensure the vitality and growth of our company by consistently exceeding the expectations of our customers and ourselves. We treat customers and fellow workers as we would like to be treated – with fairness, honesty, and a high , y, g standard of ethics. Working and living within this mission will assure our company of continued success. Print Mail Communications
  5. 5. An Overview Listing of Services Project & Campaign Planning j pg g Web Services & Cross Media Campaigns Variable Data printing & One-to-One Marketing p g g MacCreation, Design & Prepress Printing: High Quality Offset and Digital Print Complete in-house Bindery and Finishing Direct Mailing Literature and Kit Fulfillment Warehouse and Distribution Print Mail Communications
  6. 6. Overview: Computer Prepress MacCreations: layout typesetting page creation layout, typesetting, Prep: scanning, photo retouching, imposition Digital Proofing Online Proofing: Screen RiteApprove Computer-to-Plate: Computer to Plate: thermal metal plates Print Mail Communications
  7. 7. Prepress Services: TrueFlow PDF workflow. T Fl kfl Print Mail Communications
  8. 8. Computer-to-Plate: Utilizing S k S U ili i Spekta Screening Technology. i Thl Print Mail Communications
  9. 9. Digital Proofs & Mock Ups Print Mail Communications
  10. 10. Overview: Printing Services Commercial Printing: 1-6 color & aqueous / 28” & 40” 16 28 40 Quick Printing: 1-4 color Digital Printing: full color or black and white Wide Format Printing Variable Data Printing: 1 to 1 marketing and mailing 1-to-1 Laser Letter Printing: personalized mail merge Bindery: cutting, folding, stitching, di cutting, tti f ldi tit hi die tti gluing and finishing Print Mail Communications
  11. 11. Commercial Printing 40” 6/c+C 40 6/c C Print Mail Communications
  12. 12. Commercial Printing 40” 6/c+C 40 6/c C Print Mail Communications
  13. 13. Commercial Printing 28” 6/c+C 28 6/c C Print Mail Communications
  14. 14. Commercial Printing: Small Format Envelope press • 1 or 2 color printing • 1 or 2 sides in one pass • up to 10”x13” • up to 35,000 per hour Quick Print press • 1 or 2 color printing • up to 12”x18” Print Mail Communications
  15. 15. Large in-house bindery in house Four Folders • 3 types of inline glue • Inline scoring & perfing Finishing • Drilling, Cornering • Laminating g Print Mail Communications
  16. 16. 6 Pocket Saddle Stitcher / Trimmer Print Mail Communications
  17. 17. 2 Letterpress Die Cutters Print Mail Communications
  18. 18. Folder Gluer Folder-Gluer (Pocket folders, CD holders) Print Mail Communications
  19. 19. PFUGO Self Mailer / Reply Mailers Perfing Folding g Unique Gluing Operations • Folding • Converting • 3 Glue types • Timed perfing • Self Mailer / • Reply Mailer Print Mail Communications
  20. 20. Automated Shrink Wrapping System Print Mail Communications
  21. 21. Overview: Award Wi i Digital Printing A d Winning Di i l P i i iGen 4 Full Color & Variable Digital Printing High Speed Nuvera B&W Digital Printing Wide Format Printing: For indoor use Variable Data Printing: 1-to-1 marketing and mailing Laser Letter Printing: personalized mail merge Digital Bindery: cutting, folding, stitching, die cutting, gluing and finishing Print Mail Communications
  22. 22. iGen4 Digital Printing Press: with in-line Booklet Maker i h i li B kl M k Print Mail Communications
  23. 23. Digital & Variable Color Printing: Print Mail Communications
  24. 24. Digital and Variable Printing: Xerox N X Nuvera D Docutech 144 h Print Mail Communications
  25. 25. Wide Format Printing Laminating / Mounting Print Mail Communications
  26. 26. Web & Cross Media Services Web-to-Print StoreFront Solutions Variable Data Printing Personalized & Versioned Printing + Mailing Personalized URL Cross Media Marketing Online StoreFront solutions to move products Online Ad Builder or Brochure Builder O eFulfillment online orders & distribution www RequesetMoreInfo com/ Personalized URL Marketing & Data Mining MicroWeb sites for P-URL P URL Print Mail Communications
  27. 27. Build a Brochure Print Mail Communications
  28. 28. Ad Builder Print Mail Communications
  29. 29. DirectONE Variable Mailing Print Mail Communications
  30. 30. Build a Flyer Print Mail Communications
  31. 31. Stationery Store Print Mail Communications
  32. 32. Overview: Mailing Services Database: mailing list search acquisition and search, maintenance CASS Certification and Bar Coding g High Quality / High Speed Inkjet Addressing Inserting and Mail Piece Assembly g y Wafer Sealing / Tabbing Postage Rate Savings: passed on to our customer Print Mail Communications
  33. 33. Mailing Services: InkJet Addressing – 2 systems I kJ Add i Print Mail Communications
  34. 34. Mailing Services: 6-Station E 6 S i Envelope Inserter l I Print Mail Communications
  35. 35. Overview: Fulfillment and Distribution Services F lfill d Di ib i S i Sales Kit Fulfillment Literature Fulfillment Customer Ordering Systems: Online Fax & Phone Online, eFulfillment Warehouse, Storage, Warehouse Storage Distribution Data Mining, Surveys, Bounce-Back Mailings, Custom Solutions Built For Customer Needs Print Mail Communications
  36. 36. Mailing Services: Mail Pi M il Piece Assembly – Our Signature “MomSquad” A bl Print Mail Communications
  37. 37. eFulfillment Services: Product and Sales Kit Fulfillment Pd d S l Ki F lfill Print Mail Communications
  38. 38. Warehouse Services: Distribution, W Di ib i Warehouse S h Storage, and Shi i d Shipping Print Mail Communications
  39. 39. Facts about Metzgers A national industry leader Top 400 Printer in North America Innovative Printing and Mailing Solutions Custom Online StoreFront solutions 24 Hours of Production 5 Days a Week Production, Intelligent, Conscientious, Detailed Staff We re We’re a small business making big business look good… in print! Print Mail Communications
  40. 40. Brief Company History 1976: Type House: typesetting company 1986: Desktop Publishing Service Bureau 1990: Mac Prepress 1994: Wide Format & Laser Printing 1995: Installed 1st Printing Press 1997: Launched Online Stationery Store 1998: Began Direct Mail Business Print Mail Communications
  41. 41. We Adapt to Changes in Technology and Our Customers’ Needs. dO C t ’N d 2000: Growing Mailing Division to Larger Building 2000: Kit Fulfillment Services 2001: Added Digital Color Press and Docutech 2001: Launched eFulfillment: 2002: Added 28” Four Color Press 28 2002: TrueFlow Workflow & CTP Print Mail Communications
  42. 42. We Adapt to Changes in Technology and Our Customers’ Needs. dO C t ’N d 2004: Moved to 35,000 Square Foot Facility 2004: Added Die Cutting & Folder-Gluer 2004: Installed 6-color Press with Coater 2005: Digital printing center updated with Docucolor 8000 and Docutech Nuvera 2006: VDP + StoreFront upgrade with PageFlex Print Mail Communications
  43. 43. We Adapt to Changes in Technology and Our Customers’ Needs. dO C t ’N d 2006: Automated Shrink Wrapping System 2006: 40” Six Color Press with Coater 2007: PFUGO 2007: New Six Station Saddle Stitcher 2007: Halm Envelope Jet Press 2008: iGen4 Digital Printing Press 2008: FSC Certified 1st Green Printer in NW Ohio 2008: 30,000 sq ft addition to current building Print Mail Communications
  44. 44. Operations 75 Full-Time Staff Full Time 25 Part-Time Staff 77,000 77 000 sq ft of production & warehouse space Print Mail Communications
  45. 45. Customer Service Team Full Charge Customer Service: Assure on-time on time delivery at the highest quality levels. Many Services In-House: y For a true “One Source Solution.” Early Notification of Changes: Production, S h d l and P i i P d ti Schedule, d Pricing A No-Surprises Approach to Business! We re We’re Ready to Work Hard for You! Print Mail Communications
  46. 46. Contact Us Customer Service: Owners: Bev Piper Joe Metzger, President Gina Smith Tom Metzger, COO & CEO g Joyce Stewart Account Managers: Jennifer Longenberger Todd Beringer Tracy Tesch BJ Claus John Grosjean Estimating: Ryan Kaufman ya au a Tammy McPherson T M Ph Jackie Klempner Helen Sperlik John Luscombe Derek Leck Prepress: Andre Nadon Andre Nadon Jim Restle Production Management Scheduling & Management, Tim Grimes Purchasing: Rich Nadon Mailing & Fulfillment: Glenn Whaley Connie Flahie John Fleischmann Aaron Meyer Julie Meyer Accounting: Andrea Ohrt, CPA Roni Hedger Phone: (419) 861-8611 Toll Free: (800) 972-2528 Fax: (419) 861-3299 Web: FTP: Print Mail Communications
  47. 47. Thank You! METZGERS Printing + Mailing: A Communications Solutions Provider. Print Mail Communications