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Accessibility and Design: Where Productivity and Philosophy Meet


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Accessibility and Design: Where Productivity and Philosophy Meet - CSUN 2017 - Presented by Ryan Strunk and Joe Lonsky - Design once, develop once. Learn how providing integrated accessibility and design feedback before development begins can drastically improve the accessibility of your experience.

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Accessibility and Design: Where Productivity and Philosophy Meet

  1. 1. Accessibility and Design Where Productivity and Philosophy Meet Ryan Strunk, Lead Accessibility Consultant Joe Lonsky, Principal Product Designer
  2. 2. Source: IBM Systems Sciences Institute - How much do bugs cost? 6.5x 15x1x in Design in Development in Testing 100 xin the Wild
  3. 3. If you find a bug while designing: Discussion happens, maybe a meeting. 😀
  4. 4. If you find a bug in the wild: 1. Users contact support 6. Design redraws 2. Support contacts Team/PM 7. PM approves 3. PM contacts QA 8. Dev fixes 4. QA checks the bug, confirms, writes a ticket 9. QA and design retest 5. PM prioritizes 10.Deployment 😢
  5. 5. When we joined the team here’s some of the things we found…
  6. 6. 1. Cuts down on defects. 2. Saves time and money. 3. Has greater compliance. 4. Cuts down redesign work. We needed a process that:
  7. 7. Our Process
  8. 8. Designer gets an assignment and starts discovery work.
  9. 9. Designer reaches out to accessibility consultant if (s)he has any questions.
  10. 10. • Colors • Margins • Formatting specs Early designs contain layout, but they may also contain technical info:
  11. 11. As discovery and concepting continues, the designer continues to reach out.
  12. 12. Before finalization, we look through the proposed finished designs.
  13. 13. • Enter comments into Zeplin • Add requirements into JIRA tickets Document
  14. 14. Let’s show you
  15. 15. First Pass Back button should allow perform escape gesture Selected tab of the segmented control should have "selected, " prepended to the label Filter button should be traited as a button Swiping order should be logical (left to right, top to bottom) When a new section has been selected, remove "selected, " from the old label. Each tab of the segmented control should be traited as a button. Product tile should have label of: "product title, price, rating” Product image tiles should have trait of button.
  16. 16. Second Pass
  17. 17. Benefits
  18. 18. Design/UX gets first-hand knowledge of requirements.
  19. 19. Developers get knowledge to create processes.
  20. 20. Fewer defects.
  21. 21. 1. Unable to change shipping speed on items in cart 2. Removing Promo code from cart causes endless speaking of “loading” 3. Cartwheel: When added and checkmark is displayed, VO still announces as “add item” Defects reported in October 2016:
  22. 22. Proactive consulting.
  23. 23. Process is accessible.
  24. 24. Thank You Ryan Strunk Lead Accessibility Consultant @rstrunk Joe Lonsky Principal Product Designer @joe_lonsky