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In 2011 I designed a Social Media Strategy Design application to teach communication officers at the CDC how to better integrate social media strategies and technologies into their overall communication plan.

This presentation was developed to describe how the fundamental concept for what and how the application would function.

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  • Let’s meet our target audienceBob:Create a name and story (career + circumstances + goals) or each. After story, ‘pop’ bubble as solution.George:Create a name and story (career + circumstances + goals) or each. After story, ‘pop’ bubble as solution.Brenda:Create a name and story (career + circumstances + goals) or each. After story, ‘pop’ bubble as solution.Mary:Create a name and story (career + circumstances + goals) or each. After story, ‘pop’ bubble as solution.Luck for them, our solution addresses all of these needs.Each component addresses some specific need. And then taken together, these components address an additional need.We’re about to discuss how we will go about building these elements in particular and this social media presence in general.Any questions before we proceed?
  • This project aims to address a variety of broad and specific, unique and related, objectives.Generally speaking this is ‘why’ it should be built.Click-through/read-through objectivesElaborate on final objective with the following:While we are educating them on social media strategy design, education is not the best word to describe this concept. Education implies a finite closed-ended process. That unfairly characterize what we’re doing.As the concept of ‘social media strategy design’ constantly changes, our approach to understand it must constantly change in time.To that end not only are we not giving a man a fish we are not even teaching a man to fish. We are teaching a man how to learn to fish.Get it?So let’ s meet the fishermen.Or in other words, let’s take a look at our target audience?
  • Our solution is to build a hub with a forum that shapes a wiki to design an appClickPractically speaking what is this?ClickExplain the hug, the forum and the wiki here….
  • Explain the app here.heart of the enterprise.Explain the question, answers and output here.Click.The app is a concentrated, goasl-oriented manifestation of our hub of content.The app organizes the hub content into a decision support tool.
  • Hub & Spoke design.This is a common approach to social media strategy design.This is what it is.Start with a hub.Add spokes.
  • Our hub is a website.It contains initally only a forum considering social media strategy design.Over time it includes other elements such as:Links to related resources (such as youtube videos or slideshareppts)Sharing functionality as seen here with the like buttonSharable rss feed of recent activityFunctional version of our working mobile app, also shown in this mock?So that’s the hub. What are the spokes?
  • You’ll notice the hub in the center.Here are spokes:Microblog tracking app developmentSlideshare of presentations associated with project developmentFacebook page (hub lite)Maybe youtube videos?Maybe rss feed of recent activity is easily pasted to other sites?
  • A wiki is this DEFINITION.In the context of our project, a wiki is a collection of best practices associated with various major theories, concepts, practices, variables, considerations, etc. associated with social media strategy design.For example, we may have a wiki on:XYZ
  • How will these wikis be developed?While to some degree the forum will be open to general discussion, certain threads will exist with the consipuous intention of eventually leading to the development of a specific wiki.Worth noting here is that even when the wiki is more or less finished a forum will still be associated with that wiki where users can continue to interact with that wiki, for example rank that content and/or suggest changes to content.In other words wikis will be a conspicuous outgrowth of the hub forum.
  • So, to sum up.As the forum develops we will introduce various forum threads as ‘wiki seedlings’.Contributors to the discussion will help us determine best practices and so wiki content.Wiki threads that don’t get enough public attention will be marketed to bolster interest and as necessary we will help that content be created, up to and including writing it out ourselves.
  • But ideally we will not have to write anything ourselves. Ideally the conversation will evolve and need very little input from us.Of course if we open the forum to the public, it will probably not make sense to allow the public too to have access to edit the wiki content. While we value their input on the conversation we will ‘tier access’ to the wiki editing functionality.In short: Anyone who visits the hub website can view the forum and wiki and access resources. To contribute to the forum, users will need to register and get an account. Only certain persons, who we assign such access, will have the ability to edit wiki contentHere the three levels of tiered access are shown.Read conversation callouts.
  • As the wiki was to the forum, the app is ultimately a product of the wiki.In other words, the forum conversations are directed towards best practices (wikis) and those wikis are used to establish questions to fuel our app.This is how the app works.It asks you a bunch of questionsIt provides you with a customized collection of strategy recommendations and best practices based on your answers to those questions.Let’s look at the app.
  • Here is an illustration of functionality.Q1Q2Q3Output
  • Here is an illustration of functionality.Q1Q2Q3Output
  • Social Media Strategy Design Application

    1. 1. The Social Media Strategy Tool(concept brief)<br />Presentation Overview:<br />The Need<br />The Fix<br />The Way<br />
    2. 2. 1. The Need (concept brief)<br />Let’s meet our target audience…..<br />Easily Customized Resource!<br />Strategy App!<br />Community!<br />All that stuff!<br />
    3. 3. 1. The Need (concept brief)<br />So what does the fix need to do?<br />Bolster social media strategy design community<br />Build scalable social media strategy design best practices resource<br />Educate our target audience<br />Address the ongoing needs of our target audience<br />Other objective<br />
    4. 4. 2. The Fix (concept brief)<br />Build a hub with a forum that shapes a wiki to fuel an app<br />App<br />Wiki<br />Forum <br />Hub<br />
    5. 5. 2. The Fix (concept brief)<br />An educational, interactive, social media strategy resource hub.<br />A social media strategy design aid.<br />q/a<br />Widget<br />Widget<br />q/a<br />q/a<br />App<br />Wiki<br />Wiki<br />Wiki<br />Wiki<br />Wiki<br />Wiki <br />Forum <br />Forum<br />Forum<br />Forum<br />Forum<br />Forum <br />Hub<br />
    6. 6. 3. The Way(concept brief)<br />Hub & Spoke Design<br />
    7. 7. 3. The Way(concept brief)<br />Our Hub<br />
    8. 8. 3. The Way(concept brief)<br />Our Spokes<br />
    9. 9. 3. The Way(concept brief)<br />The Wiki > Conspicuous Consequence of the Hub<br />
    10. 10. 3. The Way(concept brief)<br />The Wiki > Outgrowth of Hub Forum<br />
    11. 11. 3. The Way(concept brief)<br />The Wiki > Finite Topics<br />
    12. 12. 3. The Way(concept brief)<br />Tiered Access<br />I can contribute to the form and I can edit the wiki.<br />I can contribute to the forum but can’t edit the wiki.<br />I can view the forum and wiki but I can’t add to or edit either!<br />
    13. 13. 3. The Way(concept brief)<br />The App > Conspicuous Consequence of the Wiki<br />+<br />Q<br />=<br />A<br />
    14. 14. 3. The Way(concept brief)<br />The App Interface<br />
    15. 15. The Social Media Strategy Tool(concept brief)<br />Questions?<br />