Analysis of Protagonists


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Analysis of Protagonists

  1. 1. Analysis of protagonists.<br />
  2. 2. In every film Jason has died however returns through supernatural incidents. <br />Hockey Mask- Hide’s disfigurement<br />Iconic machete- This weapon is mostly associated with hunting, Which may possibly infers Jason’s killing methods in the Friday `the 13th franchise. “Stalks and kills” <br />Costume clothing is old/dirty and most of the fabrics are dark also torn. <br />The character is always portrayed by an actor with a large frame, over 6ft and well built. <br />Jason-Friday the 13th<br />
  3. 3. Fearing because in the franchise, multiple killers have adopted the costume, along with the voice changer, and a knife. <br />In each film, the killer(s) have all been unmasked and killed off but the Ghostface mask always returns, even mocked in “Scream 4” multiple times. <br />Although ghost face is human at points the villain has shown supernatural levels of stealth, high tests of strength and incredible durability against physical harm. <br />Taunts victims <br />Weapon of choice is a hunting knife, easily accessible. <br />Ghost face- Scream franchise <br />
  4. 4. Signature weapon is the clawed glove.<br />What’s most interesting about the nightmare on elms street franchise is that Freddy Kruger’s character has his own personal theme which differs from other horror protagonists. <br />His infamous red and black sweater is easily identifiable to an audience whom has viewed previous films.<br />Before this character became the ever so fearing dream killer, he was a paedophile, this was and still is a very heavily disliked criminal offence, which lead to the deformation of his self. Being burnt alive by the parents of the children he molested without trail he was murdered. Which does provide motive for Freddys lust for blood. To some degree it can be noted in comparison with protagonists such as Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, Freddy many have a deformation but does not stalk his victims, he rather attacks them in a more vulnerable state. <br />Freddy Kruger- A nightmare on Elms Street <br />
  5. 5. What’s interesting about Chucky is that the creator has taken a child’s doll and turned it into something villainous. By taking something from everyday life and making it widely fear. <br />Adding on Chucky the doll was shown to have no batteries, which to some degree adds to the fear of his character. <br />The reiencanation of the serial killer Charles Lee Ray, plots revenge on those who killed him (Similar convention to Freddy Kruger)<br />The Doll has a human spirit, the deformed face represents the corruption of innocence in the doll. <br />Unlike most villains, Chucky has love interests in his franchise <br />Chucky- Childs play <br />
  6. 6. Mike Myers iconic weapon is a kitchen knife, again an easily accessible weapon.<br />Very much is portrayed as a hunter, he stalks his victims, waiting for the right time to strike, very patient. He barely speaks keeping a persona of the mute which adds to the fear of his character. <br />By Michaels characters clothing, “a jumpsuit”, an everyday fashion for some workers, gives the audience the impression that this character can blend in with normal society which gives the impression that anybody could be a psychotic murderer.<br />Mostly played by actors over 6ft and with a strong frame, Michaels victims are all smaller in height, adding to the fear of the character. Also Michael somehow to escape after each film through superhuman endurance to pain/ injury.<br />Michael Myers- Halloween franchise <br />
  7. 7. Iconic weapon is a chainsaw.<br />Leather Face is based on the infamous serial killer Ed Gains, who was a body snatcher and murderer, Gains made trophies out of the body parts of his victims. <br />Wears a mask made out of human flesh.<br />Leather Face not only murders his victims but partakes in cannibalism.<br />This character is mostly manipulated into preforming horrendus tasks by his inbred family.<br />This character suffers from awful facial disfigurement and a skin disease that caused deformities to his face. It has been noted that leather faces character is a mute and suffers from retardation. <br />Leather Face- A Texas Massacre <br />
  8. 8. Similarities amongst the Protagonists.<br />Somewhat each shared a violent back story.<br />Disfigurements, leading to the usage of a mask.<br />Characters: Mike Myers, Leather Face, Jason don’t speak, this my be noted as being social outcasts or mental trauma.<br />Characters: Chucky and Freddy Kruger, had a criminal history before they became their trademark character<br />Weapons used by the protagonists are usually everyday items that can be easily purchased.<br />The methods of slaying victims are somewhat similar, torment/cat and mouse/hunting.<br />In the horror genre the protagonists mostly kill “sinners” or those of negative activity, this can be backed up to some extent with the killers present in presentation i.e Jason and Michael both kill young adults who are up to no good. <br />